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MAD-ness in the financial world

The concept of MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction, used to be only applicable to superpower conflicts where both parties will destroy each other with their WMD. The end of the world consequence of this concept is enough to bring fear and prevent any crazy hot heads from attempting war with nuclear weapons. This term is gaining relevance in the financial industry with all the devious and greedy men in charge. They all think very big, with big machines in the forms of high speed computers and networks to link all the markets together. What this means, simply, is that all the big guns can be trained at one market and blasts it to the end of the Universe. Impossible, they said. There will be no collusion of that sort, market forces and regulations will not allow it to happen. Really? When there is GREED! The financial world is so corrupt that with all the devious men in charge, all the classical rules to ensure fair play have been shoved aside and buried. Fair play, level playing field, transparency, cornering the market, buy and sell without change of ownership, false trading, churnings, syndicates manipulation, etc etc are now part of the game. We are seeing the breaking down of all good regulations, even deregulations, concocting systems for the big funds to take the fullest advantage of technology and their financial muscles to wipe out the markets. Theoretically it sounds fantastic and super efficient when the whole world and all the fund managers can trade in every market at the same time. It is an ideal market, with many players to allow the free market forces to run at its most efficient manner. In reality, a financial holocaust is waiting to happen when the power of destruction is in the hands of a few irresponsible and greedy men with no morals or responsibility except to make profits at any cost. God is great. It allows ingenious men to scheme together to meet at Armaggeddon happily, and thinking that they are very clever, to create the mother of all systems for self destruction. Globalisation, interconnectivity, de regulation, mergers, etc, etc, all points to one end. The rogues never think that they are the rogues. And they are in charge. We have experienced the frightening story of too big to fail. The next big story is too big for the good of everyone. The big funds, when acting in unison, can be more destructive than WMD. The world was given a glimpse of what is yet to come during the financial crisis. If the rascals in the financial industry are allowed to do what they wanted, we will get there sooner. They are linking all the markets together, to be burnt together at one go. Does it ring a bell? It is happening in Hongkong today!


Anonymous said...

When one does not dabble in stocks, the World can have all the rogues, it matters not.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't bet on it. When bankers moved away from supporting the industries and make small incremental but safe profits to gambling with the customers'savings for quick profit to benefit themselves, the system will crack and it will affect everyone.

The stock markets must come under the regulations and laws of gambling/casinos and banks must not be allowed to gamble and take high risks.

Anonymous said...

What if the stock markets, casinos, banks and other commercial entities are owned and belong to the GOVERNMENTs?