Intolerance or primitive mindset?

I was looking at the picture of this Afghan girl, Bibi Aisha, with holes on her face in place of her nose. She ran away from an arranged marriage and was caught. Her husband cut off her nose and her ears. With an artificial nose attached and waiting for a more permanent nose and features, you can see how beautiful she was. The act to disfigure her must have a lot of support in her tribes as it is part of their culture and practices. And the husband must be doing an honourable act, in delivering justice in their own ways. Many who share this form of justice and primitive acts must be very proud of the husband and would be saying Aisha deserved it. Is this intolerance, primitive or the correct way of conducting life? The answers will be from white to black, with many apologists explaining why it was justified. A state of frenzy has been drummed up in Malaysia, the most advanced and moderate Islamic country on the celebration of Valentine’s Day. One reason mentioned and I quote from the Selangor’s Islamic authority, ‘It is celebrated in many ways, starting with greeting cards, flowers and dance parties. In fact, some celebrate it with a date which would eventually lead to illicit sex. Clearly, the celebration is not part of Islamic teaching, it violates the syariah and contradicts the universal code of ethics.’ Which part of this celebration violates Islamic teachings? The part leading to illicit sex, I believe. I believe it also said that ‘some’ and not all will lead to this part of the act. Many who celebrate Valentine’s Day will not engage in illicit sex. And Valentine’s Day does not dictate or encourage anyone to participate in illicit sex as part of the celebration. Don’t get me wrong, the Islamic authority has all the right to ban whatever that they deemed fit and their believers must adhere to them. The Muslim should not celebrate Valentine’s Day for whatever reasons they want to uphold. The Christians or Westerners can go ahead to celebrate their Valentine’s Day in whatever way they choose to, even illicit sex, as long as it is mutually consensual. When both parties can accept each other’s position, life will go on as normal. For this issue to be debated so emotionally, it is a sign of intolerance. Let’s hope the intolerance will not be exploited into something ugly, like cutting off noses and ears. The religious police are expected to be snooping around dark corners to check on the identities and religious backgrounds of couples in close proximity. I hope they will do it discretely and would not behave like rogues, and leave the non Muslims alone.


Anonymous said...

Religions don't teach intolerance. Humans are using religions to justify intolerance.

Wally Buffet said...

Maybe if they change the name Valentine Day to Chinta Ku tak boleh Kongkek Day, a greater tolerance may be shown.

Absolutely moronic!

Hehe. :o(

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Their tolerance level is like everything the others do is unacceptable to them and all must be banned.

Our cosmopolitan bros are taking everything in their stride. No issue here. Hey, Khairy also said he celebrates Valentine's Day with his wife.

Oh Wally, thought would meet you last Thur.

Wally Buffet said...

Hi Redbean,

Was prepared to be at Tangs to do a members' preview shopping prior to meeting you guys at the cafe but my earlier scheduled appointment was longer than expected.

No worries bro. Will make sure that I will not miss our next talk cock kopi session!

Hehe! :o)

Anonymous said...

The Indian(in India) Authority had frowned on Valentine Celebration for years oredi. Was it intolerance? No, Valentine Day, Mothers' Day and all frivolous celebrations have been commercialized and sometimes undermined the cultural values.

Anonymous said...

I agree. All nothing but commercialised events thought of by businessmen to make money.

My mum would not want us to celebrate Mother's Day with her just once a year. She rather we visit her more often. And we are glad we did.

In this world today all values are undermined by money. It makes the world go round. Just watch the fun.

Anonymous said...

The abused, violence against women is simply a violence, the act happened across all races and religions, not just only the event of Muslim. However great attention is given when the act is done by muslims to discuss the issue of shariah. What are you stirring up?

It has always been about us against them, not just about tolerance, of course I am not with you so I must be with them. However you can fuck whomever or whatever like matilah singapura might say.

agongkia said...

I find it hard to believe that she got her nose cut because of running away from an arranged marriage.

Wally, your visit to Tangs also reminded me of something hard to believe . Someone told me that he was refuse entry to TANG simply becos he do not possess a CT card,is that true?What is CT cards?What kind of rules?
Anyone got rejected becos of not carrying a CT cards?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Abuses against women and the less able happened across many backward countries, and also in advanced countries like ours. Our treatment of the maids is a case in point.

The media will publish such violations and cruel acts to show that world that there still happened and a message that it should not happen in the 21st Century.

What is unfortunate is that some will see it as an attack, they against us and simply ignore the cruel act altogether. Protection from violence and cruel acts is universal unless soem still think that it is ok.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As for Valentine's Day, people can object to it for various reasons. Some commercial, some religious etc etc.

To many it is just a ploy to make more money with more hype. To the sentimentals and people madly in love, they would not mind being mushy and spend some money for themselves and their love ones.

Objecting the practice from racial or religous grounds can be serious depending on the follow up actions.

I am not going to waste money on Valentine's Day. Period. No further actions or follow up. No more issues.

Anonymous said...

The older generation have no such nonsense as Valentine's Day and yet they remained married for decades. Today, you see people giving flowers on Valentine' Day this year and getting divorced the next.


Anonymous said...

Talking about TANGS at Orchard Road admitting only Citibank Card Members only, must say that me will not ever go there for shopping anymore, though it WAS my favourite when shopping and buying most of my household and personal items.

How the hell regular customers got deny to enter and deprived of shopping there is beyond my sanity. Me thought that it is owned by god loving people, yet it has proven to me that it does not even cherish its' regular customers.

Does the Company knows how to respect its' customers? Me did not even feel that the Company has any basic courtesy by giving privilege to selected customers.

My cash is of less value to card carrying folks?