If only Malaysia agrees…

If Malaysia agrees to let us build all the facilities we need in Johore, like hospitals, schools, housing etc etc, we can save a lot of money from paying sky high prices for these facilities and services in the island. There are obvious competitive advantages in terms of land costs. And if that happens, Singaporeans can all move over, hopefully can still work in their own country. And the whole country can be sold or lease to foreigners who can afford the high prices. As a hotel, there is nothing sentimental about this place. Let it go to the highest bidders. Singaporeans can go and park somewhere else. The cheaper land and labour costs will make living in those places much more affordable for the 21st century nomads. And we can extend the work in progress in nation building forever. No sweat, as long as Singaporeans can be shifted out and rent out their expensive HDB flats and earn rentals to live cheaply in Johore. Medical and hospital services would also be cheaper. Come to think of it, renting out the whole island and live on the rentals is not a bad idea. Our beautiful island paradise can be home to the rich and famous, our world class hospitals to serve the rich and famous…. Provided Malaysia is willing. We can truly become the modern nomads, people without a home in their own country. Oops, got homes, but need to rent out to live on the rentals outside the island as the high cost of living becomes prohibitive to the average Singaporeans. OK, the average Singaporeans can also call themselves landlords, till the lease expires. Isn’t this a damn great idea? No need to worry about nation building, no need to worry about country and citizens. Just treat the whole place as a hotel to make money for nobody. The concept of renting out our homes to collect rents and live simpler is already being in practice by some Singaporeans. Some have rented their private properties and live in HDB flats. And Singaporeans are already going to Malaysia and Thailand or elsewhere cheaper for medical treatments while our hospitals are doing fine business treating the rich from all over.


Anonymous said...

Dear Friend:

may i wish that your suggestions be accepted by our Malaysian Friends.


Anonymous said...

The Malaysians will say 'tunggu lama lama'.

And Mahathir will ask this question: If Malsysia is a crime hub and so infested by criminals, why are Singaporeans still wanting to live there?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Flash the money. No need talk.

If JB is for sale, buy it. If it isn't, move on -- Indonesia perhaps.

It is quite clean that Singapore - as a nation state - will have to expand its territories to cope with the "embarrassing" success it has enjoyed.

I've notice Malaysia has this "foreign worker" thing going on too: I've come across many local businesses which employ people from Myanmar, Philippines and Pakistan/ Muslim Indians. No wonder the Malaysians are doing well.

The Johorians will definitely benefit from the establishment of a thriving, wealthy S'pore expat community in their shitty little backwater - Turd Wurld Toilet

Then again, their foolish mat-kontol pride might get in the way and turn "anti" Singaporean. Like I said, take the money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure. The Indonesians don't like Singapore as much as the Malaysians. Flashing the money does not always bring the desired result. Temasek found that out in Indonesia and still insist they have not done anything wrong. Why pay the find then?

We are just having a unilateral wet dream.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We got screwed by China, by India, by Thailand, by Malaysia, by Indonesia and by the Americans.

Another big one coming from another ang moh tua kee akan datang, from down under. We have so much money and afraid that the Aussies do not want them and literally going on our knees to offer it to them. Silly asses.

Anonymous said...

Only ONE Singaporean is wanted!