How could Singaporeans be not grateful?

It has never occurred to me that a medical bill can go beyond a million bucks. (Ok, I know I am not living in this glittering world). It was shocking to hear that it could be $24.8 million. I was always shaken by a $20k or $100k bill. It only shows how ignorant I am in the world of the very rich when paying a few million bucks is nothing. Singaporeans who have to pay $100k or $30k for a medical bill must be grateful that it is such a small sum to pay. And those who kpkb about a 5c hike in transport fare or a 10c in kopi O, please lah, have a life. You people are not worthy of living if you have to kpkb about such trivials. The $24.8 million bill must have awakened many people that their lives are actually not worth living. How could people be spending that kind of money as if money is nothing? That is another point. Next time when one got admitted to our world class hospitals, privatized or whatever, don’t complain about the bill. It is very cheap. And be very grateful to ministers who have to give up their lucrative medical careers to serve the people and country. For doing that, they are sacrificing a career that could mean several millions of income per month for a $3m annual salary. Be grateful and be thankful that we have such good people making such big sacrifices. And also be grateful that the minister is trying to raise your savings in the Medisave account to several hundred thousands. The reason now is obvious. Medical bills in privatized govt hospitals are cheap but can still be in the hundreds of thousands. The current minimum of $33k or there about are simply peanuts. Definitely not enough! Be appreciative of the govt helping to plan for you to pay your medical bills when you least expect it. The masses may be ignorant and not thinking, thank god the govt is thinking for them every day, for their own good. Singaporeans are indeed a lucky lot.


Anonymous said...

In a perverse society(or era), one would see that some small little families staying in mansions with five limousines, three maids, a big swimming pool and of course tons of fashion wares and other luxuries. How can they be so sinfully wasteful and materialistic???

One explanation has to be that such vain folks have to be conscienceless, they must go for maximun profit in whatever they do, they must out compete and get competitors out of the way. They should never be impeded in their money making ways.

And they must have a ridiculous appetite for wasting; that's because it's impossible for them to utilize all that they possessed, shall i say that many items these people possessed are hardly used. They are kept to keep the ego inflated.

Talking about conscience, these material folks had to blind themselves from all the struggles of the lesser mortals including those workers, employees, customers and fellow countrymen they live with. They must have stony hearts that say 'You die your bizness'

How perverse can a society be? The worst are showing themselves now in the Middle East. In S E Asia, they happened and me am sure they are still happening; leaderships that keep enriching themselves while the citizenry are keep busy etching for their survivals at the fringes.

Okay, for some of these supreme vain folks to abuse the ethics and virtues of human society, they have to have 'safe havens' for themselves and their fortunes and loots. Switzerland comes to my mind as one of the greatest such havens, each time despot, dictator and tyrant are overthrown, these shenanigans will be found having secret accounts in that Country. So, why is no international organization doing anything about a country that aiding and helping some of the Worlds' greatest criminals and sinners. Me has no respect for the Swiss, not even a drop.

Anonymous said...

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

What we covet in this lifetime is never meant to last.

We come into this world naked

We will leave it empty handed

Matilah_Singapura said...

You can look for the shit in life, focus on it, complain and whine about it, not do anything and make yourself feel even worse...

...or yo can learn to live well and be happy in an imperfect world.

Up to you, asshole.

Namaste, Aum shanti, motherfuckers

Anonymous said...

Who is this shit?

Anonymous said...

Good question!