Hard Truth and Affordability

The most controversial word in the vocabulary of politicians is affordability. Everyone seems to utter this word as the biggest escape clause in any bad situation. It is affordable, we will make sure that it is affordable. And no matter how stupid the populace is, everyone knows what this dirty word means to different people. The truth is that the meaning of affordability is as flexible as a rubber band. It can be stretch which ever way the speaker wants it to be, as long as it is kept from snapping. Within the limits of its elasticity, anything goes and everything is affordable. This word should be banned and anyone using it should be make to feel ashame. The nonsensical use of the word affordability cannot go on and on. Closely link to this affordability word is the hard truth on the cost of HDB flats. Why is this truth so evasive and difficult to face the people? My new year wish is for someone to reveal this hard truth in his book and let some light into this darkness. If this is not possible, I hope that there will be a Wikileak on this piece of hard truth. We need to progress and move forward. What is unspoken, cannot be spoken, must be spoken. Nothing can be kept under wrap forever. Please let the truth be out and start the new year on a clean slate. The revelation may make a mockery of the word affordable, and will also make its use history. Until then, this will remain as the hardest truth to be spoken, and the affordable word will continue to flow with ease out of the smooth politician’s mouth.


Anonymous said...

If the Word affordable is sinister, the Phrase 'what to do ? It had happened' and 'let's carry on', is evil. It means all will have to accept what had taken place and no one needs answer and account for whatever happened. On top of it, those supposedly responsible, negligent and or complacent in their duties remain in high positions and continue to abuse their appointments by finding absurd reasons to wash their hands clean of any responsibility.

It is clear, NOW, to all Singaporeans, that the Regime has place all responsibility to nature, the organizations and managements instead of the individuals running them. Everything can be blamed except those getting the remunerations of high offices.

Sad that we have highly educated rascals leading us by bullying us the people and brushing us aside like wiping their arses of shits. But, take heart, history will record whatever happened as it happens. THERE IS NO RUNNING AWAY FROM THE TRUTH, BE IT HARD OR OTHERWISE.


Anonymous said...

A 16-year-old Ecuadoran immigrant was sitting alone on the train in Barcelona, when a Spanish citizen who was talking on his phone, proceeded to repeatedly strike the girl for no apparent reason. The images were caught on camera inside the train and brought swift reactions of disgust by bloggers in Ecuador and abroad, as well as caused others to pause and reflect on the status of immigrants in Spain.Christian Espinoza of Cobertura Digital is saddened by the images, but realizes that the attacker is not representative of all in Spain.

Andrej Nicolás Hillebrand, a Spanish resident, of Sly Nation provides a link to the video of the attack and also comes out against the attacker.:

http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/2007/10/29/ecuador-im... /

Anonymous said...

Imagine a government which will compulsorily harvest the organs of its' citizens.
Even when its' citizens are dead, they are not allow to rest in peace. And after they are dead, most are kept suspended instead of returning to earth(underground) except for the Muslims.

'Ru tu wei aun'(to be at peace with nature) is a Chinese way of concluding ones' existence, 'ru tu' meaning burial into the soil/water has become beyond the affordability of most Singaporeans.

Even an atheist Chinese like me feels uncomfortable that the deads are not put back into the ground.


Matilah_Singapura said...

What cock are you talking again redbean?

I have just returned from a brief visit to The Hotel.

Yes, property is booming as is the stock market -- that is what happens during times where money is printed and credit is created and aided by low interest rates.

"Affordability" is such a subjective idea -- it defined by different "objective" amounts by different people. some say $200k is "affordable" others compare Spore with other CC's (Crowded cuntries) and conclude that $2000 per sq ft is still "affordable" -- proof positive in the FACT that at that price there are still buyers in the market.

I have spent the last few months (and more) posting here and reading other S'pore blogs like the TR and OLC -- fuck lah, there is more kow peh kow boo noise and whining than there really is anything to * really * whine about in Singapore. Lucky I saw with my own eyes and experienced for myself -- all of you are making huge mountains out of molehills.

Hotel Singapore doing ok lah. OK, inflation is real, and there will be a correction... but corrections are good: cheaper property and stocks so those people who are on the side-ines can then move in.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just read the Sunday Times on the fate of ex residents of Gillman Height that were sold en bloc. Many ended up worst off because of the high rate of inflation. For those who are better off, it was just a transition to upgrade. For those who thought that it was a windfall, they were in for a rude shock.

Some ended worst off than before as the amount collected could only get them a smaller and less desirable place for the same money.

Don't worry, the inflation balloon can still tahan a few more puffs. It is not only affecting us, but also around the world. The balloon must burst, a matter of time.

All currencies will turn to worthless banana notes.

Anonymous said...

"All currencies will turn to worthless banana notes". Unquote.

Spend them before they turned bananas lah, eat, drink and play man!