The Grand Old Man of the Opposition

Whenever I look at Chiam See Tong and his physical condition, I shook my head and quietly told myself that he should retire from politics. Then I read these comments from him when asked why he wants to continue in his condition, I understood. These are what he said, But you know, this isn’t a hard job, he said.. In fact, it is harder to bring up a family with little income. It is harder competing for jobs with foreign talents. It is harder to look after a disabled child, or an elderly parent It is harder to afford hospital bills for your family. These, are hard jobs that Singaporeans are facing. And it will get tougher. He is doing it for a cause, to want to do something for the people. With all the odds and physical limitations, he is struggling to fight another fight which is no easy thing to do. He is the Grand Old Man of the Opposition, a man with a mission for the people of Singapore. He walks his talks. Good men are rare to find. He is one of the few left. He never claims to have sacrificed anything. He just do it. What a man!


Anonymous said...

His condition looks bad, his speech hardly audible.

He should just call it a day for health reasons, rather than face the disappointment in case he fails to get re-elected. At least he would not fade away in people's memory as a defeated man, and still be remembered for his dogged fighting spirit.

Like JBJ, his kind is an extinct specie.

I wish him well.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think he served his PAP masters very diligently, loyally and obediently.

Con job -- Well done sir!

Anonymous said...

He has done fine.

However, he could have left me a better impression if he has groomed a few successor to himself and his party. By having his wife succeeds him........me thinks he has spoil the image i have of him.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me;

'a few successor' should read as 'a few successors'.

My apology.