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A GE can do wonderful things

The GE is around the corner. The first sign of change is the number of good news and happy news in the media. The people are soooo happy with their lives, all living very well. No more grumblings and kpkbs. Things actually started to change much earlier. The hard and nose in the air attitude were gone. No more talking down to the people. No more, if you can’t afford it, downgrade or move out. No more tightening the belt and live within your means comments. No more disgusting comments. Suddenly the politicians are so humble, so pleasing, understanding, caring and listening and so nice, smiling all the time. The people’s cries of high property prices are met with several remedial actions to curb the rise, but still very affordable. Now $150k hospital bills are also very affordable. And more schemes will come out to make it even more affordable. There is more urgency to tackle the loan shark menace and more were arrested. There was even a wet market being tendered to a big company who wanted to turn it into high class aircon market but this was turned down for fear of higher prices. And approving PRs and intake of foreign talents also go down dramatically with statements that we cannot just depend on foreign talents and low wage workers to keep our economy growing. There is a sudden realization that this is not sustainable wah. And another good piece of news today. The Public Transport Council is delaying the review of transport fare. Everyone reads it as delaying another round of fare increases. Can we blame them? Can we blame the law lecturer, Eugene Tan, for saying that the rationale for the delay in fare hike is likely to avoid another big issue in the GE? Heng ah! I highly recommend that we should hold GE once every two years. Then we will have more pleasant news and pleasant things happening. Do I worry about what would happen after the GE and the next one in another 4 years?


Anonymous said...

"Do I worry about what would happen after the GE and the next one in another 4 years?", unquote.
Haha.....worry not brother, Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere are very inspirational and emotions are high anywhere in the world now. The Leaders here are pragmatists and they certainly know where they are standing now.
Do You not see how hot our dear Minister Mah Bow Tan, Raymond Lim, MM Lee and his Son PM, Healthy Minister Khaw Boon Wan, Labourer Ministers Lim Sweet Say, Lim Boon Heng, Financial Tharman, Law Chiefs Wong Kan Seng and Shanmugan are now? They have struck liked lightnings into the hearts of the people who're not only warm to the treatments but are are actually hot with the parliamentarians now.
All Sin Citizen should celebrate the Lunar New Year Of the Rabbit becos of the COMING ELECTION.
As You put it, the Election makes the Ruling Politicians suddenly loving and caring the voters. Dare I say that the political developments in the world will worry them stiff but turn them soft.
Time to let them worry, You just live and enjoy in Sin, it will be fine.

Anonymous said...

GE indeed can do wonderful things like preventing kindergarten children from having their proper meal as written in ST forum online.

Anonymous said...

Lessons seem never to have been learnt. It is what comes after the election that matters, not before. Everything is reversible, with interest factored in as well. And we know what comes after every election. When ministers don't get salary increases for one year, they get double or more increments the next.

Enjoy the candies and lollipops when you can, but get ready for things going back to square one soon enough.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Spot on. I am looking forward to my HDB flat hitting $1m and squeezing with more foreigners in the trains. I hope they will not be restrained by the election and prevent me from becoming a millionaire for selling my flat. Then I go Lijiang and not to return. Heheh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The frightening thing about Egypt is that when the army was unleashed to quell the protestors, they do nothing and actually sided with the demonstrators.

Why didn't the army obey the order blindly and just shoot at the demonstrators is an interesting development.

Anonymous said...

Soldiers too have families among the demonstrators and as the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. Would a soldier shoot at his own family members? He must be mad.