The Egyptian Story unfolds

Dictator or no dictator, as long as he can hold the country together will do. The Emperor does not care about democracy or human rights as long as the dictator does what the Emperor wants, behave as a good boy and bow to the Emperor, everything will be fine. The moment the dictator loses his power base or support of the people, he must go. Obama spoke from his White House on the day of the major people uprising, telling the dictator to get things back in order. A week has passed and the anger of the people is increasing, and the demand for the dictator to get out grows. The Emperor knew that time is up for a change and told the dictator to get moving. As all dictators are the same, after enjoying years of power, wealth and control, giving up is not an easy thing to do. He let loose his security forces to do his dirty work, to quell the people’s uprising, threaten and putting people behind jails may work, to extend his dictatorial reign. The Emperor thinks otherwise, and is planning for the exit of the dictator from the White House. Like it or not, Egypt belongs to the Empire and any regime change must be authorised by the Emperor. Another dictator will be installed, with some trappings of democracy like in Iraq and Afghanistan. But dictators they will be, and the Emperor will be their boss. Will the will of the people decide who should lead them? Egypt has been faced with many years of big time corruption, wide income gap between the rich and poor, unemployment of graduates, high inflation, and a people getting increasingly unhappy with the regime. There is a ground swell for a change in govt. Who shall prevail, the Emperor, the dictator or the will of the people?


Anonymous said...

Was the 'fall of the dictator' orchestrated by the Empire?

Of course, not on the surface. Such peace loving people would never do such a thing directly. But we know they are always doing the killing on borrowed swords. That is why so many regimes are making sure they are on good terms with the Empire and do its bidding.

Anonymous said...

The Middle East Region, land of some of the oldest civilizations are in for US colonization culturally.
Once the inhabitants get their political freedom it will be followed by freedoms from traditions, customs and religions.
It's going to be revolution and more revolutions.


Matilah_Singapura said...

This is one of those "unintended" consequences of wikileaks.

One thing revealed by wikileaks is that ALL the Aras cuntries hate Iran and want that cuntry destroyed, but as "polite" and "unified" Arabs none of them have the balls to do it -- except of course Saddham Hussein when he waged chemical and bio warfare on Iran (aided by the US of A).

Most of the political economy of the Arabic Middle East is like the inside of a dead camel's rotting anus: the situation is horrible with no "happy ending" in sight.

wikileaks and Anonymous has also spurred a new spirit of people being increasingly distrustful of the govt and leaders -- especially when their rights to dissent against their rulers are curtailed or brutally oppressed. wikileaks showed the world that it is possible to go against the HEAVIEST ARMED and FUNDED govt in the world -- the USA - and "win", and that citizen's do have the right and now the tools to dissent against "the dictator and government they deserve" so as to change the political economy to a one they deserve NOW...not 50 years ago.

So we see not only civil disobediences in Egypt, but also in Yemen and Tunisia.

I am of course hoping that the next cuntry to experience MASSIVE civil unrest is China -- due to the incredible pressures from a weak yuan (Chinese money printing) which has caused excruciating inflation such that the average Chinese is struggling to buy rice and food, vegetables, and pay off mortgages.

However seems like the Chinese government are taking no chances in case a few dissidents get "funny ideas" and have censored the internet. Surprise, surprise... during Lunar New Year too...bad omen, un auspicious, pantang, buang-suay...hahahha...time to be superstitious lah.

Anyway, I look forward to china's coming civil unrest -- that would be fun to watch. I'd like to see those fuckers from WalMart shit their pants at the prospect of losing money.

C'mon young Chinese -- take the example of your borthers and sisters in Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia: FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are many similarities in what is happening in Egypt. The rich poor divide is a big gapping hole. And yes, the rich are all having a real good time like the rich here. If one hangs around the rich talking and enjoying their richness, one could really believe that one is in paradise, making a few millions every other day is so easy. But that is a different world, a different reality.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is a difference how one gets "rich". In Singapore it is (mostly) done by sheer hard work, serving the customer and beating off the competition in the market. The "playing field" is open to everyone and anyone.

Not so many of those pig-shit Middle East/ African Turd Wurld Cuntries. There the easiest path to wealth is by shitting over less powerful people, stealing their shit or holding their lives hostage.

No, wealthy individuals are not the same -- some do it by serving the customer, the other group does it by brutal conquest of the weaker.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Arabs are very good at shitting on their own people. At the same time they are being shitted on by the West. We are now in the 21st century and they are all still ruled by the West in every aspect of their lives.

Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

That is the consequence of being weak and obedient when the empire tells you what you should and should not do.

I take my hat off to the Afghans, Iranians and Iraqis for their guts to stand up to the empire. I am not a fan of Kim, but I really marvel at his guts.

And I hope that China will never, ever give an inch to the empire, otherwise they will loose more than a yard.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Political power grows from the barrel of the gun...Mao

The West and the Americans have been pointing and using the gun to control the world. The Chinese almost went under. Now they will make sure that they have a gun as big as the biggest superpower to ensure their own survivor as an independent nation.

And weaknesses, they will be devoured by the beasts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans have made a slip by showing their cards that they owned Egypt and Hilary is back tracking by saying that it is up to the Egyptians to decide when Mubarak should leave.

They are now panicking. Who comes after Mubarak? No way will they accept the Muslim Brotherhood.

Think they are rethinking and trying to delay Mubarak's departure till they can find a pro American replacement. If not, Mubarak shall stay.

Anonymous said...

Me postulates that the Former UN Nuclear Chairman Al Baradei(may contain Spelling mistake-do forgive), has been 'arranged' to take over.


Matilah_Singapura said...

As with any "power vacuum" opportunists abound.

My prediction: as secular sovereign governments fall, Muslim-centered politics will evolve more and more.

i.e. The Islamic Middle East will become more fundamentalist.

...and so the fun becomes more interesting ;-)

MORE JIHAD! (mark my words)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Civil Unrest In Middle East:

1. Lebanon - Muslims pissed off with Christian majority rule

2. Yemen - economic woes. Al Queda moves in.

3. Tunisia -- unemployment crisis

4. Egypt -- Anger over presidential rule -- corruption, poverty, unemployment.

Tipping Point -- I'm just about to bet money on this:

CHINA -- inflation leading to civil unrest. In fact, the possibility is increasing.

On the doorstep: India. Food price inflation now starting to bite.

Wah, more entertainment to come. I'm elated.

People throwing out their governments:

Fucking priceless. I'm going to cry tears of joy :-))