Difficult to make distinction between new and old citizens

Is it so difficult? With the computerization of all records and data, what is so difficult? The issue is whether there is a need to differentiate new and old citizens? On face value it is easy to accept that all citizens should be treated equally and be entitled to all the rights and privileges without distinction. A citizen is a citizen. Under the law, all citizens are equal. What about citizens who did and did not sacrifice the 2 to 2 and half years in NS? What about the wealth of the nation accumulated over the years by the older citizens and bearing fruits today? Should the new citizens be entitled to all the same rewards from the earlier contributions of the old citizens especially when the sum is very significant like housing ‘subsidies’ and govt handouts like the cash being given to the citizens? Things like paying of school fees, rights to register for schools, taxes, GST, rights to vote are less ambiguous and less contentious. Should new citizens be allowed to stand for election without time qualifications? Surely there are things that must be put in the right perspective instead of promptly being brushed aside as a non issue. No need to ponder a second longer. There is another important reason why there should be a distinction. The number of new citizens minted are in such big numbers and in a furious speed that they will soon be as many as the old citizens. Is this a cause for alarm?


Wally Buffet said...

Simple way to distinguish between old and new citizens.

The old citizens will bear arms for the country and all male will have served their national service. When the chips are down, we'll still be here defending and protecting the MBS, our new icon.

The new citizens will bite their HDB cherry twice. Make the money and surrender their Sinkapoorean passport, go back to where they came from and with the proceeds of their employment and HDB properties, buy a big farm and become a fiefdom lord in India or a small town mayor in the PRC.

Fuck them.

Just the other day, as I passed a bus interchange, a big hulking man in his thirties with a North Eastern China accent was giving orders to a group of bus "captains" comprising locals, Indians, Malaysians and what the fuck do you think, PRCs.

Guess, soon the only job open to Sinkapooreans would be to drive a taxi.

How do I get a taxi licence?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't worry Wally,

I heard FTs or new citizens are now running around as housing agents as well. Soon they will drive all the taxis too.

And some even say it with pride that we are still a work in progress nation after all these years. Whose fault is it?

Anonymous said...

Contribution by the old? They count for nothing in the eyes of the new.

They never had biographies to record their contributions. Schools to propagate their sacrifice of sweat and blood to the young in schools. Apple-polishers to praise them to high heaven! Bootlickers to campaign for the posterity of what they left behind. They never existed in the context of their contribution to make what Singapore is today.

When the dust settles, only one particular person's contribution will be recounted over and over again, no matter how long Singapore is going to last. Bet on it.

The rest of the oldies' contribution? Just call them cannon folder, insignificant, soldier ants and worker bees, and if they are suffering now, just too bad.

Wally Buffet said...

I know this will fall on deaf ears.

Give us back the old Sinkapoore when it was known as Singapore.

Keep your goodies budget.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is difficult to make the distinction between new and old.

Some in office at 86 years old still relevant. Some at 50+ must make way for the younger ones. Confusing.

Anonymous said...

More are realising the goodies from the right hand are going to be taken back by the left, and much more.

But few will vote for change. They like it this way. Sinkaporeans will always remain Sillyporeans.

Matilah_Singapura said...


The old Sinkapoor won't survive lah. That model was way past it's time already. Time to cut the restraints (open the borders) and allow more "freedom" to grow.

Don't worry about present "imports" not doing NS. AFAIK, they will defend S'pore if it came to that -- that's human nature, we tend to defend what is of value to us -- like our families and our homes. Self interest, man -- it's what our existence is based on.

Anyway, the point is this: the kids of the "newbies" will be doing NS...so it all works out in the long-term.

There is another side to this human story that none of you guys give a shit about: people are forming relationships and building their new lives in The Hotel. Boys and girls from different cultures are getting together and creating their shared lives in Singapore. sometimes it is homosexual couples... whatever.

Civilization is made up of all these little one-on-one relationships, and each of us has hundreds of them.

IMO, there should be NO DISTINCTION between citizens based on any differences such as race, religion, socio-economic status, education level, culture, history...and place of birth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

IMO, there should be NO DISTINCTION between citizens based on any differences such as race, religion, socio-economic status, education level, culture, history...and place of birth. by Matilah

Fully agreed. But in the case of giving out cash/bonuses that were accummulated due to past effort, should new citizens who have not contributed their bit be differentiated and apportion accordingly?

How to justify giving new citizens a big sum of money overnight? What is the rationale? Simply being a citizen?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I heard that it is very difficult to differentiate between luxury goods and basic needs items. Come to think of it, I must agree. My Rolex is basic to me. The only luxury item that I am looking at is a Lamborghini. In fact other than this, everything is basic.

Going to attend a $50k fine dining course must be a luxury. I hope you people agree. Ok, some of you may think that it is less than a peanut so must be basic.

See, so confusing and so difficult.

Wally Buffet said...


Got Lolex to wear ah?

Me got only a Casio $20 timepiece, same as our MM who once famously said a watch is a watch.

Why spend a fortune on a timepiece?

Makes sense.

Hehe. :o)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually never own a lolex lah. Too chunky. My little luxury piece is a concord. Not a well know brand.

Anonymous said...

Wally, you are truly modest like LKY.

With your lineage and unranked wealth like LKY, not to mention a Lolex, any luxurious brand at Hour Glass is very affordable.

Redbean, Concord or Airbus, it is still better than my humble Citizen, better known, but only fit for the underclass.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ah, my two favourites are citizens and I wear one everyday.

Wally Buffet said...

My favourites are 1 citizen, 1 casio, 1 swatch and 1 fossil.

All cheapo watches but 开心就好!

I am also always on the look out for "hand-me-downs" from my sons who are so stingy that they have never ever bought any watches for their dad. Don't know when I will ever get that diamond encrusted Lolex which I drool over every time I pass by the glass showcases of Sincere Watch or Hourglass.

I am now debating whether to get myself a good motherboard or a decent watch with the growth dividends that our esteemed leaders have announced and which I am awaiting with great anticipation.

Anon @ 11.48.

It is rude to equate a nobody like me with our MM. Give the man some respect.

Hehe. :o)