Conning the silly Asian Asses

The big Western banks and funds are managed by their best financial and engineering talents and are out to rob the world. They have conceived and designed the most complicated and advanced financial systems that almost guaranteed maximum profits and minimum losses to themselves. And they are selling these systems to the silly Asian Asses who bought them hook, line and sinkers. They only need to dangle the carrot of a combined war chest of several hundred billions of cash. They will bring the cash to the silly Asian Asses if the latter would abide by their terms and conditions, and how the game should be played. They can’t be bringing their war chest to give away to the silly Asian Asses for sure. They are there to rob! The American regulators have now understood how and what these reckless and irresponsible bankers are doing, gambling with high stakes, using other people’s money. They can’t lose, except other people’s money. And they stand to win and line their pockets with millions when they have control of the game. Paul Geithner in his latest speech called for an international system to prevent these rogues from gambling and robbing the innocent investors of their money. America is working out a system to tighten and regulate the activities of these big financial robbers and wanted the rest of the world to implement the same tight regulations to curb this menace. Geithner wanted to see a level playing field to prevent these rogues from moving from one country to another where the legislation and regulation are lax to enable them to do damage to the innocent. For the moment, the silly Asian Asses still have greed covering their eyes and could not see the harm and damage that these rogues could create to their financial systems even when billions have been extracted and robbed from their local investors. When would it end, when would deregulation be stopped and more regulations be introduced to protect the integrity of the financial systems across the world?


Anonymous said...

Well, well, we have a similarity here in Sillypore. Every five years or so we have Sillyporean asses being conned too. But still they continue to swallow the lines, dictated by the rulers, hook, line and sinker.

Boh Pien!

Matilah_Singapura said...

There 2 pie charts put out by the IMF showing the countries which export capital and those which import capital. Sorry, but I can't seem to find them. If someone does, please post the link on this thread.

Asian Tigers used to depend on "foreign investment" to run their business. In 1997 the Asian currency crisis happened and foreign capital left Asian economies with devastating consequences

Asian govts and central banks said: "Never again." Asian economies have reformed so that many of them are now NET CAPITAL EXPORTERS -- the biggest being China and Japan.

During that time, Malaysia had Dr M as PM who imposed capital restrictions, which eventually "saved" the economy... but he had to frame and jail his Deputy Anwar in order to do these extreme measures.

Today Malaysia is one of the worlds main capital exporters -- given it's small size it exports over 2% of the world's capital.

Without the hard work and thrift of the Asians (and other emerging markets), those lazy fucks in the west could not run their "the world owes me a living" economies built on debt, warfare and welfare.

So yeas, definitely: I do support any effort to grab more money from the Asians.

Western civilization rocks because you can do whatever the fuck you want. To finance this "right" requires enormous resources, or the civilization will collapse. Since no one wants to take any responsibility anymore, the west has to depend on someone to do the work and provide the money.

Who better to do that than those wonderful responsible, financially astute Asians?

Anonymous said...

Geithner going to do that? He wanted to see a level playing field?

You are better off trusting an Indian Black Mamba than to believe this man.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The big banks and funds are ruthless. They want to make quick money at all cost. The American economy almost went down, bringing the world economy with them.

The game being played is absolutely irresponsible as the consequence is the collapse of stock markets and financial systems and economies. There is a need to rein in this modern day pirates. They know no national boundaries and owe no loyalty to anyone except their own pockets.

For the moment they are fattening the Wall Street and waiting for the kill. The Asian markets are left to fallow. After they have slaughtered the American cow they will return to fatten another piece of fallowed field. And the cycle will go on and on.

Anonymous said...

'There is a need to rein in this modern day pirates'

By whom? The pirates themselves?

Anonymous said...

The pie chart mentioned should be this one:



Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes that's the chart.

Notice how many of the capital importers are in danger of sovereign debt default.

redbean, don't blame the big banks only lah. The average Asian "saver" is also keen to get the best returns on his money, so he too is driven by self-interest and thus prone to make errors.

Anonymous said...

Human greed is universal.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Agreed. Just like all vaginas are the same. The face is merely to tell us which vagina belong to who.