China is the cause of Egypt’s uprising

Thomas Friedman was given the front page in mypaper to ‘fried’ China. He pronounced that the uprising against Mubarak was because China could produce cheaper goods than the Egyptians. The same trend of thought planted in the minds of all Americans. China is the cause of their troubles because China could produce things cheaper than them. What Friedman refused to acknowledge is the American role over the last 30 years to prop up a dictator against their big talks on democracy. As far as the Americans are concerned, anything goes as long as it is to their advantage. It is either the dictator or the Muslim Brotherhood. So they chose to support a dictator and his misrule for 30 years. And it is China’s fault! The only other American contributions to the turmoil are Twitter and Facebook, which gave the common people a voice to talk back to the dictator and his corrupt regime backed by the Americans. Let me see, Twitter and Facebook must be products from China too, just for this uprising. And Singaporeans are enlightened and now know that China is the culprit. And Singapore could be next given that China could produce things cheaper than us, the enormous income gap between rich and poor and our local graduates from our world class universities unable to compete for jobs with foreign talents from third world universities, some even with fake degrees. China, watch out! In the eyes of the Americans, you are the trouble maker. And all American allies are told this, and they believe in it too.


Matilah_Singapura said...

American foreign policy in the Middle East is to prop up dictators and try to spread American-style bullshit democracy in the region. Everyone knows that -- what is the problem?

China is a pain in the ass for nearly every cuntry with a manufacturing sector -- the find it hard to compete with China's ability to produce vast amounts of goods cheaply and quickly. Everyone knows that too, so what the fuck is the problem?

Trying to find one single smoking gun to blame or as the cause for Egyptian dissent is like believing one angry old man who lives in the sky made the earth in 6 days -- i.e. it is bullshit.

The reason there is civil unrest is because the people as a whole finally have had enough of "deserving" the government they get and think that the "solution" is to change the government.

Bloody fools.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The problem is that you can't have a dictator and democracy at the same time.

The second problem is to blame efficiency in production as a problem.

The American has an answer to all the problems of the world, China!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brothers;

much as me would like to concur with all the reason given, me feels that the Americans have won it big in the MiddleEast.

Madam Hilary Clinton had been telling the Egyptians that they MUST DO THIS, DO THAT, as though SHE is the EMPRESS OF EGYPT. The Egyptians and its' surrounding Muslim Neighbours have now comprehensively bought into the AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY OF DEMOCRACY. So the uprisings is the start of many revolutions to follow. The US is overwhelming the Middle East CULTURALLY, a victory that no others can ever compare.


Anonymous said...

Can the Middle East be peaceful? What is the best environment for American interest to flourish? Trouble of course and linked to that is their quest for control of oil and for their weapons industry to export more.

And for that they always need to trigger regime changes, using the CIA to bring down dictatorships, communist regimes and all that shit.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Middle East is still controlled by the Empire. You are right to say that Hilary is talking like she owned Egypt. The fact is that they not only own Egypt, they owned most of the Arab countries.

And supporting dictators, regime change, starting wars, are all part of the bigger game of controlling the Arabs.

Now, what can the Arab do? They can't fight the Americans in Arab soil. The Americans will just drop their bombs anywhere they want and any Arab killed will be collateral damages. They would have problems dropping bombs on their own soil and calling Americans killed as collateral damages with a smile.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The people get the government they deserve.

Ultimately it is up to each of the Arab "tribes" to determine how they are to be governed and/ or ruled. You can only blame "foreign oppressors" so much, then you as a people in your own cuntry have to get off the arse and do something.

That "something" is happening in Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia. They may not be successful, but political maturity is a process -- forward, backward, great leap forward, fall down backward...just like a cartoon.

Some Middle East cuntries have "progressed" reasonably well: Jordan and United Arab Emirates for e.g.

However a place (ex-colonial shithole) like Libya has Gadaffi -- old man now but still surrounded by beautiful women.

I guess being a dictator for life does have its benefits. ;-)