Where is Jack?

A loan shark runner was sentenced to 5 years behind bars and 24 strokes of the rotan. Thanks to District Judge Jasbendar Kaur for a deserving punishment. This runner burnt cars, set things on fires outside innocent dwellers in HDB flats, threatening and targeting innocent people when he could not get to his real targets. The damage he caused were more than $100k in cars burnt. He did all this to repay the loan shark called Jack whom he borrowed $3000. Good that he is behind bars and waiting to be caned. But where is Jack?


Wally Buffet said...

Funny, I'm also asking that question myself!

So far, as far as I am aware of, we are only punishing the poor runners who, although dastardly, are forced into the crime.

For destroying property worth $100K and suffered by innocent bystanders at that, I would hand down a sentence of life imprisonment without parole and 24 strokes of the rotan to send an unequivocal message to the next runner that people in this country wants to live in peace without fear that their prized possessions, namely their HDB and their cars are history.

What the public is crying out loud and clear is that we would also like to see some "top executives" in the dock so we can have a clear idea of what a world class, well paid loan shark king looks like. Thus far, this image is just a delusional illusion.

I have suggested this in the past but I'll repeat this again. Form a special squad to deal with this problem. Mount a sting operation with undercover agents and flush out these Jacks and Jacks' higher ups.

Who knows? These people we seek could be just some towkays wearing shorts, minding his shop or his little legit enterprise unobtrusively by day and owning condos and landed properties in a thick portfolio.

If a big crook like Madoff can be put under surveillence and brought to justice, what's a little shark to high tech modern day law enforcement?

So just get your asses moving and do as we are all clamouring for.

Just get da Man!

Hehe. :o)

Wally Buffet said...


New pics.

That fish is nice and auspicious. Gold kois. Must be worth a fortune.
Where did you photograph these Mr. Bean.

But that auntie and her anatomy. Easily Cup C size!

Wally Buffet said...

This new header pic.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Ya lah redbean. The header pic look like ah kwa. The autie pic OTOH -- I can just imagine, she must be a favourite with her 12 yr old nephews :-)

I don't agree with this stupid "state justice" which is focused on torturing and incarcerating this idiot -- nothing good is achieved. Not even a "deterrent" because the people who do this sort of thing won;t be deterred by the prospect of being caught and punished.

Jailing and caning achieves nothing for the victims -- the state gets all the fun and just boasts its power.

The runner doesn't have to pay back or make recompense for ONE CENT of the damage he did or "inconvenience" and "horror" he caused.

I have long been a supporter of "armed citizen justice": in an armed society the runner would burn one car but probably be shot (several times) before succeeding on torching the second. Problem solved. End of story.

This idea of catching the guy after he has done the shit, charging him in court and then PUNISHING him is a fucked outdated, model.

In the libertarian model (i.e. rational, private property, individual, laissez faire capitalist philosophy) the guiding principle of "justice" is "Two eyes for an eye" -- one "eye" for replacement of the value lost, and "another eye" to compensate victims fro their trouble.

The point here is that the MODEL for "justice" is based on COMPENSATION, not punishment.

Where is Jack? Probably the same place Santa is...in people's imagination -- people who "Don't Know Jack"

Wally Buffet said...

Hey Bro.

Here in La La Land, cannot have vigilante justice lah.

So the next best thing is to "skin" this runner alive with a draconian sentence to send the shivers down the next aspiring scumbag.

To those who are still inclined to do so, think hard before you even dare to touch (torch) my car asshole!

In a land where everyone carries a loaded 9mm automatic pistol as in the Philippines, you'll be shot in the balls.

Crime and punishment, the quick fix way and I'm all for it although here, I've to live without it.

Hehe. :o)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Citizen justice, is not "vigilante" justice. "Vigilante" are revenge based. citizen justice stems from the idea of private property and the defense of -- i.e. your own self interest, the coming together of each other's self interest in the community so that everyone looks out for one another.

> the next best thing is to "skin" this runner alive with a draconian sentence to send the shivers down the next aspiring scumbag. <

All very well and good, but that simply doesn't happen. "Draconian" deterrents don't work. sure they might be "fun" and give a nice feeling of "revenge", but they don't work.

And even worse: you give the state more power to find reason for "revenge" such that all legislation made henceforth has this idea of "revenge" or "punishment" in it. This is a really fucking bad idea to steer the legislature into that way of thinking.

Do I want to smash everyone I think is "evil" out there? Of course. But the point is it won't solve the problem of getting rid of "bad people". They are always going to be "bad people", therefore the rational response is self defense and self protection, not revenge and punitive justice "after the fact' which does fuck all to compensate the victims.

Australia has degenerated to a point where if you defended yourself and hurt the robber/ invader of your house, you -- the victim -- could end up being charged and thrown in jail.

That is govt "justice" for you. My point: don't leave "justice" or "self protection" up to the government: they do a lousy job.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Phillipines is a bad example BTW.
You might as well use Somalia or Rwanda.

These are shit basket Turd Wurld Cuntries with dead shit productive organisation and no distinction between rule by govt or rule by warlord.

Therefore your only option in these cuntries IS to be ARMED. No choice mate!

Anonymous said...

The runners are victims themselves, so are the law enforcers and justice department.
All doing nothing productive and the vandalizing runners are definitely destructive.
Shit works in shit hole! Inefficiency on top of ineffectiveness.

Anonymous said...

Where is Jack?

I think that Jack is just a non existent figment of the runner's imagination, a name plucked from the air. Finding Jack serves no useful purpose. He is probably another runner.

And I am beginning to wonder whether they really are interested in solving the loan sharking problem.

$30,000 fine, in this particular case, goes to the state. Good money to be made.

Maybe, they do not want to kill the golden goose. A little damage to doors, or more serious damages like this case, is just what they call 'collateral damage' lah! Too bad if you are in the way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You people are so demanding. Ok, I always practise customers come first.

The kois came from a koi farm in Choa Chu Kang. Think I have something like 1000 shots in my files.

agongkia said...

But we must think of a long term solution.
Consider to set up one organisation to help those genuinely in financial trouble.,consider to let them pledge with their HDB flat with lower interest.etc..
If the runner can get help of a S$3K loan,these damages can be avoided.Police resources can be better utilise.Our reputation of no zero UML can be achieve.Agongkia will need to spent less time telling u why sometime he is not against illegal money lender.
We must not always have that kind of Fu Ren Chze Chian or rich man thinking.
Many people face unexpected event like business failure,bad debt, Court summon to pay up their medisave or risk their renewal license or jail,risk with CPF waiting to shown that they concern by telling their employee that their towkay did not pay their cpf on time,causing unnecessary sour relation etc etc .
My friend regretted not taking a loan from ah long and miss his JCS payout becos he cannot pay cpf in time.
So?Forget about Jack .For his act ,he do save others that we may not know.

agongkia said...

er...sorry typing error,reputation of zero UML instead..
and mr Bean,Pls shown more pictures of those swee char bor like the one above,but not the one with the red bra that was displayed earlier.It will make one urgently searching for his IPOD,looking for the nearest atm,going into that 7-11 ,for his mpb(mini plastic bag).hehe..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia,

Small biz or individual extending loans to earn some money and at the same time helping those desperados in need is a needed actitivy. The problem here is reckless gangsterism, intimidation and harming the innocent. The crimes is not the money lending.

We need to differentiate the two. Public nuisance, vandalism, destroying properties, threatening public peace and social security are not acceptable. If the loan sharks have been more circumspeck and handle their biz without hurting others, no one is going to complain and maybe the law could even close an eye.

Then again, lawless criminals must not run free.

agongkia said...

Agree with you Mr Bean.
We must honour our words and make every effort to pay back at the shortest time.
If everyone dun pay up,how are they going to recoup?So they have no better choice but to resort to such tactic,create nuisance for their target to make them turn up.
Not that they are doing it for fun .
What one can do is to show up,face them and ask for refinacing on a longer term .Can also go to the Authority if that fail and if one need.
But never cheat.,whether your friend or relative who are out to help you without any condition,or the UML who are taking the risk .
You borrow,you pay.O$P$.If you borrow and intentionally dun pay,you are a cheat.Shouldn't cheats be punished too?
I am cheated many times too till I call myself agongkia,so I how how cruel it is to cheat others.

Anonymous said...

Pass a law- death penalty for leaders of loanshark and I can guarantee this problem will disappear overnight.

agongkia said...

Pass a law- death penalty for leaders of loanshark and I can guarantee this problem will disappear overnight.

January 10, 2011 8:56 AM

Anon 856:
That will make thing worse.It may result in more suicide cases.Loanshark can sometime help save lives.

Wally Buffet said...

Ah Gong,

"That will make thing worse.It may result in more suicide cases.Loanshark can sometime help save lives."

They may also help take lives by forcing the hapless debtors to suicide with their constant harassment and threat of bodily harm.

You may forget that every man's destiny is in their hands. If you live simply and within your means without vices you cannot afford, there will be no need for loan sharks.

I'll second Anon's suggestion. Mandatory Death Penalty for Loan Sharks.

FY. :o(

Anonymous said...

"Loanshark can sometime help save lives", unquote.
They certainly did and do, at least, they extend the breathing days of their customers.

Wally Buffet said...

.........so that they can keep coughing up the inhuman mountain of interest payments!"

To the hangman with them!

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hang all the loansharks.

The loan takers will bless Wally for the rest of their live!

Anonymous said...

'Loansharks can sometimes help save lives'

Strange but true if you believe that GST is to help the poor too!

Anonymous said...

'Hang all the loansharks'

But sir, they never caught any sharks, only caught the fins, i mean the legs leh!