What is good leadership in govt?

There are many aspects about govt and leadership to talk about. Let me just say a few things about what good govt and good leadership mean from a micro perspective or from a single factor. A good govt leads by bringing the people with them, through persuasion and education. It educates the people and encourages them to think, to make rational decisions for the good of people and country. A govt that does not educate, talk down on the people and threatens the people with all kinds of negative scenarios, gimmicks and abuses the law is never a good govt. It is more like a dictatorship, a kingship or a totalitarian state. Mature and democratic countries must not only have democratic institutions but also a mature and educated people who are ruled by reasons and persuasion and who participated actively in the politics of the country. A nation of well fed people but unable to think independently, unable to decide what is best for themselves but being dictated and controlled in all ways is nothing but like a fat bird in a cage, feeling very well and comfortable materially but empty in spirit and restrained in freedom. What kind of leadership and society are we living in or do we want to live in?


Matilah_Singapura said...

"Leadership" in govt is a fallacy.

The people get the govt they deserve...therefore it is the people themselves who choose to be "led" (like sheep and lambs to the slaughter) or to be left alone and only having the govt in the role a "protector" against any physical which disturbs this "leave us the fuck alone" idea.

As usual, both types of people exist in S'pore: those who "believe" that govt can solve any problem (aka mooching "entitlement mentality" bums who claim "the world owes them a living") and it is the govt's duty to do so, and the other group -- the minority (made up of real men and women) -- who don't need any "leadership" at all.

However to aspire to be a govt "leader" has handsome payoffs. All you have to do is to check the annals of history. There is also a chance of being murdered (assassinated) -- which adds excitement to the cause.

I of course celebrate every time a politician is executed. This to me is one of the precious gifts of being alive.

Anonymous said...

I find myself absolutely in agreement with your definition of good leadership. Having said that, I must say that human propensity to abuse propriety is in the nature of man(kind). However, to have a group of folks behaving in concert liked a pack says a lot about the leader of the pack. It's very much akin to lesser beings liked lions, wolves and the likes.