What the govt forgot to upgrade

More upgrading projects in the GRCs! And each upgrading is in the tune of a few hundred millions. All in all, the number could come up to several billions. And the residents rose in approvals. They loved it. I am not sure if they asked for it. How many of these upgrading projects would really affect the residents? The beautifying of the infrastructure is just like women cosmetics, costume jewelry and pretty dresses. Fine, all looks fine. It is belly good to have all the upgradings, like it or not, coming from the govt. No need to bother about who is paying for them. Can the govt allow or ask the people what do they want? Why give things that many may not be interested in? Shouldn’t the upgrading or Christmas present be given according to the needs of the people rather than what the govt thinks the people want? There is one area that really needs an upgrading. Given the spiraling cost of living and the emptying of the people’s savings, what is really needed is an upgrade in the people’s bank accounts. The billions that are going into all the cosmetics and costume jewelry would be better received if they go direct to the people’s pockets. Hey, the people’s pocket is all that counts. Didn’t someone say that hitting the people’s pocket is the most effective means of getting the people to respond to any govt initiatives? Maybe taking is easy, giving and putting back into the people’s pocket is difficult. After all these are monies taken from the people and rightfully should go back to the people. And to be meaningful and really appreciated, it is better to stuff them into the people's pockets.


Wally Buffet said...

I'll second that.

I sure would like a couple of tens of thousands credited to my bank account for me to do what I want. Such as the leaking toilet. Such as the cracking up floor tiles, such as the spalling ceiling. Also this money will come in handy for a new 56 inch LED full HD TV, a Bose home theatre sound system, a state of the art Hob and Hood oven system for the wife and that fridge that can mix cocktails by itself which I have been eyeing for some time now but push haven't come to shove to make me buy it. Well, some unexpected largesse might just provide the shove to make the deal with the salivating Harvey Norman salesman.

The above is all I really care about. What the fuck do I give a moment's thought to how beautiful or soul inspiring the walkway or the park looks like?

Oh, not forgetting that a pledge not to raise GST until another 10 years and the release of more COEs would really make my day as I've also been checking out the latest Jaguar, voted best car of the year!

My grandchildren have their toys, I am clamouring for mine too. Forget about the infrastructure and the illusionary cosmetics. They're for the birds. Literally, because the only fellows grinning from ear to ear would really be the birds because they get to enjoy the abundance of instant trees and shrubs.

Hehe. :o)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would like to use the largesse to be an emperor in Lijiang for a couple of weeks.

And don't just think of the birds. The contractors will be laughing all the way to the banks.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".

The mythological Trojan War. It is a warning uttered by the priest Laocoon, warning the Trojans not to take the giant wooden horse into the city.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What about the salesmen offering free gifts?

Anonymous said...

Upgrades are good for all, the birds, insects and the inhabitants.
BUT, they must be sincerely for the benefits of all and not a reason to for any political party to remain in power to do whatever it likes, including enslaving the residents in the upgraded estates.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than election sweetener. They shd tackle the bread and butter issues- cost of living, overclowding due to massive of foreigners, high asset prices,jobs security.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say that. Suddenly, so many projects and promises of upgradings. Everything, but tackling the cost of living.

How come before every election comes this flurry of asset enhancement activities? Come to think of it, this must be the only way to win votes. And it is not available to the opposition to exploit.

Don't say they are a one trick pony party please, despite using the same tactic election after election! All the top brains and talents involved cannot be debased as a one trick pony, for goodness sake!

If the opposition were to do the same thing too many times, then they will be scorned and called a one trick pony by the boot-lickers in the MSM, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Think of it.

For people to walk, they have to build rain shelters running all over the roads and around HDB blocks.

For people to jog, they have to build jogging tracks all over the parks and terraces.

What wasted resources! I call them wasting assets, much worse than buying cars.

In the old days, people live without all these frills and fanciful stuff. They walk under the sun and in the rain, and they jogged happily on grass verges and sandy tracks.

And yet, we managed to produce tough soldiers and good athletes.

Now, with all this trappings, we are producing 'soft legged soldiers', falling sick training under a slight drizzle, and athletes that are better off not talking about.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just a little distraction. Does one need to have all the expensive gym equipment to work out? A few rounds in the field or neighbourhood, a few push ups, sit ups etc will be all that is needed. Free of course.

Now you need to look classy, in exciting and expensive environment to do the right thing. I need a whole set of uniform and gear to go cycling. It may cost several hundred bucks, excluding the bike.

First world living is like dat one. Must look swee swee and in swee companies.

Wally Buffet said...

It's all about perception, illusion and delusion.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

That's the irony of this society that obviously thrives on herd mentality.

In the end all those classy and expensive environment caters for everything to do with exercising, but really ended up achieving nothing of substance.

Just like the guy in our office, who goes to badminton practice sessions dressed in all the finery of branded wear, but draws a sigh of disappointment and laughter the moment he lifts the racket to hit the shuttlecock. He knows practically nuts about badminton!

Anonymous said...

look at this from another angle. govt announces these plans ahead of ge which means resources have been committed. so regardless of who you voted for, the projects will still go ahead... right?

Anonymous said...

Confusion, delusion and now illusion.

Try voting them out and see if what they committed will be implemented.

All the promises are optical illusions, which the people of the opposition wards are sick and tired of hearing.