US lawmakers rip into Hu Jintao

MR HU GOES TO WASHINGTON: ‘MONSTER’:Members of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs did not hold back as they focused on human rights abuses in China under Hu Jintao’s leadership By William Lowther / Staff Reporter in WASHINGTON Chinese President Hu Jintao (胡錦濤) came under an unprecedented personal attack at a US congressional briefing on Wednesday at the very same time he was being welcomed with a 21-gun salute at the White House. Members of the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs referred to him as a “monster” and the committee chair, Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican, said that it was estimated that his regime was holding close to 7 million people in labor camps. “It is as if the entire population of Switzerland were being held behind barbed wire,” she said. It is highly unusual for visiting heads of state to be subjected to such biting criticism while they are guests in the same city. However, analysts said that feelings were running so high about Hu’s human rights record that some US lawmakers simply couldn’t contain themselves. Representative Christopher Smith, a Republican who on Tuesday held his own conference on Chinese human rights abuses, said: “Who is Hu Jintao? In 1989, just a few months before the massacre in Tiananmen Square, Hu was Beijing’s iron fist in Tibet.” “This was the man who ordered the savage beating of Tibetan nuns and even children were pummeled to death. He presides over a gulag state — clearly a dictatorship. He has been directly responsible for the systematic detention and torture of millions of Chinese,” Smith said. “Cattle prods are put into prisoners’ armpits and at their genitals.” “I believe Hu ought to be at The Hague being made to account for his crimes rather than being treated with a state dinner,” Representative Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican, said. “We should not be welcoming the world’s worst human rights abuser to our White House. It is wrong. We should not be granting respect to this monstrous regime,” Rohrabacher added. “I think the Chinese have a hidden agenda — world domination. We seem to be helping them in their goals. We just don’t seem to get it,” said Representative Albio Sires, a Democrat. “There is this monster developing right before our eyes.” The American lawmakers think that they were the saints of modern history. I am wondering how many of those named above were descendants of slave owners and Injun killers? Or were these small town law makers descendants of the Jeremiahs or the hill billies? Does anyone of them remember Kunta Kinte?


Wally Buffet said...

War mongering Republicans you can expect but there is at least one misguided Democrat calling China's agenda world domination.

These motherfuckers don't get it. They are the ones trying to dominate the world after they dismantled the USSR. Now, perhaps, their next target is China and if they can't do it by military means, they'll do it with hype and hyperbole.

If I were Mr. Hu, I'll send for my Air China 747, hop onto the plane, show these motherfuckers the wagging middle finger and go home to order the recall of all US debts. That will send this country going the way of the PIGS.

Anonymous said...

'I think the Chinese have an agenda - world domination'

Those motherfuckers have been going around the world starting wars and bullying and dictating to everybody and yet have the cheek to say such things.

How many military bases does China have outside its borders? How many wars have China started besides those border skirmishes? How big is China's military budget compared to those motherfuckers?

Those barbarians themselves have a hidden agenda = to put China down.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They have dominated the world for more than half a century and take it for granted that the world is theirs.

Now the rude awakening. They owed a lot of money to the Chinaman. And the Chinaman is gatecrashing into the party. They are furious.

How can this ever happened?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans have done themselves in over the years by not wanting to sell technology to the Chinese. Instead they want the Chinese to buy the bread and butter products which the Chinese could produce at a fraction of the American price.

Now, when are they going to sell the things that the customers want to buy and not to stop selling the things the customers want?

Dumb Americans. All the things they want to sell to the Chinese the Chinese could make it themselves. Now the Americans say, come buy my aircraft, my Boeing. When are the Americans going to say, come buy my aircraft carriers?

Anonymous said...

The hard truth is that they cannot compete on wages alone and this is a serious problem, short of forbidding their entrepreneurs from investing in China and erecting high tariffs on Chinese goods.

But I think this strategy will hurt the American people more than the Chinese. The American people are not used to lower standards of subsistence. The Chinese are able to subsist on rice and soya sauce and tolerate hardship. Not the Americans, after decades of enormous plenty and unimaginable waste, of both food and other consumer products.

The party for the Americans is over and reality has caught up with them. It is payback time and the ones footing the bill are the present generation and generations to come yet.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hahaha. what a nice wake up call for Prez Hu -- he kena the "freedom of speech and expression" -- the fundamental right protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Western civilization was built on this fundamental freedom: the freedom to ridicule and scold anyone -- regardless of authority or social standing-- for any reason or no reason at all. To be able to speak your mind, from the heart and have that right protected in law Nice one lah.

The best part: free speech doesn't have to be "true". In fact it doesn't have to mean anything at all. But getting 21 gun military honours and being fucked by other politicians almost at the same time...

...man, how to top that!

Fantastic! Now all we need is a Jap-American to attempt an assassination. I tell you, that would rock my world!

In the meantime, I hope Hu gets more bollocking. Like I said, I don't give a shit about China's human rights or lack of it -- the motherfucking people get the motherfucking government they deserve...but when Asian culture gets a lesson in western free expression, the resulting clash of cultures is SO FUCKING SWEET!

Anonymous said...

There is a very fundamental difference between the Mainland Chinese and the Angrish(English) Educated Singaporeans.

The Mainland Chinese are okay to criticisms and may even acknowledge their shortcomings. They do not retaliate when attacked and abused at foreign lands, embassy bombed, fishermen abducted, workers killed in Pakistan and Africa etc.

Mainlanders have an unadulterated indigenous culture that propounds that one does not abuse the emissary from the enemy, but treat them with decorum and respect. On the other hand, we have democratic nuts who live their live(life) unrestrained in manners and behaviours. When enraged, they killed and maimed their teachers, superiors, ruling politicians. Worse, when they are mad with their own live, they want to end the live of others for their own woes even though those targeted by them caused them no injustice or were total strangers.

Mr Hu by the way flies in an American made Boeing 747 and it does not matter if he flies in A380. Some years down the road, foreigners will be enjoying super enjoyable flights on Chinese super jets like they enjoy the super train rides in Beijing and Shanghai now. However, me am not in favour of a hedonistic lifestyle for the affordable, comfortable and efficient transportations for everyone will be sufficient.

To cut it short, it will not surprise me if those who called Mr Hu names or derided him may instead be invited to China by Mr Hu personally. Being a Chinese myself, if me am on diplomatic mission, me will be as diplomatic as could be.

The Chinese is the biggest tribe on Earth for a reason, find it out.


Anonymous said...

Indeed within the many thousand years of history, the Chinese had hardly invaded any other sovereign entities. But there were many wars within their own land primarily for want of being the emperor, which the Chinese believed was anyone bestowed by the heavenly king(deity/god) to rule. Once there is a ruler, there were others who tried to usurp the throne to control everyone in the land. There were wars caused by tyranny, despotism, nepotism and cruelty.
And yet there were also factional disputes and betrayals of rulers amongst the many states and dynasties.
Most of the wars were for removals o undesirable rulers and leaders and this was a form of purification or detoxification for the wholesomeness of nation/state hood. These sporadic/periodical purgings of abusive and or poor leaders made/make the Chinese able to maintain a consistent quality unique unto themselves.

Anonymous said...

Many patriotic Chinese sacrificed their own live when they failed to convince their rulers to benign and good governance. One such famous patriot was Qu Yan, the Poet who drowned himself and is remembered by the Chinese during the 'Tuan Wu Jie' or known as the 'Dumpling Festival'. Other famous historical Chinese Figures include 'Pao Qing Tian(Paogong or Justice Pao)' deified for his fearless upholding of justice, 'Guangong or Guan Yu' for his chivalry and devotion to friendship.
On the other hand, traitors such as Quohuai, a senior minister in the old days in China and the One who fixed Zhangfei, the blindly loyal army commander. The Latter was executed after falling into the trap laid by Quohuai. Quohuai and his wife are still being cursed and symbolically despised at by Chinese all over the World. In China, visitors to Quohuai's grave can show their contempt by spitting or hitting at a stone figure symbolically representing him.
Most Chinese aspire to leave a good name as long as possible(wan ku liu fang), ironically, those extremely evil are remembered just as widely albeit in a hateful way.

Anonymous said...

In most societies, political and social cleansing is very much needed from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Readers, my sincere apology for a mistake made in my posting last nite. Guohuai's fixed Yuefei which i mentioned as Zhangfei in my previous comment.
A bad mistake due to a lapse in recollection, my bad.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Any of you fans of "Firefly" aka "Serenity"; the 2002-2003 sci-fi series conjured up Josh Weeton of "Buffy" and "Angel" fame?

The setting is the universe in the 27th century -- where all of earth's resources have been depleted and human kind has colonised and terraformed (engineered and designed planet's geophysical structure -- atmosphere, water, gravity etc) worlds. It is a post-apocalyptic universe where after the massive wars only two cultures and super-powers survive: Chinese and American.

The dialog is hilarious as it is peppered with curses and profanity in Chinese -- which means the English speaking censors left it in.

Anyway, Firefly is highly recommended and contains many lessons in culture and how they evolve.