Santa Claus coming to America

Or shall I say the wise men from the East coming to visit America and bringing gifts for the baby? Hu Jintao is in America on a 4 day visit and a summit with Obama. And he does not come empty handed. In his wagons were loads of gold and silver, all ready to be dispensed to the hungry Americans. Several hundred millions have already been given and more to come, to the tune of billions, if America is willing to be a nice boy. Even before the visit there were threats and threats from the American elite, including Hillary Clinton. And the stupid woman still rabbled about human rights in China and that the Chinese must change their social and political system to suit the Americans. Why should the President of another country go to the US to listen to someone complaining about his domestic affairs and how to run his own house? Maybe China should do more homework and insist on talking to the Americans about compensation to the Red Indians and the descendants of former slaves. Actually, there is no need for China to indulge in the same gossips as a housewife. Go to the White and talk politics, about bread and butter and guns. If the Americans insist on talking about human rights and all that nonsense, just pack up and go home. No need to waste more time on unproductive and destructive distractions. The important issues are economics and how to give the people of both countries a better life. The gangsters and the Al Capones can go on and talk to whoever they want about gangland warfare. China should rise above the occasion and avoid being dragged into gangsterism. Santa Claus does not have to pour out his bag of goodies if the children misbehaved.


Anonymous said...

A wise man interferes not in the domestic affairs of others. And as legend has it, the Wise men ARE from the East. One is from the Far East, to be exact; he is here and we are reading him.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Amen : )

Wally Buffet said...

Mr Hu is going to America on another shopping spree to see what else he can buy with the undervalued yuan against the banana US dollar.

Also, this trip is to remind the Americans to protect China's assets in the US otherwise Santa Claus will be very unhappy.

If Mao had visited the US when he was at the peak of his power, the reception currently given to Hu would still be more cozy.

Money talks.

Anonymous said...

Wonder whether we should call it the 'Chinese God of Prosperity' coming to America or 'Santa Claus'?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They won't know the meaning of God of Prosperity. They only understand their language and culture.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Maybe someone will attempt to assassinate the Chinese leader and take a shot at the American one too.

Then we'll have some real fun. It wouldn't matter if the assassinations "succeeded" or not. ;-)

Wally Buffet said...

Prez Hu should ask Obama whether the Statue of Liberty is for sale.

If yes, buy it and ship it back and reposition it next to the Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

Now that's some achievement.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

That would be promoting democracy in China!

In truth, some people believe that communist China is more democratic than USA already.

Anonymous said...

Some American scholars are betting on a communist revolution in the US as the rich poor divide widens and the poor find it hard to continue a decent lifestyle. The landlords, the gentry, the capitalists are getting too rich at the expense of the poor American masses. And Communism is waving to the Americans. America, like all ripe capitalist countries, will be consume by communism.

Anonymous said...

Never expected Wally to suggest the Statue of Liberty to be planted in China, what a suggestion!
America Of the Disunited States could very well have some revolutions. There were some individuals who did it on a one man show and the momentum is picking up. The students went after their teachers, principals and schoolmates. Soon, it will be residents going after their district leaderships and will be upgraded to bringing down national leaders; mark my words.
All in all, the Blacks(Africano) will soon be bosses, they are patiently waiting for the day to turn the table to get the Whites to repay the debt of enslavement in the early days.
Human Rights, Santa Claus are only for the Americans, they have little or nothing to do with other cultures and please keep these in mind.