Old and New PAP

When one put up a topic like that, it simply implies that there are issues between the new and the old. Definitely there are and many, both good and bad. What distinguishes the old from the new is that it was a highly respected party, with a few rough corners for making tough decisions for the people. It was a lean party and the people knew that whatever it did, it was really for the good of the party. And the leaders lived by the principles that they shared the woes of the people and would carry them and walked a long with them through thick and thin. The people might not be too happy with some of the policies but went along, and elected the party to power elections after elections. The leadership was impressive. Not that all of them were super talent material, but their hearts were together with the people. The ministers were well regarded, each a tower of strength. Any GRC that was deemed to be weak or facing tough opposition, just threw in a minister and the GRC would be as good as in the pocket. What is the situation today? The party is still doing a lot of good work for the people. I perceive that in spite of this, the ground has shifted. The people are angry, really angry. OK, not everyone is angry. There were many policies and decisions that were seen as bad and unacceptable. It may be only a perception, it may be real too. On the party side, it thinks and sincerely, honestly believes that it is doing everything for the good of the people. They forget that it is the people that is the judge. Why is there such a big gap in the people’s perception and the party’s own thinking? An erroneous perception can be easily explained away with some effort. Bad decisions and policies don’t go away, no matter how much trumpet blowing, and will end up as sophistry. They said you cannot bluff the people all the time. Too many untruths propagated as truths would surely back fire. It is no longer palatable to take the position that the people are stupid and unthinking masses, can be easily manipulated, or unable to see the goodness of good policies. Our superb education system must at the least do some good, make the people more knowledgeable and critical of the things they see or are happening to their lives. They cannot be unthinking people with all the exposure to the world and the high educational level they have attained. Are the people with the new PAP? There are hard core supporters and oppositions on both sides. The important segment is the middle ground. Has this moved? If the anger expressed in the new media is true, forget about the views of the old media as we know what they are, then the writing is on the wall. But it is not just the perception of the people that has changed. The leadership in the new PAP is quite fragile to be polite. Many ministers today are liabilities to the GRCs they are helming to the extent that fielding them will guarantee that the GRC will be lost. I know some may read this point with eyes popping out. Believe me, quite a number of ministers no longer carry the ground. The only thing that has never changed is that the PAP, old and new, is still led by one man, the same one man that started it. Even though LKY does not hold any decision making position directly like a ministry, he is still the man. It is still his party, his Singapore. Can the man carry the party again one last time, really, that he will stand for one more election? Or is the party coming to an end together with the fading away of the man that is synonymous with the PAP from day one to his last days?


Anonymous said...

Is the new LKY the same as the old LKY though? Or is the real LKY finally exposed for what he has been all along?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Another political post which generally neglects 2 truisms:

1. The people get the government they deserve.

2. Where does the govt come from? It is not pulled out of Satan's arse -- these are no "special" people. The govt comes from the same "stock" as the people themselves.

Overtime, the cuntry changed, times are different and the people and their aspirations have changed as well.

As changeth the people so changesth the government they deserveth.

Modern self-deterministic Singapore was formed under the trials of forced secession -- people were happy enough to have a job, (later) buy their flat and have their kids get a poly diploma and a "decent" $600 per month job. If you got a Colombo Plan or Public Service scholarship it was a fucking big deal.

Nowadays no one is satisfied until they own landed properties, have a 20-30k per month job and kids with multiple degrees educated in the American Ivy League.

... and that is not enough. In typical modern Singapore spirit...even after having so much, it is "customary" to keep on striving for MORE.

Then, look at the govt -- and notice the similarities.

Anonymous said...

'If the anger expressed in the new media is true, forget about the views of the old media as we know what they are...'

It must be true if they are feeling uneasy about the topics discussed on the TOC, so much so that they have to do something about TOC and Temasek Review for a start. Election is round the corner.

People can tell what is the objective of certain actions, whatever kind of justifications they may give.

Anonymous said...

If there is any politician in Sin that has any consistency in power, status and character(behaviour), it must be the one and only Lee Kuan Yew.

There can never be another one like him unless he is cloned.

How many Lee Kuan Yew do Singaporeans want?


Anonymous said...


Oh no, please give us a break! Enough is enough!

agongkia said...

On your Old and New ...
Nevertheless,Mei yew kong lau,ye yew ku lau.The Old team has done their best and wanted the best for every citizen,in one way or another.
Unfortunately ,like any other organisation,they face a shortage of new dedicated and devoted talent who can contribute to the team to meet the expectation.I believe some new one even mess up many things which is not what the old one want.
Every day every minute ,instead of thinking of my girlfriend,I am pondering on how to make Singaporean happy,I dun need high salary to keep me away from corruption .The new one should learn from me.hehe..