The most stupid question being asked

With the US crying foul, that China is developing carrier killer missiles and stealth fighters, the most stupid question being asked over and over again is this, ‘What is the intention of China?’ And this question is not being asked by the layman but by military top brass, strategists, professoris and China experts. My answer is very simple. China is manufacturing them for fun. Or maybe China needs them so show to the world that it has come of age. Or the Chinese leadership, like the North Korean leadership, just wanted to fight to prove its manhood. No, not good answers. So what should be a good answer? Maybe asking the Americans why are they spending half of the world’s defence budget would be indicative of what is the real intent of China. Actually the silly question being asked reflects how stupid the questioner is. Then many will quickly jump to the conclusion, China has aggressive intention. China is preparing a war with the US. Another silly thought. Today, war between the super powers is obsolete. Only monsters and maniacs would ever think of a war between the super powers. The destructive powers of their arsenals are unbelieveable and when unleashed could wipe out both countries and the world together. Superiority in arms, whether on the side of the Americans or the Chinese or the Russians, has become meaningless. For any one of them can inflict enough harm to the other party to keep them away. Even the reckless and irresponsible nut called George Bush Jr would not dare to start a war with China when he wanted most. There will be no winners or survivors. This is the stark reality of super power warfare. So what is the intention of China’s military build up? The answer is simple. It is to prevent war, to prevent adventurers from attacking China. The fate of Iraq and other lesser nations are evidence for China to build a strong military to avoid the same fate. North Korea is doing the same and is saved by its nuclear weapons. Would the crazy Americans, South Koreans or Japan dare to strike the North Koreans? The Americans might at this moment, if they believe that the North Koreans are unable to launch an ICBM to American soil and any hit will be at the expense of Japan and South Korea. The latter two would be foolhardy to think of having a war with the North Koreans. As long as China maintains a military force that can wipe out the US should it try to do it to China, China is safe from war and foreign invasion. The thought of China building its military force to start a war with the US is mischievous and childish. For China to do so is courting its own annihilation. So, would anyone still want to ask the silly question of China’s intention? The only reason for asking such a question is to be mischievous, to create fear and to tag China as a war monger. Period.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Giving the answer to this question as simply "self defense" is completely unacceptable. It is way to simple.

There are a lot of ex-spurts earning lots of money, a large multinational Lame Stream Media which earns its money through sensationalism, and many vested interests in the "investment" business.

When you state "self defense" - it is too simple. Too rational. Too reasonable. Too truthful. You can't make money from that. You must get "creative", use your imagination and pump up the emotions of The Jaded Masses.

What better story to tell than to claim that China is hell bent of on total world domination and control?

Now you have a story with meat on the bones. One that will last forever. One you can make money from by playing on fear.

Wally Buffet said...

Hey guys, just read about a news article in the Los Angeles Times on Mr. Gate's meeting with President Hu in Beijing just after the tests of the new armaments.

The paper reported:

"The test of the J-20 fighter occurred Tuesday, while Gates was in Beijing. When he inquired about it at a meeting, Chinese President Hu Jintao seemed unaware it had occurred, Pentagon officials said."

The paper further reported:

"It was the latest in a series of incidents, including a 2007 anti-satellite missile test and a 2009 confrontation between Chinese vessels and a U.S. surveillance ship in the South China Sea, in which civilian leaders in Beijing appeared unaware or poorly informed about the activities of the armed forces, Gates said."

Walau eh, even my neighbourhood kopi tiam Ah Soh selling Chee Cheong Fun also knows and our Mr. Gates believed that the President of the People's Republic of China Mr. Hu, didn't know?

I am speechless but tickled.


Hehe. :o)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

heheh. Actually I have written a post on this and planning to post it tomorrow. Now that you have raised it, I might as well let it out.

It is about this naive or sophisticated mind that asked what is the intention of China's military build up. In this case, it is about trying to read into nothing or trying to con the public into reading something out of nothing, by planting ideas into the heads of the stupid masses.

They rightly presumed that the masses are stupid and unthinking. In 9 out of 10 times they are right.

Anonymous said...

Since China outsells the US in almost all consumer products, except weapons, the obvious conclusion from the development of those weapons may be that one day, China will be competing with the US on the world stage in the sale of weapons.

Now, that is one industry that is probably left sustaining the US economy, besides the printing of counterfeit money legally. Is that not a cause for concern?