More caring MPs

Several hot issues were raised in Parliament yesterday. High COE price was expected to be in discussion. Though the outcome was that measures have already been taken to prevent speculation, the most crucial part that contributed to the high COE price was left untouched. The present system is flawed in the sense that a bidder can bid any astronomical price without having to pay for it and only pays at the lowest successful bid price. If nobody can see that this is a big flaw and should be removed, nothing else needs to be said except to live with this brilliant system. The MOE scholar’s involvement in child pornography was another hot issue. Lee Bee Wah suggested that schools should divulge more information on scholarship applicants for the ministries to make more comprehensive assessments before granting scholarships. This is definitely a good suggestion. I have a better one. Parents must also declare the misdeeds of their wards applying for scholarship. You just don’t know what they did at home or out of school. See, all areas covered. Sure no more errant scholars. Another interesting issue was on parental responsibility in raising children. Parents who are unable to take good care of their children will have their children taken away. Let’s welcome 1984 with open arms. Now we can have another kind of police squad calling on the homes to take away children. And the state should take over the responsibility of raising these children. Sylvia Lim and Halimah Yaacob were against such an idea as it may break up families. And rightly, as they said, who is better to provide parental care other than the parents. Another MP suggested educating the parents on how to bring up children. I got a better idea. No one can get married unless they attended and passed a course in parenthood. A Parenthood Certificate will be the pre requisite to register a marriage. Without proper education, once married and children are born, it will be too late. Rice is cooked. Let’s prepare the rice first before they are cooked. Wow, I am coming up with so many brilliant suggestions for free.


Wally Buffet said...

May I humbly suggest a psychiatric test at the IMH for all aspiring couples wishing to get married and beget children.

With this little rock supporting so many, everyone must be a worthy citizen, an asset. After all, that's all we've got, not Australia's mountain of Gold and other largesse from God which was originally bestowed on the Ausputras, the aborigines and then later came the ships loaded with convicts and brigands and as they say, the rest is history.

A psychiatric test will determine intelligence, money making prowess, civil order temperament and the presence of rationality not to breed like hamsters if they can't afford it.
Then, we may also pack them off to one of the restructured hospitals for a gene identification test. Good health genes means less burden on the state. Genes that can produce gifted children. Genes to score 20 A1s in their "O"levels and genes to score As in five A level subjects plus outstanding scores for 3 special papers. Yes, we must produce offsprings from the good genes only because as you duffers can see, the Mainland Chinese are cornering more As as the days go by and everyone is left gasping in awe of the mighty onslaught on the once entrenched preserve of offsprings from the elites.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Parliamentary activities really lend insight into the truism "The People Get The Govt they Deserve".

This on-going expensive sing-song session is more interesting than Karaoke -- minus the $20 plate of fruits and the $X blowjob.

The songs all sound the same. The continuing myth is that after the sing-song ends, problems are "solved".

The fun part -- or the "punchline' as it is known in comdedic entertainment is that MORE PROBLEMS arise as a result from govt interference, leading to another sing-song session, minus the hanky-panky and overpriced merchandise.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Frank Chodorov, Non voter (20 min mp3)

Who Is Frank Chodorov?

One thing I really 100% do agree with Lee Kuan Yew: in the political realm the introduction of either social (bad) demoCrazy or liberal (not so bad) demoCrazy will change Singapore and most people will be worse off in the long run.

However I disagree with LKY on his "alternative" political answer -- a benign dictatorship/ authoritarian strong state/ government ("The PAP is the the government and the government is the PAP"), because now you have ALL THE POWER concentrated into a ruling elite.

The downside of democracy is the redistribution of wealth to those who haven't earned the wealth fair and justly.

However under a system of ruling elitism, the redistribution goes directly from the people into the pockets and favours of the ruling elite -- who don't contribute ONE THING to the capitalist system of wealth production. Instead, they LEECH off the productivity of others, and CONSUME CAPITAL which private individuals strive to create and accumulate.

But the worst part is that the remove or restrict/ control individual freedom and Private property. If you want to be rich, guess what, you need both of those things.

Anonymous said...

Wally's propositions seem and sound sophisticated if not complicated.
May I offer a faster and more effective solution to better or super human making. Let all the parliamentarians do all the baby making as they are the elites of elites. The rest of the population shall then function like worker bees or ants. No mating for them.
In 25 years times, we will have a new generation made up of all ruler calibres.
Repeat my suggestion on them(the progenies of the first batch of parliamentarians) to produce the next super talents until the world ends in the hands of these created superhuman Singaporeans.
Let's prepare ourselves to be worker bees and ants!

Anonymous said...

How come we need all these courses like parenting, money management, filial piety and all the shit?

What kind of society are we developing into, with so called advancements in everything and yet ignorant on the basic issues of human behavior?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Everything needs training and courses, even intercourse. And we are an education hub. Introducing a few more courses would only enhance our status as a training hub for the region.

Soon we will have courses for MPs, NMPs, NCMPs, maybe ministers, mayors and PMs as well.

And we also have courses on courtship and how to date a girl/boy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The best course is teaching people how to be entrepreneurs by people who have not even start a business.

This reminds me of the very successful guy who taught people how to dabble in stocks when he had never done so.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> This reminds me of the very successful guy who taught people how to dabble in stocks when he had never done so.

Ahh.. The "hope" market. It has it's roots in the "hope, wish and pray" market which has been exploited by religions for tens of thousands of years.

Humans are motivated by "hope" -- all govt offers is "hope". They you have to "pray" and "wish" that the govt (like religion) is not conning you out of your money and bullshitting you all the way (which is always the case, no exceptions)

Vote some more lah. Hope, pray, wish and vote. Better still, get the govt to "educate" you, then you can make your hoping and wishing more effective.

I want to see some entertainment! I pray for failure! ;-)

Anonymous said...

How caring do You want them to be? They are oredi ensuring that everything is affordable to their subjects.
They also try their best to goad You to work hard to fill your pockets and help to lighten your pockets when they get a little heavy.
Literally, we all can see how much they(MPs) are caring for us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, indeed they have been caring and helping all the way from providing you lift landings to your floors to covered walkways to prevent you from scorching sunlight to shelter you from the rains. They aircondition your wards in hospitals, classrooms in schools, free high speed internet connections at public places. You name it, they gave it to you, can you find a more caring government anywhere else?