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Low TFR, foreign talent help needed

Our Total Fertility Rate has sank to a historical low of 1.16 last year. This is way below the replacement level of 2.1. We need help and foreign talents are needed in this area. Yes foreign talents will increase our population to sustain our economic growth and also improve our gene pool. What is the problem with our men, or our women? Is it their problem or is it the social cost that is too punitive for them to reproduce? If it is just biological, the problem can be solved much easily. If man is the problem, set up a sperm bank, get the virile men, local and foreign also can, and start inseminating our women. If woman is the problem, maybe a little tweaking in our laws may help. Allowing the men to have more wives would solve a lot of social problems, including single old maids. SDU would not have to work that hard. Allowing men to have more than one wife due to infertility problem has historical and cultural precedents. Our Muslim comrades have understood this problem since time immemorial and the religion has a provision for it. If the problem is social and financial cost, then the problem needs to be addressed at the national level. If young couples find it prohibitive to raise children, whose fault is it? Many young couples are thinking people and know how costly it is to raise kids in this high cost hot house. How about the govt taking over the role of bringing up kids, only the financing part? The last Parliament there were talks of govt taking over the care of children from parents who could not afford to bring them up properly. So why not take this further and make it a national service by the govt? I am very sure productivity will go up so high that the govt will have to put in stops to prevent couples producing too many children. It is all about being able to pay for the upbringing up children, Watson! No need to think too hard. The young couples have thought through the whole process and understood what it cost. And for being thoughtful and responsible, they are punished for not producing. And the thinkers and planners are still lost as to why they don’t produce. On the contrary, the irresponsible and unthinking will keep on reproducing and the govt has fallen into the trap of raising their children for them. Come on, do the simple thing. No need to covet for foreign talents and their bodies. Just provide the finances, and of course all the rulings about how many children will be supported, and the children will come. No need to kpkb everyday that our TFR is going lower. Stare at the problem. Don’t look away, don’t look outside our borders. This is the same attitude as in bringing in foreign talents to replace our healthy, well educated local talents.


Wally Buffet said...

If there is a world comparative index for TFR, then low fertility ratings indicate the high costs of bringing up children.

In third world countries, most couples produce more than their replacement rate, hence there is a population explosion and living standards are extremely low.

Producing children is the easy part although statistically, 40% of Sinkapoore males have some sort of sexual dysfunction due mainly to the high stress and long hours associated with work. Bringing them up to their parents' expectation is the hard part. Nowadays, most parents would like to give their kids the best nutrition, the best nursery, kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary schooling, ballet and piano lessons for the girls, enrichment and computer classes for the boys, etc. etc. So it's not cheap even for a dual income family.

With falling birth rates, it may really be necessary to import foreign talents. But for goodness sake, be selective, highly selective. Give us real talents, not opportunistic whores, masseuses, pimps, hole in the wall "entrepreneurs" and assorted low lives.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wally had rightly touched on the medical and emotional aspects in human procreation. Most Singapore men are found to be suffering from virility problem though paradoxically molestation cases seem to be on the rise. It could very well be another form of sexual dysfunction or perversion. The consolation though is that Singaporeans are by and large amorous. Pressure and stress of living in Sin to keep up with the ever rising cost of living is almost killing the natural urge to procreate, no thank to the policy makers. And the murderous Stop At Two Policy in the 80s had driven the final nail into procreation of the locals.
Anyway, please refrain from creating new life to suffer the vagary of living.

Wally Buffet said...

Maybe the women's womb may need another generation or two to digest the conflicting and confusing signals given by the "Stop At Two" campaigns of the 80s and the "Start At Four" of the new millenium.

Here are some suggestions to those responsible for population growth.

Have National Day awards given to true blue, born here, bred here, catch longkang fish here Singaporeans who procreate four or more new Sinkapooreans instead of giving awards to useless so called grassroots "leaders". This will definitely do more than the baby bonus which at the moment ain't working.

Introduce absolutely free schooling from nursery to tertiary education for Sinkapooreans.

Reduce National Service for the boys to 1 year and since there are more girls than boys in the population nowadays, have the girls do 1 year of National Service as well doing mainly administrative or IT work.

Guarantee a civil service job for every born here Sinkapoorean. The foreign trash can work in the private sector.

Hehe. :o)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally, these are very sensible recommendations that all Singaporeans will support. But because they don't come from super talent they would not listen.

If they will listen and pick up the good points, or modify them, then I may suggest a little amendments. Govt support for primary to secondary education for 4 children. The normal school fees are bearable.

At poly and uni level, the fees for true blue Singaporeans must be halved. Not many parents can afford to pay for even one child in tertiary education, so more than one can be a nightmare.

Does the govt know or can appreciate this?

Anonymous said...

This problem of Low TFR can never be solved whether by money, campaigns or coercion.

Giving incentives is a short term solution, like the credits given for five short years for GST. Paying GST itself is a life long liability, even to the grave.

What is problematic is the long term cost of bringing up a child and the thought of that child having to compete with all the foreigners they are letting in. As it is, with both parents working to make ends meet because of the high cost of living, having a child is a time juggling job.

If he is smart, no sweat. But if he is average, the problem is his to inherit. As parents, the worry is there. Why take the risk?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I have plenty of sperm to impregnate any female who will have a kid but alleviate me of any responsibility.

The problem is not having sex, it is having sex and impregnation.

There's lots of sex going on in S'pore but impregnation is dropping. Women have the luxury of "fucking for the sheer fun of it" without getting pregnant -- which makes it better all around :-)

Sperm is sperm. You don't need "foreign" sperm. Local sperm can be just as good, and will work just as well. Trust me, I can let any woman have a free sample if she wants. Tastes nice too -- if they prefer "it in the mouth" -- just for the fun of it.

So ladies, let Uncle Matilah rock your world. Do it for your nation. May patriotism swell your bosoms and turn those bosoms over to the ex-spurt for tender loving care and attention.

What are you waiting for?

Wally Buffet said...


Good observation.

That's why I suggest constitutional guarantees of a civil service job for all native born Sinkapooreans, smart or otherwise.

Smart ones may end up on the Bench of the Supreme Court. Not so smart ones can join the police force.

Such a guarantee would ensure job stability for true Sinkapooreans and make those foreign talents, already benefiting from our largese expendable.

Grandparents who help to look after their grandchildren should also be given recognition. Another GST rebate only for this group of citizens, can or cannot?

Hehe. :o)

Wally Buffet said...


Maybe you should explore the possibility of exporting your erm.... "spurm" to Singapore without the need for erotic action?

I have to concur with you that Singapore men's spurm count ain't that fantastic as most are spent on whores, masseuse, singers etc. Come to think of it. Immediately stop allowing these ladies of the night to enter Singapore and the fertility rate might just go up a few notches. This is Wally's Principle of TFR Induction.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...


So, the problem is not shortage of 'spurm' as some are apt to think, but the wastage of it on extra-curricular activities, instead of being directed towards procreation.

I think they should look at the Low TFR from this angle.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My spurm has a foreign/ international quality to it.

Plus it is nurtured by a an owner/ producer who eats well and looks after himself.

Ladies, once you go matilah...all you'll want to do is party lah. ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You guys, don't get carried away can?

Anonymous said...

The trouble with Sin is that there are too many duds but not enough studs. And by nature studs are more brawns than brains. I am very sure that the foreign workers will make good studs.

Anonymous said...

No need foreign workers lah!

On this blog you have all the studs you need. Just ask!

Matilah_Singapura said...

> you have all the studs you need. Just ask! <

Damn straight. Ladies, as for me -- I'm a one-man bukkake party. You gals are all invited -- one at a time or all together ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

heheh. Looks like we need to bring the stud home: )

Anonymous said...

Singapore is trying to sprout a third wing. Let the local studs now overseas do the sprouting. Why need to bring them home?

It is not the shortage of studs. It is the refusal to procreate. A mental issue, not physical!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Come to think of it, you are absolutely right. For a momentary lapse of recall, I forgot that there is another great stud here in Wally. And he is all ready to be of service to the nation.

Anonymous said...


I thought he prefers to perform national service in Lijiang or something.

Wally Buffet said...

This stud will not accept any mare unlike another friendly and willing stud here who will mount anything mountable, by his implied admission.

Hehe. :o))

So my services are very limited.

However, I've done my fair share by giving four soldiers to the Nation who are guarding everybody's assets including Mr. Bean's precious photographic collection of GM carps.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Give Sin to All the Expurts here and it will be joy and ecstasy for everybody in Sin.
Si peh hoh, huat ah!