Human rights a major issue in Hu Obama Summit

With billions of dollars of chips on the table, the most important issue to the Americans will be the jailing of Liu Xiaobo. The Americans are pulling their hair off their heads at the dismal human rights record of China. And they are flabbergasted that the Chinese were unable to clear up their human rights problems after so many years of pressure from them. Obama may want to help the Chinese by giving Hu a recipe on how to clear up the dissidents once and for all and don’t have to look back again. The two worst human rights violation in the history of America that outshone the rest of the world must be slavery and the genocide against the true natives of America, the Red Indians. What Guantanamo? What Abu Ghraib? And the Americans handled these two problems so well that the survivors of these two abominable human rights violations against humankind are living happily without protesting. I am not too sure how the African negroes have been appeased and no longer pursue the violation of their self respect and rights as a human bean, but how the Americans dealt with the Red Indian issue were all well documented in the history books and the movies of Hollywood. From what I have read, the recipe to ensure that there will be no protest or grievances from those whose human rights were violated is very simple. Execute a ruthless campaign of genocide, make sure that the wipe out is as complete as possible. The Americans were extremely successful in exterminating the Red Indians that not many survived the ordeal to become dissidents today. What ever few that were left, send them to the reservations in no man’s land. With several millions of the Red Indians, young and old and womenfolks included, shot by the US cavalry, the human rights issue of the Red Indians is history. There must be a complete whitewash, and not to be spoken of again. The second part of the recipe is exactly this. Just keep attacking other countries’ human rights record so that they have no time to think about what had happened in America. Yes, the arrest of Liu Xiaobo is an earth shaking event that must not be forgotten and must be taken out regularly to be aired. Ssssssh, don’t say a word about the abhorring human rights violations against the Blacks and the Reds in America. No one must know or remember. How about Hu Jintao raising a wine glass and toast to the Blacks and Reds in the state dinner? The nation with the most abysimal record of human rights violation is chiding the China for human rights violation!


Wally Buffet said...

In his welcoming speech to President Hu, Obama did not raise the issue of human rights extensively or specifically but did so with only the slightest of hint. I think he was advised not to make this a big issue.

President Hu in acknowledging Obama's welcome said that each country should respect each other's right to manage it's own affairs in the way it sees fit and on this basis, both the US and China can move forward to face the challenges in the next decade of the new millenium.

I do not think that Obama will raise a hue and cry over China's so called human rights abuses with President Hu in this or any other state visits by the two countries. Obama knows that a pot calling the kettle black is counterproductive. The visit will stress more on trade, yuan revaluation and international relations generally.

Also, as one netizen said on the net, President Hu might want to ask Obama:

"Where's my money Motherfucker?"

Hehe. :o)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Many wrongs don't make a right, nor are they bolster the argument "against".

Slavery, was acknowledged as something "bad" and was repealed. As for the indian -- fuck em. They were savages and just as brutal. They eneded up the conquered race -- that's how it was back then. Abu Gharib Spa & Health Club has been exposed, as has Guantanamo Entertainment Centre.

The USA ain't perfect, but due to free press, freedom and liberty all the shit gets exposed and things change -- albeit slowly.

China OTOH has a horrible human rights record. Personally I don't have a problem with this: the Chinese state can murder as many of its citizens or lock up as many dissidents as it want to -- fuck em all.

The US has no business interfering simply because The People Get The Government They Deserve.

If the Chinese people as a whole "tolerate" their govt, then it is their right to be governed that way.

Those Chinese who don't like it now have the option to emigrate to ports like Singapore where they are welcomed with open arms by the government over there.

China human rights? Awful, but there is no cause for alarm, and it is certainly none of anyone else's business.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Though the Ching Dynasty was overthrown in 1911, the unenlightened hordes of peasants and coolies continued to keep the pigtails till the 1930s, even in far away land like Singapore.

The subservient doctrine of obedience under the Confucianist ideology is legendary.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Qing (Ching as you call it) Dynasty was "foreign" political and social enslavement of Chinese people by the Manchus. Wearing pigtails was LAW.

In that time many believed that cutting it off bring bad luck.

So I think it was more than just blind obedience to tradition that kept many Chinese in pigtails after the 1911 over throw. FEAR of being harmed had alot to do with it.

Anonymous said...

The Whites in the United States Of America like Black Culture and the Blacks know well. The Black Power will soon take over the Rule of America but Disunited States.

Anonymous said...

The Red Indians were sent to the sanctuaries, much like the protected species of animals that are now going into extinction and need animal sanctuaries.

You see, the white Americans treat the Red Indians so well all those years by giving them 'animal rights' treatment that even humans in other parts of the world envy. They are a shining beacon of what 'human rights' mean.

Ahem, Sorry, I almost choke with emotion.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Manifest Destiny.

And later the German idea of Lebensraum.