The elitist Presidency

Do we need an elitist President? I can’t imagine an elected President saying. ‘Get out of my elitist and uncaring face!’ Of course this is unlikely. No got chance for a President to say such things. The barriers have been set up so high that only a select few elites would qualify. The door has been shut on the general populace. I still think that there could be loop holes. For instance a Stanley Ho would definitely qualify. Or a char kway teow seller who went on to build a food chain and got his company listed in the stock exchange could also qualify. Similarly a construction worker who could turn around a small construction firm into a construction giant must surely qualify. I don’t think a school principal or a lecturer in the university will qualify. A doctor of a small clinic will not qualify. This would rule out many talents and good people from standing for the Presidency. No wonder there were so few candidates, actually only one candidate, that stood up in the last election. A dearth of president material. What if the rules are relax and less stringent? What if Wally becomes qualify and gets himself elected? I bet he will be asking someone to write a book about his conquest as emperor of Lijiang. Or Matilah, the longkang intellectual, he would want to write a book about his amorous adventures and his fun loving vagabond lifestyle. Just these two examples will be enough to convince me that an elitist President is a right one. Oh, need to tighten the rules a bit more to exclude successful people like char kway teow chefs and construction specialists from the University of Hard Knocks.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I am not a longkang intellectual. I like my longkang -- it's where the most interesting people are, so don't insult me by labeling me an "intellectual" -- I barely made it past PSLE, at age 16.

The only restrictions that ought to be placed on a president is the restriction executive power, and restrictions on political influence.

Executive power must remain with the parliamentary processes -- not perfect by any standards but much better than concentrating all the power on one person.

If you want to see what happens when executive power is given to the president, look at Indonesia, Iraq, Phillipines and the USA for examples. The USA -- Bush's "executive" power -- immediately engage in warfare -- by passing congress and senate.

S'pore presidency: stil ok. No threat...yet

Wally Buffet said...

Mr. Bean,

Thanks for having thought of me when you are proposing candidates to take over from our beloved incumbent.

Thanks but no thanks. As I am too easy going and quite laid back and lazy by nature, I do not want the population to raise a big hulabaloo that I am being paid a ransom to do peanuts when they see me just looking serious, kissing babies, shaking hands with luminaries and pretty much nothing else.

In actuality, I am cracking my head and opening my heart on how I can do more for whiny and complaining Sinkapooreans.

I prefer my plain vanilla reign as the first overseas Chinese emperor of Lijiang.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Actually, even if you place an orang utan there, it makes little difference. Why? Because by implication, the position makes little difference. No power, cannot even grant pardon and must ask Parliament for permission.

Can he really say no when someone ask for his key? I mean, someone like his boss.