Demolish my house when I am gone

This is the will of LKY. It is spoken in public and everyone now knows what he wants. Being a public figure of such a stature, a kind of celebrity, I think his wish may not be granted. There are those who want to keep it as a national monument to preserve a little bit of history and historical buildings that are still around. There are some who sees the monetary value of that piece of land and its surroundings. How much more money can be made. Yes, making money is all that we can think of. The argument to gazette the place as a historical site may be losing ground when money is at stake. Who cares about our history, or who cares about LKY, some may argue. Money talks, and money talks louder. Let me try to use the money argument that may favour the keeping this house as it is. Fengshui plays a vital part in the life and fate of people and country to the believers. I think the location of this house is in an excellent fengshui location. The site has given birth to two Prime Ministers and three President scholars. How much more auspicious can one get? And with the site being kept as it is, without changing or altering the fengshui, Singapore prospers for the last few decades. So, anyone want to risk changing the fengshui of the area and demolish the house? You may not know what you are demolishing. Singapore could also be demolished in the same effort. Whatever little money made by the developers will go up in smokes. Now, did I frighten the shit out of those who want to make some money from the site and replace it with a 30 storey condo?


Wally Buffet said...

Let me frighten the shit more out of those greedy condo developers eyeing the site with unabashed shame.

We must preserve the site at whatever costs. Costs appears to be on the mind of the present owner when talking about whether to preserve or not to. Well, how much can the State spend to preserve a little bungalow?

Acquiring less overseas assets or doing so with a little more savvy would ensure that this historic site is preserved for the next 1000 years.

As it is, a lot of historical sites in Sinkapoore which is of heritage value have been torn down to make way for "progress".

It is time we are more appreciative of our history than of boosting our reserves.

Wally Buffet said...

Mr. Bean,

The "RAR" picture on the right was a koi?

Sorry, I couldn't get the "picture".

Hehe. :o)

Matilah_Singapura said...

I agree with LKY -- demolish his house and let Oxley Rise once again become a truly PUBLIC road without any restrictions.

Hand the site over to Far Eat lah. They'll know what to do.

Although I'm not an LKY 'fan' like those shameless idol worshipers who want to immortalize him by preserving his house -- LKY has never had statues or picture of him plastered all over the place like other more brutal and tyrannical despots.

In the context of small city-states, his brand of "benign dictatorship" has worked quite well by keeping the riff-raff in-line by hypnotising them with over 4 decades of bullshit, and allowing the "natural elites" to at least enjoy the spoils of a meritocracy: i.e. "if you are good, and make it, you've earned the right to enjoy it"

The Hard Truth for Singapore is that the cuntry gets the govt they deserve, and also get the oppression/ freedom they allow.

Singapore will definitely change after Lee Kuan Yew. And it won't be "all good". Rest assured.

Wally Buffet said...

"Singapore will definitely change after Lee Kuan Yew. And it won't be "all good". Rest assured."


The difference is already apparent now and the time when he and the old guards were running the country. He may be perceived still to be holding the reins so to speak but when one is almost coming to 90, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. The fire may be there but the drive and the energy? That's another matter altogether.

Hehe. :o)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Art of RAR is just like looking into a kaleidoscope. Any picture of fantasy can appear. I have a very good collection waiting to exhibit if I can find a sponsor. I don't even believe my eyes when I see them.

The 'koi' on the right, the head is on the right and tail on the left. Look at the mouth and eye...

Amazing is the Art.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew, a very wise man indeed, the Place where he resides now, few Singaporeans can even take a glance before the Gurkha Police comes intimidatingly at You. The fortress-liked and mysterious abode is never a welcoming or inviting place. It does not give comfort to anyone going near it.
Me anticipates perpetual vandalism of graffitoes of hate and antagonism, whence and if it is kept as a heritage. It most likely will trigger the anguish and pang of many a Singaporean who get reminded of his rein. Of course there will also be some who will pray there as well.
Me would suggest that a charity home with a serene and pleasant name with no hint of it's present history be constructed to provide some comfort and joy for the less fortunate.

Wally Buffet said...


A small little unpretentious bungalow.

How to make into a charity home lah.

Better idea.

Make it a heritage site open to tourists. Charge a fee and all proceeds, donate to charity.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Follow the old man's wishes. Otherwise he is going to rise from the grave to put things right, which is to demolish the house.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually the old fox is trying to pull a fast one.

The house could be demolished, and it probably will...WHY? Because the Lee family/ estate hold the freehold title to the land. and that land is in the heart of the CDB.

I still say sell the place to Far East. They are the best "imagineers" of Orchard Rd area. Let them make something nice from it, and in keeping with Lee's other wish for S'pore to be a "meritocracy" -- let Far East make their money.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. I love how people on the TMR, OLC and other boards just suka-suka assume that Lee's house is "public property" and therefore can be comadeered by the Heritage Board and "preserved".

The motherfucking house is private property folks! Which means his estate can do as it pleases!

BTW, reading the OLC and TMR forums... you know S'pore is in deep shit if "true" demo-Crazy was ever implemented -- as suggested by all the "opposition" parties. i.e. every single one of those idiots on those board are VOTERS...and judging by the way thy think, they simply need a powerful govt to keep them from sabotaging themselves :-)

Demo-Crazy? -- I give S'pore 25 years max before total Matilah Singapura!

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 136

> few Singaporeans can even take a glance before the Gurkha Police comes intimidatingly at You. <

Fuck them. Now there is Google Maps :-)

?? 0x13y R15e

Anonymous said...

got to differ with You, if donation is to be made from gate collection, selling it at one go would do a better job of doing charity.
Me am of the opinion that few would want to see the Place.


Anonymous said...

I am confused. The oracle said that we already progressed from third world to first in his book. Then he said we are not yet a nation, just work in progress.

In reality we are non of the above. We are just a hotel now! Ask the young what they are protecting doing NS?

Wally Buffet said...


What kind?

We are now Hotel 91.

Now, our guests all "you know what".

Takes few more years before we become Liz Colton and only high class business travelers. All CEOs, Chairmen, big time politicians.

Patience lah.

Hehe. :o)

Matilah_Singapura said...

"We are a city. We are not a country." K Shanmugam, Minister for motherfucking law, no less.

Straight from the horses mouth -- the "authority" and therefore the "official" version.

And what do you find in the world's finest cities? Great motherfucking hotels.

Shanmugam is 30 years too late for the like of me. I've been a regular hotel guest for all that time and having an awesome time. But that should be no surprise to privateers out there:-

Private enterprise is quicker off the mark than government ;-)

P.S. Historical note: The City States of Greece and Italy were, for the most part, mightily prosperous and centers of culture, science and learning. The city states of antiquity enjoyed a free traffic of goods, labour, capital, and ideas. and of course the very best of them were "managed" by ruling elites -- mostly families like the House of Medici -- a family of wealthy bankers who were influential in the Italian city-state: The Republic Of Florence.

So don't be too put off by the notion that Singapore is best treated as A Hotel -- it's not an insult; it is a virtue! And it is not a "new" idea either!