Defying folk lores and traditions

Human beans have survived several thousand years and have progressed in many fields. Advancement in science and technology, knowledge and information, have led the human beans to discard many age old beliefs and superstitions for the better. The next lunar new year is the year of the Rabbit. It is a more agreeable animal and hopefully a less traumatic but amiable year. Wedding bells will be abundant looking at the bookings in the posh hotels. There is also the dragon baby to look forward to. The young of today are not only adventurous and financially comfortable, that is before they are robbed of a few hundred thousands to buy that property and the car, and would want to splurge for the best on that special day in their lives. Among other things, they want it to be memorable, and different. Yes, that day must be different from anyone else. The wedding is a very important event in the life of any human bean across all cultures. The Chinese is very particular about this event and have developed a long list of do’s and don’ts to abide by. A wedding is like a red letter day, a red occasion, a joyous occasion, and everything must be red as humanly possible. Red dress, red packets, red pigs, red beddings, red candles …. One taboo colour is black. Black symbolises everything that is contrary to red, darkness, sadness, evil, mourning etc etc. I have seen several weddings in black! At the wedding dinner, the groom wore black, black table cloth, black eating utensils, all for wanting to be different. A friend of mine had a black wedding dinner for his son. Of course he could not object as the young have their own ideas. His business went down hill after that eventful day and everything he touched he lost money. Coincidence, maybe. Those in touch with the gossip circles must have heard of more dreadful stories that followed after a black wedding. My advice is never defy traditions for the sake of being different. And having a red wedding or any colour except black is not going to cost anything more. The young should not be too adventurous on their wedding day. You would not know what is installed in darkness, or who will come along to attend a black wedding. And a little more, everything must be in pairs. Numbers must be even and not odd. Odd numbers but in even quantity eg four ones or threes are acceptable. Just be careful, huh.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I love traditions and superstitions which have no basis in reality -- they keep people locked-in these cultural prisons -- which often leads to racial stereotypes, which lead to more jokes.

They keep them in fear: fear of unwanted negative consequences, fear of social ostracism, fear of the 'unknown' and 'unfamiliar' -- at least they are 'familiar' with tradition, folk lore and superstition.

Best part: the system has a built-in fail-safe -- if you question or challenge these beliefs, bad things will happen to you.

These beliefs are installed in the consciousness during childhood -- a period where the elder family members are trusted parties as far as the child is concerned. This makes the beliefs very difficult to change or 'erase' later on. Better yet, the beliefs are 'existential' -- i.e. the child could grow up to be a rational, fact-based mathematician or scientist, but he still will feel that "fear" and "attachment" when it come to these beliefs.

Cultural mysticism/ superstition offers a consistent business opportunity for making money. If you look at Christmas, CNY, Ramadan/ Adil fittri...the same shit year after year, decade after decade, millennium after millennium. You can take the idea to the bank: if you intend it -- you WILL make money from superstition. Count on it.

Without our large brains, our top-of-the-food-chain primate species would be just another bunch of monkeys. Our large brains -- with it's agency detection, pattern seeking, amygdala (emotions) and other FANTASTIC structures allow us to "abstract" ideas -- many of them stupid. Our use of language and the evolution of culture enables us as a species to transmit ideas -- especially BAD IDEAS (disguised as 'truth') through out the generations.

Without cultural stupidity -- which appears in most cultures -- especially cultures which never had a period of 'enlightenment' -- the human species would be less entertaining than it is.

So folks enjoy your mindless superstitions -- whatever they might be. They will fuck you up -- that is good for me, because I love to laugh and make fun of your stupidity :-)

agongkia said...

Yes,that's why I said that u should not show the picture of that lady in red bra.
When I visited your site 2 days ago,I forgotten to cover my left side screen.Red is good,but not that red bra.Seeing that accidentally,I miss my 4D first prize yesterday.

Matilah_Singapura said...

agongkia, when it comes to money, cannot show underwear lah.

Pantang -- bad luck *

agongkia said...

I jokingly mentioned in the Mas case earlier that one way to make the invisible to become visible is by using used underwear.That could somehow resulted in that lady selling her used underwear in the net.Maybe becos of my inspiration,she is making a fortune now.She should give one free one to .....hehe..
Where got pantang?

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Maybe becos of my inspiration,she is making a fortune now <

I doubt it. $45 per pair, worn for 12 hours == max daily revenue = $90, then she has to pack it, mail it, bank the money. Hard work for less than $90 a day -- full day.

Don't worry, I checked her website -- she's stopped selling (although there are others) becoz of the media attention. Note: I won't post the link here, you'll have to email me to get it -- I know, you're curious too, right? :-)

I used to work for a guy who went ape-shit when he discovered (he found a pubic hair) that one of his junior managers was having sex on on the office desk, and the lady lost her knickers, later found under one of the other desks.

"Pantang! Pantang! You're fired!" (I imagine Donald Trump saying that)

agongkia said...

I doubt she will use one for 12 hours.At least 6 pieces she can produce per day.That work out to be S98,550 per year,minus cost of S$2,190 (underwear @ 1 dollar per piece,get from pasar malam)still make 96 K per year.8 K per month leh.Some more not taxable.no need washing,soap powder,water...
Sorry ,today got 4D..I stop here..

Matilah_Singapura said...

I seriously doubt she's makes that kinda dough. I don't think those knickers are $1 pasar malam type ;-)

> At least 6 pieces she can produce per day.

Err... I think its a matter of her body producing those special "fluids" which give the knickers their "charm" and "allure" and thus monetary value on the "market". I doubt a female body is capable of the "productive output" you suggest. I could be wrong, I'm not a "professional" gynecologist -- I only do it as a hobby.

Wally Buffet said...


I wanna puke!

Those fucking sewerage garments must be infested with zillions of microbes and antibiotic resistant germs.

What kind of fetish is this?

She should be brought to task for spreading an epidemic and for perpetuating mental sickness of demented males.

No female hairstylist touches my head or hair because you never know when they are having their menses. Such bitches touches your hair, you'll go broke straightaway and your investment portfolio is not even worth the paper it is written on. Trust me. This belief is no grandmothers' tale.

My hair is cut by the one I trust the most, my wife.

Hehe. :o)

Matilah_Singapura said...

wally, different strokes.

Apparently the panties are sent by trusty ol' SingPost.

"SingPost, delivering the chow cheebye fresh for enjoyment of kinky guys!". Hmm.. somehow I can't see this succeeding as a media ad campaign.

Use your google-fu (like "kung-fu") to search "burusera" -- a popular fixation in Jap culture. Thank god, they lost the war ;-)

A visit to the young lass's blog is entertaining. The entertainment comes from the guys of course. One uncle makes big offers: come to his place in sentosa cove, get treated like a princess etc etc.

I tell you, Singapore guys...I must say, I was "enlightened". Obviously they don't believe in the "pantang larang" of gal's panties. :-)

Neither do I... but you won't find me sniffing a pair of soiled undies. Yeeeeechhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Apart from human beans, all lower species including all apes and lesser beings are incapable of superstition.
This is fact.

Anonymous said...

'e tu khong tu' Chinese Saying 'using poison to neutralise poison.
It is working here, so Mr Agongkia is definitely right. As for Wally, if it is dangerousely to be touched at the top, the bottom is just as dangerous.
You guys have fun as next year belongs to me.
May I bless You all a really prosperous Chinese New Year with good health and joy throughout my year.
And I also pray that your leaders will be kinder and more generous with workfare, rebates and less increases in their goods and services.