Conquering the world

China’s Vice Premier Li KeQiang is in Europe on a 4 day tour ‘to bring coal in a snowy winter’. China has been on an offensive of a different kind, bringing loads of cash to help cash strapped European countries to manage their financial debt. It kinds of steam rolled Spain by promising to buy up all its debt to boost confidence in Spain and its financial market. It signed trade deals worth billions to increase trades with Europe when it needed most. In the meantime where is America? America is steely bent on conquering the world in another way, to build an empire. While China does not have a single soldier involved in any war, the Americans are everywhere fighting wars and starting wars. War is the only profitable business that is driving the American economy and without wars, the American economy will run aground. It is reported by the Washington Post that the American defence budget is US$550b, equivalent to what the next 19 nations in the world spent, or ‘nearly half of the entire world’s defence spending’. It is a misnomer to call it a defence budget. It should rightly be called a War Budget! It is a budget to conduct offensive wars. And America is accusing China of spending too much on its defence budget and that China is an aggressive nation. And its allies also chimed in to brand China as irresponsible. Who is the more responsible power? Who is helping the world and who is starting and fighting wars are all there for those who want to see. Those who want to remain blind and swear under American propaganda can continue to do so. The Americans wanted to conquer and dominate the world by sheer military might. China is ‘conquering’ the world by economic ties, trades and developments. Who is the irresponsible nation? Who is helping Europe when it needed help most? Who almost brought down the world’s financial system and who stepped in to save the system?


Matilah_Singapura said...

China knows if those welfare-cuntries go broke, they won't be buying Chinese-made goods.

Also "helping" broke-assed the Eurozone gives China leverage when it comes to trade wars and barriers.(the usual bullshit from unions: "The Chinese stole our jobs! Because they don't have human rights!"). Yawn...zzzz.

> The Americans wanted to conquer and dominate the world by sheer military might.<

America has already "conquered" the world. You must have be sleeping and have missed it ;-)

America "conquered" the world by using many different "weapons" --

1. Many cuntries are client states of the US

2. American "myths" of "freedom" and "liberty" spread through every available communication channel from one on one speech, to the internet, to pirate video games and movies.

3. American "lifestyle" -- the family, the cars, the houses, credit cards, superstar status, CONSUMERSIM as religion

4. The reserve and trading currency of the world -- USD

5. Leads the world in all the Wars: the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on smoking, the war on poverty, the war on [fill in the blank]

6. Controls it's strategic partners: the IMF, the World Bank, the UN

7. The military -- icing on the cake, to be used periodically just as a "reminder".

8. Controls the internet.

9. Can effectively dictate domestic policy for many other sovereign nations. (so much for "sovereignty")

> Who is helping Europe when it needed help most?<

China is there, but they won't be able to "help" more than Bernanke-Obama can.

Forget it lah: America should have been dead and gone long time ago. The fact is that their culture has been the most "powerful" virus. Even the Chinese speak "Engrish" with an American accent.

Who the fuck wants to know about Chinese culture? No fucking way. Hollywood still makes fun of Chinese and Asians. Even overseas born Chinese kids embrace American culture more than the culture of their parents. That has to tell you something.

At the end of the day it comes down to a battle of ideas. The strongest and most seductive ideas win. (Note: I never said "the best ideas win")

Matilah_Singapura said...


Wally Buffet said...

Now, this is what I call a good and refreshing header pic of nubile young blooming flowers instead of aged and wilted old aunties. But the girl in the centre seems to have dropped some parts of her undergarments? Why didn't you pick it up for her Mr. Bean? You being the ever gallant photojournalist?

Now that pic. on the right is the kind of female face I like although I would have preferred someone younger with the same features. Absolutely alluring if you know what I mean. Well our Mr. Mati knows!

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that I was a navigator of the American exploring spaceship "Endeavor IV" probing Venus in the year 2030. This is our first ever trip to the planet closest resembling Earth and we hope that we would find it hospitable so that we can export some of the Earth's exploding population by now of 15 billion. There is rampant food shortages as well as shortages in every resources that one can dream of. On the news, we heard that a small country they call Singapore has so many people that there is only standing room and everyone acts and behaves like a zombie. We also heard that this state of affairs arose because some supposedly brainy thinker wanted a huge imported population but forgot that these people bred like rats and consequently the country was overwhelmed. Anyway, coming back to our mission.........

As we neared Venus, we could see how beautiful the planet was, almost like Earth! Suddenly, we saw a speck orbiting the planet. Our commander immediately ordered a telescopic scan of the object. As the object became larger on our spaceship's massive deck screen, we got a shock of our lives when we saw that it was an orbital station with a People's Republic of China flag emblazoned on the outside.

Fuck! The Chinese was already orbiting the planet Venus in a self sustaining station while our American NASA was still fingering out how to put a spaceship towards Venus, our Commander shouted.

With that shout, I awoke and found that it was only a dream.

But perhaps it was reality and I could see into the future!

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

The US is not ready to accept China as a military power.

The question really boils down to being ready to accept or just have to live with it.

If China does rise as a military power, does it need the US permission to be so, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

We all know the Americans already dominate the world, economically and through military might.

The debate now is whether China will do the same, and the unsaid part is how to prevent China from becoming a military and number one economic superpower, eventually overtaking the US in the long haul.

Much has been said on US blogs about the Chinese stealing jobs from the US. Did the Chinese put a gun to the heads of those businessmen relocating their factories to China? No.

The fact is US businessmen wanted to open factories in China because of the cheaper wages. US workers, in a sense, could not compete with Chinese workers wage wise, so the jobs moved to China. US workers should blame their own entrepreneurs for setting up shop in China, not castrating China for taking away their jobs.

Matilah_Singapura said...


> We also heard that this state of affairs arose because some supposedly brainy thinker wanted a huge imported population <

Funny you should mention that.

I had drinks with "a good source" last week. I am pleased that many "good sources" (from S'pore) look me up when they visit Perth.

It is "official" but not announced "officially" yet: SG Population target 10 million.

My hotel membership just got even more "exclusive".

Anyway folks, if you don't hold any freehold property, you might want to think about that now, given the "future plans" of the sg.gov ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 244:

> The fact is US businessmen wanted to open factories in China because of the cheaper wages. <

It's not just the wages. China's wages maybe "lower" but so is their productivity. i.e. the only way they can compete at the moment is by low wages. (but their products still suck dog's ass as far as quality is concerned)

I would say lower wages are part of it, but there are other reasons: tax, regulation -- especially environmental, anti-trust laws, corporate tax (US 2nd highest in the world next to Japan), and the MAIN FACT: the Chinese govt is more FRIENDLY to private enterprise.

The US Govt tries its best to KILL private enterprise -- unless your enterprise is "in business" with the Us govt -- like if you were a weapons manufacturer, for e.g.

Anonymous said...

'The US Government tries its best to kill private enterprise'

True. The regulations that they passed all favour the big giant corporations, the latest being food production.

The number of forms that is required to set up a company in the US is also tenuous and laughable according to one website that talks about US government policies.

The sad thing is that most US citizens are completely unaware of such practices, so can they blame businessmen from going into China and giving jobs to the Chinese?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 443:

> The sad thing is that most US citizens are completely unaware of such practices <

american people-led political power is a swinging thing. One moment they are calmouring for "change" from Bush and vote in Obama, next thing you know there's "buyer remorse", he growth of the Tea Party Movement, a swing back to the GOP... but not quite.

The Average American is a contradiction: he wants "freedom" but he votes for a strong govt. Then he complains that the govt is too "intrusive" so he votes the opposite way. He wants capitalism so he can make money, but he wants the govt "protection" so that he has a job. He loves to CONSUME, but doesn't like saving money so he BORROWS and spends.

He wants good health but complains that the govt isn't giving him healthcare. When healthcare is tried to be introduced, he complains about "socialism".

He doesn't want to go broke so he likes it when Helicopter Ben does his stuff. Then the American voter complains about "inflation"...

Don't find that confusing, entertaining and perplexing? I used to.

Now I don't care anymore. These people have mental disorders.

Wally Buffet said...

"Now I don't care anymore. These people have mental disorders."

Frankly, ALL of us is mental. The difference is the degree.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Allow me to repeat once more that the Americans have to be worried about Americans; their leaders, their culture and their ideology.

African Americans with traditional African traits, simple, fun loving, musically talented and natural dancers, in two words; born artistes will be the future national culture of the Newfoundland, presently known as the USA. African culture will cause and make America to be the real melting pot. The past gun slinging, canon firing imperialist culture will be no more in vogue, it's passe.

As for the sophistry in financial matters, they wont be able to con forever, there will be many following the fate of Madoff and his family.

Me dislikes anyone conquering the World, much prefer the Chinese in 'e ther fu ren' literally; winning respects with propriety(virtue). The Chinese never like to fight wars with other Races, for thousands of years, they fought amongst themselves to rid themselves of evil men. Only the upright and righteous were respected and last as rulers. The maleficient were removed or lasted only for a short while.

As for conquering other planets, stop dreaming, mankind is only fit for Earth. You can quote me here again.

Wally Buffet said...

"It is "official" but not announced "officially" yet: SG Population target 10 million."

Wow! 10 million people for this little piece of rock that you can cross from East to West in half an hour provided you are willing to pay for the speeding ticket?

Guess I wasn't dreaming when in the dream, I mentioned that there was standing room only in a little country call Singapore.

10 million? Absolutely mind boggling. By then, somebody's pride called Pinnacle At Duxton would be a Lilliputian's Lego set. A much taller building would be needed to house all these spurs stuck in their BEhinds worker bees.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The people of Singapore must not allow this madness to go on. It must be stopped before it is too late.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I wish you "good luck" because luck and hope is all S'pore has. Nothing will stop this ;-)

Me? I continue support open borders and will be cheering the Home Team on.