Case against minimum wage

This seems to be a hot issue in Parliament yesterday. And it is obvious that there will be one camp against one man. After hearing the reasons given, I am on the side of the camp. One dangerous principle of minimum wage is that an organization may be forced to pay some donkeys sitting there and not wanting to work. The examples brought up were short of hilarious. Workers did not want to work in kitchen because it is too hot. I have heard of cleaners complaining that their jobs were too tough, people find midnight shift intolerable. Basically complaints of all kinds about jobs. May I then offer to aircon the kitchens, make all the jobs soft and cosy, no midnight shifts, or provide restaurant meals and gym membership to the workers to make working a pleasant past time? Look at the other extremes, the politicians. Ask them to wake up at 5am to flag off a marathon, they will say yes. Ask them to go walkabout to shake every stranger’s hand, they will say yes. And they have full time job from 8 to 5. And in the evening they are everywhere, attending wakes and wedding dinners, community events, MPS, board meetings etc etc. By the time they got home they would have put in a 25 hour day work. And they are not complaining. Some work so hard that they did not even have time to attend Parliament or have to force themselves to stay awake if they did attend. And their hairs are prematurely turning white. Poor buggers! They are the best examples of exemplary work attitude. Never say no, never complain. Just work and work. Workers with such good attitude would not need to ask for minimum wage. The organizations will automatically pay them more.


Matilah_Singapura said...

You mean these jokers who were arguing against the minimum wage were using those examples?

Fuck them. They are idiots.

The case against the minimum wage has got very little to do with employers being "forced" to pay -- they simply won't hire as many workers, and/ or resort to other cost-cutting methods e.g. outsource, put more people on contracts instead of employee status.

The case against a govt-mandated minimum wage is clear: minimum wages cause HIGHER UNEMPLOYMENT. It has been made over and over again -- the discussion is long concluded.

There is a political case to be made for a minimum wage. Like China: China has a minimum wage. But it is so low, no one bothers with it.

Anonymous said...

My personal encounters, some workers don't even deserve to be employed. Forget about even paying them. Not only they irritate customers, abuse customers, quarrel, grumble and annoy customers in the course of their work, they acted as if the organisation owed them a living.

Every little thing they will complain, too difficult, troublesome, inconvenient, tough...I say, fire them. They are simply a nuisance and wanted a job that they can act as if they are the boss.

Anonymous said...

Foreign talents and workers are simply better workers in every respects; hardworking, cheaper, stronger, cleaner, well mannered/humble, more co-operative, obedient.
They are also easier to bully, exploit and best of all the employers and bullies are unlikely to get into trouble.

Wally Buffet said...

I am for no minimum wage.

If implemented my maid will be able to buy another few hectares of land when she finishes her tour of duty.

What minimum wage? Just work hard with your brains and get out of the rut.

Just exchange a good life with a head of white hair like I did. In fact some women find my "Richard Gere" silver hair sexy!

Anonymous said...

In everything there are always two camps, one for and one against.

In this case there is little doubt that employers are generally against while employees are in favour. Of course, our politicians, being pro-employer, will never go along nor agree with the idea of minimum wages. As for the Union's point of view, least said the better.

In fairness, some workers do work hard and put in an honest day's work. Some will find fault with everything under the sun.

Anonymous said...

Minimum Wage if implemented should only be for Citizens.
Redbean seems very impressed with our parliamentarians and I must say by and large I agree with him. It's not easy to go around shaking hands, sweaty and some dirtied ones. Hugging babies and babes must be wonderful, so are standing up to show face and dinning for free.
What's challenging is to be cursed by workers to do additional clean-up before they(parliamentarians) arrived for any function. The other hard part is to be swore at by the commoners in their hearts-many are awared this is a widespread phenomena.
Last but not least is to be physically assaulted.
However, to me, the greatest challenge to our parliamentarians must be how to pretend to appear much loved by their people wherever they are anytime. It takes a great pretender to carry out the act with no qualm or shame.

Anonymous said...


If I were a foreigner, reading your piece would give me the impression that the only people working hard in this island are the politicians and MPs.

I think they deserve another big salary increase with your pat on their backs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you for agreeing with me, thank you. Now I don't feel so lonely : )

Matilah_Singapura said...


> What minimum wage? Just work hard with your brains and get out of the rut. <

Exactly. As I've said countless of times before:

If you want to earn more make yourself WORTH more"

I just read Lim Swee Say's case against the minimum wage. He's got it pretty much spot on.

At least, for once, he is defending the low-paid worker...but you wouldn't know it.

The rowdy rabble are fucking him. Little do they know that by forcing the state to introduce a minimum wage, the rabble will sabo themselves.

It is one thing to get hammered by a corrupt and brutal state. In this case The Masses own stupidity is going to fuck them up.