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As we embrace inflation…

As we embrace inflation and keep inflating the prices of everything as a sign of progress, the world goes on spinning. $147k hospital bill is real, if there is no subsidy. How did we end up with a C Class ward in a govt hospital charging this kind of bill? Sorry, I forgot, it is privatized govt hospital, privatized for quality and efficiency. Has this got anything to do with the multi million dollar property prices? I bet it does. The doctors too need to earn the money to buy that $6m property, plus all the other trappings of wealth and a good life. They need to be paid handsomely if they are going to be able to afford those properties and all the good things in life. So will the other people in the medical industry. So will all the professionals and talents in the other industries. It will keep on spinning with everyone demanding more to pay for the properties they have an eye on. The workers have their fears. Paying a $100k hospital bill is beyond many average Singaporeans. But have no fear, the Medisave will be tweaked to cover things like congenital illnesses. I don’t know just how much would the Medisave cost and be able to do with a $150k bill? I also don’t know how big is the bill in the B Class ward if mean testing says one cannot be warded in C Class ward. Thank god, they have tweaked the mean testing and allow those who pass the testing to stay in C Class ward but with lower subsidies. Does it mean that ultimately the bill will be nearer to B Class wards that they try to avoid? World class hospitals need world class patients with world class bank accounts to pay world class bills.


Anonymous said...

The more tweakings and wrigglings, the deeper, darker and more ominous the situations become. More will fall victims to the talented leaders that Sin uniquely have. They are really caring for the money of the people by ensuring that all made themselves affordable for whatever the state sells. Otherwise, blame yourself for being poor and NOT THAT GOODS AND SERVICES ARE VALUE-INFLATED.

Anonymous said...

Affordable hospitals need patients with affordable means with affordable bank accounts to pay affordable hospital bills.

We in red dot live by the affordable mantra. Just chant it everyday and it becomes the truth.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, thank Helicopter Ben lah. He started that shit.

If the US inflates, you have no choice but to eventually follow, or your cuntry becomes uncompetitive.