Am I amused?

I got this impression that foreigners are much more politically savvy than Singaporeans after reading an article in the ST yesterday. It was about the slowing down in giving PRs to new applicants. The rejection rate is growing and the criteria for acceptance have gone up. Official statistics said the number of PRs approved last year was down to 29,265, less than half of 2009’s 59.460, much less than 2008’s 79,200, and 2007’s 63,600. Nothing was mentioned about the comparative numbers for new citizens. I bet that must also have gone down. But I may be wrong. So more unhappy applicants are going to threaten to apply for PRs in other better countries? Horrors! How can we lose all these talents to other countries? Quick, quick, reverse the flow, accept more or else… they will leave. I can sense the panic of those clamouring for more talented PRs to join our workforce. Some applicants are more sanguine about the situation, or maybe smarter. They knew that it is the election year. No sweat. After the election things will be back to normal. The govt is now appeasing the anger of the people and closing the door a little. After the election they will apply again. Is this amusing? The foreigners know exactly how the system works here. They are bidding their time now and know that they will get their PRs in double quick time after the election. How come Singaporeans don’t understand or never understand how the game is being played? Things before an election and things after an election will be poles apart. Maybe they are hoping that the leopard will change its spots. Maybe this time it will be different, or from now on it will be different. So, who is smarter, the foreigners or the citizens?


Wally Buffet said...

"So, who is smarter, the foreigners or the citizens?"

Your question is a no brainer.

The foreigners are smarter by the distance from here to the moon. That's why they are called foreign "talents".

The PAP government in the future with the benefit of hindsight will blame its own folly in granting citizenship or PRs like some promotional blitz in a shopping mall, to lean and hungry, spurs stuck in their hinds, vociferous and daring immigrants from India and China.

These people are of a different mentality from native Singaporeans. They have nothing to lose and will take on the government at whatever the price. A period of uninterrupted political stability will be at risk if we keep going on the path of eventual doom.

Don't mess with them. Vile political activism is just beneath their veneer of congeniality. Nothing like the Sinkapoorean sheep.

They aren't native Sinkapooreans and never will be.

Me, xenophobic? Maybe.

Nationalism and Patriotism?


Matilah_Singapura said...

At an industry get-together last night I was speaking to a group of people and told them that the social-engineers and central-planners in Singapore were not fucking around and that they were serious about attaining their population target of 10 million.

I encouraged all of those I spoke with to have a look at becoming Singapore PR's and emailed them the links today:


I also added that the local politics is something they'd want to steer clear of. S'pore is great when your own self-interests are confined to minding your own business -- which is what the folks I was speaking to do very well.

My intention (self-interest) in all this of course is to boost my own network, form the "bridge" between local "interested parties" and these "foreigners", and of course recruit some potential Singapore tenants :-)

Singapore has one of the most "outstanding" immigration programs in today's world. When most of the cuntries are closing their borders, S'pore opens theirs. When most other cuntries increase business regulation, Singapore cuts red tape and allows more "free market" to work.

So even though the numbers of PR's granted has fallen due to increasing standards of qualification, the rate of immigration and population increase is still one of the world's highest -- which means bucket loads of opportunity, in spite of challenges like housing and occasional over-crowding.

At least there is "action" going on -- business is being done and wealth is increasing.

I just got an email of one "covert" - a young Scotsman. He's placing his house here on the rental market and packing up to land at Changi in 2 months as a potential PR.

Fucking S'pore govt should hire me to recruit immigrants :-)

Wally Buffet said...

We, the spider catching, longkang fishermen natives of Singapore has absolutely no problems with genuine "talents" in whatever field we are short of whether it is bank fraudsters, get rich quick con artists, slick snake oil salesmen, pseudo scientists with third rate credentials or degree mill graduands.

What we are absolutely aghast about the whole sorry state of things is to give boors from India, China and Pinoyland PR and citizenship status like Santa Clause doling out goodies with everyday being an X'mas day.

For fuck sake, be selective. That's all we ask.

After all when you choose a bride for your son, you don't want any whores coming into your house do you?

Hehe. :o)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The foreigners, PRs and new citizens are so polite, benign, friendly, easy going, and helpful.

Just wait till they take out their masks.

agongkia said...

You are being unfair.
Whores are also talent.They sacrifice their bodies so that longkang fishermen like me got a place to go instead of attempting to commit molest and rapes,thus bringing down cases of sexual crimes...resulting in a safe city and our female from being a victim.
All trades are equal.The only difference is whether one chose to sit,stand or lie down for a living.

The missing talents at Geylang is a concern to me.

Wally Buffet said...

According to my kakis, the "talents" at Geylang are not missing in action.

They are still coming in from Changi as tourists on a monthly visa, renewable for another month easily.

Only problem is, to get their services so you don't go around molesting fair damsels, you need a telephone number now. No more ogling on the streets and side lanes of Geylang.

It's neater this way.

No more look see, look see past time for the dirty old men cruising around on bus number 11 like before.

Now, you want to see and touch, pay and pay!

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

I guess Singaporeans and even foreigners have now seen through the PAP's games after all these years.

Only thing is lessons never seems to have been learned from it.