Who is paying for the flood damages?

I shouldn't be asking this question as the answer is obvious. Someone's slip and well, it was just a slip. Maybe it is not a slip, just an insurmountable act of god. The insurance premiums for the shops and houses are going up. And the insurers, would they be content with just those affected by the floods? For safety measures, they will apply the new premiums to as many insurees as possible. I am not suggesting that more bonuses could also be bundled into the premiums. The building owners too will have to upgrade their structures and services and all the cost will go the way of the tenants as well. The shopkeeper will know what to do. They are not going to bear the cost for sure. The price of their goods and services are going to go up. Not sure how the owner occupied properties are going to spread the cost or pass the buck. In general, all the consumers will have to pay for this act of god that no human feats can overcome. And some silly buggers are comparing how lucky we are by looking at China and other countries. For one, their wrath of nature is many times for formidable than ours. Our rainfall is like a tropical thunderstorm. Yes it is a tropical thunderstorm that we have lived with for many generations. What is all this nonsense about typhoons being in the picture? And for a little piece of rock and we can't deal with it? Nevermind, just bear with it and with the higher cost coming our way. Maybe we need to import more super talented FTs to help us. Just make sure they don't recommend that when it is going to flood, move to higher grounds.


Anonymous said...

Why compare with China? How much does China pay Wen Jiabao? How big a country does Wen have to deal with? Is China considered a first world country?

They themselves claim red dot to be first world country because they want to pay themselves first world salary. They must deliver first world standard of governance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China is underpaying their leaders. Their leaders are being cheated. Or maybe their leaders are not so talented. That is why China is not in the first world.

Anonymous said...

What a simple question?

And it deserves a simple answer,

and that is

You die your business!


Anonymous said...


Patriot always talk about 'we die not their business'. Remember, dictators, presidents, kings, billionaires and millionaires also die like us, turn to ashes when their time comes. Death is the leveler. What can their power or wealth do?

Fret not.

Anonymous said...


patriot likes to parrot the plebeians, plagiarize the bloggers.


recites and repeats a statement of facts until it becomes popular.

It is said that some people like to broadcast rhetorics which are false until they become accepted as truth.

Let's help to repeat a factual one until it gets into the heads of every Singaporean. Can we do it together? We can make it, i believe.

Sincerely and frankly, me no fretting as i live like a vagabond, my khakis always tell me into my face that i got nothing to lose. It is indeed so though me has a life as valueless as the anyone else.


Anonymous said...

make the gods pay or stop praying to them. How can they be so cruel as to mistreat their worshippers ! Holy Shits !

agongkia said...

anon 3.06
god is not cruel.There are many benefits from these acts of gods.
It create more jobs.It will prove to you people that you all are weak and not prepared.It gave you all a warning not to take safety for granted and dun think too highly of yourself.,so that you all can be prepared for another more serious flood.it shows the FW or cleaners's professionalism in clearing the mess.It remind you people to check on trees before they fell and take away lives ,remind us how to prevent and what are the contigency plans etc.
So how can we blame god and say that they are cruel and mistreat their worshippers.
Hehe..I learnt something from the flood.Next time buy flat ,go for the 50 storey one,safer for sure.

Anonymous said...

rex comments as follows,

you said on the floods issue: Maybe we need to import more super talented FTs to help us.:

There's another way: we could export our super talented octogenerians and their cronies away too. Thereafter, 天下太平.