What is Third World politics?

Let me try to figure out what are the features of a Third World political system from what we see in the Third World countries. 1. Often it is run by a dictator or near dictator leader who leads with an iron fist. 2. Political power is used in every aspect of life to the advantage of the political leader. It is as good as power is right, power talk. 3. Money is a very important element to the political leadership. They just keep amassing themselves with wealth and become very wealthy. This is not true for the masses, and the income gap is always very wide, beyond any reasons. 4. The political leader is always surrounded by henchmen that do his callings. And the henchmen can be ruthless but always mindful of who they are beholden to. 5. Govt machinery and organisations are used to pursue the political objectives of the leader, especially in dealings with political opposition. 6. Political opposition are treated with disgust. They are often harassed, intimidated, persecuted, threatened and imprisoned. 7. Change in political power to another party is unheard of and cannot be accepted 8. Political power is often transferred from father to son or within the family. 9. The military is often used to back the political leadership and could be unleashed to seize political power if needed. 10. Children and family members of the political leader are often blessed with exceptional talents and abilities and are thus appointed to head all the important agencies. We can see these features very clearly in the times of Saddam Hussein, in Libya, in North Korea and many Afro Asian countries.


solo bear said...

You are right. The above sounds exactly like the PAP and Singapore.

The above also sound like USA. The media controls what the people read and see on TV. Their citizens are subjected to the Patriot Act. Their security forces can force you to strip naked, barge into your homes without warrant and lock you up without arrest, all in the name of fighting terror.

Their is a one party alliance, the Democrat-Republican party, which no other party can penetrate.

There is the Bush Senior handing the throne to Bush Junior. Many of the officials in the White House have got large stakes in oil companies and are surrounded by their henchmen too. They are ruthless and they lock up dissidents without trial.

America and Singapore are just like the third world countries you just described. But we are not considered third countries, because the media and our govts say so. Others in the Mid East, S American, African and poorer Asian states are, because they say so.

Anonymous said...

Redbean my fren:

reading this thread bring me back to the ancient days when all nations belonged to emperors, kings and dynasties.

The Worlds' most democratic country(US) looks so ancient in the eyes of Solo Bear. Don't tell me the Americans are enjoying only pseudo and fake democracy.


Wally Buffet said...


Although also considered "Third World", The worlds' most benign rulers are in the Middle East. It also has the Worlds' most peace loving populace who loves praying rather than playing with weapons of death. Everyone exudes warmth and friendship clasping your hand in unconditional friendship although occasionally one or two misguided misfits will do so with bombs strapped to their bodies hidden away from view.

I am packing my bags to Dubai, a replica of Singapore. Easy to do a day trip to the very peace loving Middle East by camel, which also happens to be one of the most peace loving creatures on Earth. Ah, the Middle East. An oasis of peace and benign rulers in this age of corruption and degradation. So heavenly blessed. No wonder, they have visions of virgins stringing harps of joy all the time while sucking in the toxic fumes from their hookahs.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very familiar. I can feel it in my bones. Oh yes, it's in little paradise.

Anonymous said...

Not in red dot hor! We are first world.

solo bear said...


Nobody is saying Americans are "not enjoying" democrazy in US. I am just highlighting the misnomer that the third world is less democratic than the first.

If you look at Iraq, before the Americans invaded it, there were schools, hospitals and the economy was good. Today, all that is gone in the name of democrazy.

Not only all the above are gone, prisoners under Americans have no right to trial and they are locked up indefinitely.

What darn first world standards from the Americans do the Mid Easterners want?

solo bear said...

Not to mention the prisoners under the Americans are tortured too. Is that the demoCRAZY you are talking about that I am against? If it is, you should be against it too, no?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Can't be helped. When the world-leader is going more "Third World" in its politics, it can't be that much of a surprise to learn that small-fuck dots like S'pore follow suit.

Big-balls countries like the USA have so-called "constitutions" to protect citizens from unreasonable govt power. S'pore constitution -- wipe your arse with it.

Pictures of the Socialistic Future
23mins, mp3

Anonymous said...

Hi Solo bear:

me never been to the US. However, from the way Singaporeans talked about it and the way our leaders suck up to them, it sounded like that's a piece of land where no bullying ever takes place. Every citizen there has a say in everything. Must say though that me am fully aware that the Original Race(Red Indians) there like the Australian Original Race are almost wiped out by White Invaders.

The US, in my opinion, is about the only common enemy to many other sovereign nations and that speaks volume.

From reading history and news about it(US) since the Vietnam War, the US is no better than a scum to me, with no hope of it leaving a better impression anytime soon.