What is a little extraordinary rain?

We have overcame many extraordinary challenges to make us what we are today with extraordinary men paid with ordinary salary. Today we have extraordinary men paid with extraordinary salary and we could not solve a little problem caused by a little extraordinary rain. Singaporeans are gasping in disbelief. They would be less demanding and would expect much less if we have ordinary men paid with ordinary salary and trying to overcome extraordinary challenges. Men like Goh Keng Swee and his colleagues would be turning in their graves knowing that we are now stumped by a little extraordinary rain. And more unbelieveable, we have not only extraordinary men but also super foreign talents to tap their expertise from. And we have all the money to pay for it. All we need to do is to throw some money into the air and many great solutions will instantly appear.


Anonymous said...

Extraordinary super talented elites in SIN are stumped by extraordinary rains.


Will the Superest talented eliteriest ran away to enjoy their live of abundance in foreign lands????


Anonymous said...

rex comments as follows,

I think Dr Mahatir would laugh till he fell off his chair after reading MM's defeatist remarks about no engineering solutions for an hour or two worth of rainfall. Investors had better all pack up and go to Johor which can't possibily be worse off than orchard road which sits pretty 4 to 6 metere above sea level (according to PUB Mr Tan Nguan Sen).

What a national embarrassment for Singaporeans. This is disasterous.


Anonymous said...

Me thinks he testing Singaporeans to see if they are complacent and take his comments as godspeak and no question asks.

Now it gets all Singaporeans thinking.

Anonymous said...

No, it is not a test. I think this is the operating procedure that has been adopted by the PAP over the last decade or so, whenever the heat is too intense.

Whenever they fail to convince the lesser mortals, no matter how hard they tried, they bring out the deity to bring peace to the land. That is why they have to keep the deity for as long as possible, doing nothing, but used for difficult situations.

But lately, even the deity fails to command the kind of respect he used to enjoy, and people are even questioning his 'forecaster extraordinarie' prowess.

I wonder what they will do without him?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi rex, welcome to the blog.

Singaporeans should not be so negative about this flooding thing. Look at it as an opportunity to make more money.

I am going to rent a corner of Newton Car Park for sandbags and ready to supply to the shops in Orchard Road and all the condos in Bukit Timah area that have basement carparks.

I will also be bidding to modify all the buses for amphibious operations, like those used for Duck Tours.

Anonymous said...

Whose turn next to defend the flood?

Anonymous said...

God has spoken. Who else dare to give another excuse, which will mean that God has given the wrong reason?

Anonymous said...

Rest assured..the future Mausoleum will be built on HIGH GROUND..regardless of any engineering difficulty

Anonymous said...

Rex comments as follows,

To redbean
yes you are right, sandbag contractors are winners in this game. And the other winners are:
1. Car Mechanics.
2. Car salesmen.
3. Electrical power and pump suppliers.
4. Cobblers.
5. Karang Guni people.
6. Furniture suppliers.
7. Paint suppliers, DIY shops.
8. Insurance people (increase premium!!)
9. erproofing people.
9. Roofing Contractors.

Unfortunately i don't fall in the 9 categories of winners!!
By the way i cannot imagine what will happen the next time we have 5 hours of continuous rain. This happens once or twice every year, every singaporean has experienced it.
What can sandbags and water barriers do but to wash the problem and taichi it down the line to the next unlucky fellow with no sandbag. IF it is an individual's idea i can say he is selfish, but this idea come from PUB to blockade your own premises and kill off your neighbour ha ha ha ha. What a thoughtless selfish goverhment body we have.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just wrote that the bill will be paid by the people, you and me, directly or indirectly.