Trading companies instead of trading stocks

I have this enlightening theory about trading stocks. Ok, it is not new. Sell stocks of mature companies and industries. These are old and have very little growth potential. Buy into growth stocks in emerging markets and industries. Such stocks have very high potential for exponential growth. Ok, there are some risks involved. Out of 100 maybe 90 will fail or fold up. But the 10 or so stocks or companies will make enough to cover for all the losses. This simple theory can be applied to buying and selling companies as well. For example old mature companies like banks, SIA, Keppel, Sembawang Corp, SPH etc etc, are all too old and ripe. Not much growth potential. Take profit and sell them away. Use the cash to buy new growth companies, companies in emerging economies or growth industries. If one hits a good one, like Apple, never mind losing the rest. Oh, just a word of caution. When applying this strategy, make sure that it is not your own money that is put at risk. The best way is to set up a fund, use other people’s money. At the worst, if the theory does not work, just fold up the company and start another new one.

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How about using the Sunshine Empire formula?

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