Thinking Third World

Unconsciously or consciously we have quietly been sliding down the road to Third World and expecting the people to live with it. Our streets are dirtier, our shopping centres, places of interests, places where families gathered or socialised, are filled with Third World people with Third World habits, mannerism and antics. In contrast, we built the finest buildings, theatres to be a bit snooty like upper class gentries and aristocrats and ignore the parallel existence of the other world. What is disgusting is that the snooty upper class is barricading themselves in upper class comfort and niceties and telling the lower class to live with it. The crush in the MRT trains is a good example of what this upper class' Third World mentality is all about. Only in the mentality of the Third World is being squeezed like sardines in public transport found acceptable. The situations in Tokyo, Beijing and Hongkong are Third World standards of commuting. It is a shame to think that they are world class. They have made many advances, but treating their citizens by shoving them into little tubes is definitely not worth emulating. They are bad examples. Only in the Third World that commuters needed to be crushed, to hang and dangle outside buses and trains, clinging dangerously to get from point to point. And excess baggages in the form of human beans could be moved to the roof of buses and trains. Would these be acceptable standards if the Japanese and Hongkongers practise them as well? A world class public transport system must be fit for first world people. Commuters must be able to dress to their nines to attend a concert by taking public transport, with room and space to feel cool and comfy. Look at the good examples of the old European rich societies and see what good living condition is all about. Australia with 22 million people living in a continent is feeling the squeeze. Here we are planning to squeeze in more Third World people into the little standing room we have. Or is our public transport system there to ferry Third World people who are expected to live like that, both foreigners and locals? The First World people here, both citizens and foreigners, shall enjoy their First World standard of living in their comfortable lifestyle and environment. The rest shall be grateful to share a bit of the comfort. Where did this Third World mentality originate?


Wally Buffet said...

For the first time in many years, I took the MRT last week with my Senior Citizen concession card.

First off, the train station (Bugis) was filled to capacity with third world people. I craned my neck to try to spot our true blue Singaporeans and only managed to see one or two scattered around. The look on their faces is pure dismay. Reading their thoughts, I can surmised that they are thinking how deep into the sink hole that Singapore has become in the last ten years because of all these supposedly indispensable labour most of whom probably came in with fake credentials abetted by unscrupulous employment agents.

Soon, the train came. It was really really packed. Gamely, I pushed myself forward and managed to grab a hold on the vertical handrail in front of the reserved seat for oldies. A young pinoy female was sitting on the seat yakking with her able bodied male companion who looked like a seaman. Though I am old and frail, she didn't give up her seat for me. This is typical third world mentality. No upbringing, no manners, no consideration for the old, weak and infirm.

Everyone was crammed like sardines. Sweat and cheap perfume permeated the cabin. Everyone was yakking with every conceivable third world language but mainly, the PRC putong hua prevailed. One could be forgiven if he thought he was in Beijing or Guangzhou.

Again, with hope, I looked around me and could only see a few Singaporean faces all looking despondent with faces down and dogged tired after slogging more than the usual 8 hours at whatever they do to earn a living.
They looked so resigned to the constant cacophony of weird languages spoken by peasants around them. Sad.

A few young Singaporean couples were taking advantage of the close proximity by hugging each other face to face, occasionally banging their lower bodies against each other with each lurching of the train. Truly pornographic. There should be laws against this kind of public display of affection on our trains.

Soon, the train arrived at Orchard Station. The third world population that our country says we need desperately stampeded out of the train. I was the last to get out just in time before the doors clamped on me.

As I left the station, I breathed in the cool night air and sighed with relief.

As a retiree, I am so glad that I do not have to take public transport to work everyday. I am so glad I still have my old jalopy.

Thank you for reading this comment of an oldie travelling on our world class mass rapid transit with his concession pass.

Anonymous said...

Maybe colorful Saw should be paid Third World salary

Anonymous said...

In 2000, I decided to put the car in the house and take public transport. I worked in IBP and took the train from Pasir Ris to Jurong East.

The ordeal was I met many third world immigrants coined as Foreign Talents as commuters. They were rude, rowdy, inconsiderate and the behavior was nasty. It did not help to face such idiots at the end of a day. Shortly after considering the expenses, I returned to driving my own car again. Surprising, considering the time saved and a little more to pay, driving a car was far 'cheaper'.

I have not take a train since 2000. I will never take the train again because it feels worse than taking a train in Shanghai, a train in Tokyo or even in Seoul. I have been to all those places, and I will call Singapore the Third world among the third world with regards to poor services, bad quality of the people and attitude of the management and authorities.

Singapore should compare with Somalia, Indonesia, and even Burma if they want to have the feel good factor.

Anonymous said...

I think the respondents are a little unkind to the foreign workers using our MRT service. They may not have the so-called First World mannerism but they are just here at our govt's inivitation to work here, and to help in our nation;s development. and what faster and economical mode of transport they can go about in their daily commute than the MRT trains. Do not decry their clothing style, their way of speaking, their accent, they are no better, no worse than our local folks who just want to get on with their lives. I think the respondents miss the point of this posting.

Anonymous said...

No, their thinking is not third world. Their thinking is to make as much money as possible. And their pay must be as much as possible. That couldn't be considered third world thinking. Third world politicians are paid a pittance in office.

What is third world is delegating the interest of commuters to the recycle bin. Their feedback is irrelevant. Just like the minister, who keeps on insisting, for years, that the daily traffic jams along Serangoon Road was not serious until one fine day he suddenly changed his tune. Then they decided to build the NE Line and build flyovers.

That women, paid $4.15 million (?) obviously is in the mold of the MIW. She is telling commuters, if they want comfort, take private transport. Do less well-off commuters have a choice?

Anonymous said...

The point of this posting is the Singapore government is keeping Singapore as a third world country. Singapore lost its opportunity as a first world country, simply because the government has a third world mentality and third world mode of operations.

For those Singaporeans who believe those third world workers are here to help develop this country is making a big mistake. These are cheap labors who are here because companies do not want to pay the full wages. These workers will continue to help suppress the wages, and their low productivity already alarms foreign investors. There has been a few MNCs pulling out of Singapore in June period.

Check the recent lawyers compensations in Singapore. Law firms have to increase salaries by 30% abruptly to prevent their staff from moving to MNCs, because government was forced to open up the market. If lawyers already have their wages suppressed by 30%, then what about other lesser mortals?

Those who support having third world workers here are truly having Third World mentality. How can you expect Singapore to progress with people who do not have a clue about basic manners.

The reason why we keep seeing local folks behaving badly, and from bad to worse, is because the elite have already migrated, and are continuing to migrate to Australia or USA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The polarisation of the rich and poor is getting wider. We have the first world living side by side with the third world. And many Singaporeans are actually forming part of this third world as well, where all the prosperity and progress are there for them to admire, to smell, and to feel go about without enjoying them. Just like the money in the CPF, a sense of good feeling but untouchable.

And the elite have no qualms or misgivings about squeezing Singaporeans like third world people in public transport in this first world city.

Anonymous said...

How the Hell Singaporeans can feel this tiny beehive a First World is beyond me. The bees at least smell all the flowers and works at their own paces.

Singaporeans are slogging like buffaloes and only go back to the barn to rest and have some grasses and life goes in cycle everyday. Many do not even know what Nature is all about. We are make to be just liked a part of a clock, tick tock on the spot for whole life, yet boast to be First World, my foot!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, You are looking at the wrong corners of Singapore. If you have to work till 90, then you are those that could feel good and smell the first world around you but not enjoying it.

Anonymous said...


We are exactly like the animals in animal farm. The rulers tell them, work hard and you will enjoy the fruits. So, Boxer worked himself to death. What kind of life did he enjoy? What kind of life do the other animals enjoy, besides the pigs who rule them?

1984 comes to red dot belatedly. but it sure is uncannily accurate.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here, take an idea from the Australian nationalists (aka "racists"). They're a throwback to the shameful White Australia Policy of the 20th century.

Get lost, foreigners

Let's see if Singaporeans can become similarly ugly. No doubt, with the mentoring of people like redbean, they can.

Come on, you can do it Singapore! Become a country of intolerant racists bastards!

Anonymous said...

Me am happy when reading local social-political blogs.

Reason; i have many unhappy Singaporeans for companies. Now, You will understand.