The Return of LKY

There is no doubt who is in charge in Singapore. Whatever the ministers are doing, there seems to be tacit approval before they could be passed as govt policies, except for trivial policies and issues. And when things get rough, LKY is there, the real goalkeeper. He is the final stage of defense and will not let anything go pass him. With his declaration that there should be no retirement age, no retirement, work till death do us part, LKY has announced his return to politics and govt. It is very likely that he will run for Tanjong Pagar in the next GE. I see this as a good sign. We never have anyone that is near his calibre after all the years of scrapping the bottom of the barrel and paying multi million dollar salaries. LKY is still the man that everyone looks up to, locally and internationally. And he is everywhere today, a little slower but not his grey matter. He could talk his way out against the best minds anywhere. He is still sorely needed to run the country and keep things in order. Let's return LKY to power and resume his rightful position as the PM of Singapore in the next GE.


Anonymous said...

Wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui!

May he be blessed with living to ten thousand years.

Anonymous said...

...and current PM Lee joins LSS in PMO - Zorro & ?

Anonymous said...

Wah! Like their grandfather's country. The daughter-in-law also did the same thing, just walk in and out of Temasek as she wish.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now morphed into a privatised country, that means GIC and Temasek also privatised and owned by somebody.

Singaporeans are slaves of the owners of this country. Foreigners are the servants imported to help grow the wealth for the owners.

Anonymous said...

Mentor Lee Kuan Yew is always as hardworking as he has been since the days he embarked on his political ambition.

Since the day me, a primary one school boy then, was made to stand at Upper East Coast Road to celebrate his victory as the First Prime Minister of SIN, he had left an indelible impression in me. The Impression was actually formed years before he became PM. As a little boy, many of my young adult neighbours were hiding Mao Zedong paraphernalias, green round collar shirts, caps, buttons and yes the Red Booklets of Maos' Thoughts from him and his British Master.

They never failed to mention Lee Kuan Yew's name and me heard it so frequently that there was/is no way me can avoid felt/feeling haunted by it. Worse was that many of those young people never return to SIN, some disappeared with absolutely no news of them traceable. My sympathies to their families were/are beyond words.

They held surreptitious gatherings discussing how to avoid the Authority and leave SIN. Many were hauled up soon after. As a innocent boy, me was allowed to be at those gatherings and some of their political and social activities.

I am most impressed with the consistency of MM Lee innate nature, he is what he was from that day he put out his hand to shake the little hands of the bewildered primary schoolboys of Bedok Boys School in 1959. He never change or waver.

His authority and aura have not wane though the good name and reputation are fast changing direction. Me as a citizen of SIN does wish that his spouse could give or provide him an idea of the MEANING of human existence.

What's the use of owning the whole world when one cannot eat, move and communicate ones' joy or suffering. Let go and live! Man.


Anonymous said...

He is the only one that can promise us more good years. The rest...don't listen to them.

Anonymous said...

The only thing he did not say is 'more good years' for whom?

Anyway, let him covet all the power and wealth. He is in fact pathetic, hated and cursed by many.

Anonymous said...

Yeah long live LKY! We love you deep deep. You single handedly transformed Singapore from NOTHING to a $4trillion economy (or is it $10tri now?) Nobody else helped you, not the 1.9m Singaporeans, NOBODY. You did it all ALONE like a freakin GOD! We owe everything to you!

May LKY live long... loooooonnnnnggg enough to see his entire famiLee die one by one from cancer and other nasty terminal diseases.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I see from the postings that Lee KY (you know what happens with KY -- a very useful substance indeed) is a notable fellow and extracts deep emotions from bloggers.

I'm not surprised. Singapore Inc is a family franchise.