Pay cut for Singaporeans

Singaporeans who are taking public transport are effectively getting a pay cut. And the most hurt are the oldies, the senior citizens, who now have to pay as much as 1.05 from 68c according to an oldie. This is a whopping 54% increase in fare. Holycow, they don't give a damn about the oldies where quite a big number are cleaners and daily rated workers earning less than $1000 pm. At an increase of 37c per trip or 74c daily, times 22 days, this will work out to be $16.28 a month. I know that this is at most equivalent to 5 plates of char kway teow and people can laugh it off, but if the oldie's income is $1000 pm it is a pay cut of 1.6%. And if the pay is $500 pm, it is 3.55% pay cut. I am not sure how much more will the students be paying. If each student is paying half of the increase the oldies are paying, and if they happen to be the children of the oldies, two school going children could mean another 2% pay cut. Just too bad. The transport operators need to subsidise those commuters who have to transfer from one service to another, and the oldies/students just happen to be there to do the subsidising. I am sure the Public Transport Council who approved this great scheme must have thought through all these issues and are comfortable with it. I hope with all the supertalents working on it, they are not going to say they did not know how it would impact the oldies and students.


Anonymous said...


...However, some commuters felt they had to pay more for their fares.

One commuter said: "This is more expensive. It charged us more by 20 cents."

Another commented: "It is a bit more expensive only. I still have to take (public transport), what to do?"

A third noted: "For people like me who always like to transfer, it is slightly cheaper, but not much cheaper."

These responses are within the Public Transport Council's expectations.


Anonymous said...

This morning I listened to the Chinese radio. One listerner complaint to the station that we already know almost all listeners are calling in to complaint against the new fare scheme. Why not invite an official from the committee reviewing the change to the radio station to be present and explain the fare increase ? Instaed of the radio DJs trying to pacify the public with no reasonable explanation ? The response from the radio station is : "yes we did try to invie from the relevant authority said they do not have any persons that can speak mandarin" ! Unbelievable ! The civil service is supposed to serve the public and there are many Singaporeans taking public transport that are Chinese speaking and many Singaporeans (even if they are bilngual) listens to Chinese radio stations and read Chinese papers. What has our country become ? Civil service is not serving the people; they are serving only themselves with fat salaries. I am not angry ... feeling very sad.

Anonymous said...

At 60 year old, me rides bicycle for about 12 kilometres(to and fro) to work and for many years, me has been riding to mrt stations(Tampines/Simei) instead of taking feeder services. And this was/is because me finds the transportation fares expensive.

However, lately there were reports of (bi)cyclists fined, parking facilities are upcoming at MRT Stations and parking at void decks could be illegal and suggestions by nimcompoops that cyclists be registered and levied with a fee and all that, it seems (bi)cyclists could possibly be incurring costs for using bicycles. Shudders just thinking how difficult it is to move about in SIN.

Pray; tell me, do they have to milk the cows, bulls and calves???


Matilah_Singapura said...

I can see redbeans point, but the argument is weak.

It's like saying the cup of kopi went up 10¢ therefore people who drink kopi have had a pay cut.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, this case is about redistribution of wealth plus profiteering. Bet you, MRT's profit will surge. Buy MRT shares quick. It has started to run.

Who is the cock to think that he is god and can rob Peter to pay Paul?

Matilah_Singapura said...


You can't get out of that logical dilemma because MRT is govt owned and controlled and not subject to competition -- except for govt controlled bus and taxi services -- some of which are owned as well by govt.

If you don't have free markets, then you'll have automatic monopolies, with no fierce price competition.

OTOH, operating costs and energy prices are rising. Whether or not MRT management "profiteers" or not is beyond rational analysis because they are running a monopoly.

So there is no solution to this, except freeing up the market for transport like allowing people to operate PIRATE TAXIS and BUSES, but that won't happen unless there is a massive expression of defiance by "boh cheng hu" heartlanders who are needing money to live in today's world of spiraling costs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, You have supporters here asking you to return and stand for election. Then you can introduce all your free market policies.

I don't mind driving pirate taxi to earn a living.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Assuming those requests are genuine, I value myself too much to become a public figure, especially a politician.

My hatred of politics aside -- I'm to scared of being assassinated :) And as you know, I have a ritual where I break out the booze for a celebratory toast everytime a political figure dies or is violently murdered.

Some Ozzie friends suggest I go into politics as well because they warm to my anti-statist, pro-individual freedom laissez faire rantings. You have to be joking mate. People with my views, and especially to top it off a hard core, balls-to-the-wall atheist (or better still anti-theist ala Christopher Hitchens), and I'll have to double my security detail.

Not only will there be numerous fatwahs on my head, but there'll be betting on the internet relating to my well-deserved death.

Sorry mate, I'd rather stay under the radar, and enjoy getting horny and high :)

I have no desire to "change the world". Fuck that. Let the people entertain me!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, only dictators and corrupt leaders got assassinated. Oh, another type will be those in the CIA hit list. The latter type you will be safe.

I also got to agree with you that on religious ground, you could be a target because of your free wheeling lifestyle. But this you can change or do it quietly.

Matilah_Singapura said...


you've seemed to have missed my main point: I don't want to change the world. Fuck that shit. I'd rather enjoy myself seeing the spectacular consequences of collective human stupidity.

Have you got it now, or are you still stubborn?