Papa coming out to help

Can any of you remember the days when we were young and needed to hide behind papa? Or can any of you recall how your little boy or girl came to you for help or hid behind your back while the teacher reprimanded them? It is a very powerful tactic to invite papa to stand up for you when you are young and running out of excuses. This is even better if your papa is a big time gangster as in Jack Neo's movie 'I not stupid'. I am waiting for his next movie and I am sure there are plenty of social issues and material for him to work on. He may want to try one with the title, 'Inviting the god' or 'chea shin' in Hokien.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY they got no choice but to bring out their GOD

Anonymous said...

Papa will grow old and will be less effective than scarecrow.

And soon papa's body will also turn cold.


Anonymous said...

Can't the Boy-boy handle anything himself? Looks like not only Papa is holding his hand. The others, Seniors, Deputies and Mini-stars without, I still really don't know what, are obviously like the eunuchs in imperial China, attending to Boy-boy's needs.

I think Abhisit can do a better job for a fraction of the price.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The children get the Papa they deserve.