Notable quote from Remy Tan

What a country needs is not just talent, but also commitment and loyalty....Remy Tan Remy Tan wrote to the ST commenting on the Wharton and Harvard couple who decided to move to Singapore because Singapore benefits them but then changed their minds because of xenophobic postings in the blogs. I can agree with Remy Tan's comment but with some qualifications. What he said is only true if it is a country. If it is a hotel, then what is needed is more talents and not commitment or loyalty. And this is the exactly what is happening to the MNCs. All the executives are creaming off as much as they can from the organisations knowing very well that at some point in time they will have to leave. There is no need for commitment or loyalty to any organisation or country. It is one's own pocket and interests that matter. Are we building a country or are we turning it into a hotel? A hotel always places the interests and comfort of its guests first. The staff are there only to work and collect pays. If we go the direction of the hotel, then what we need are talents and more talents and more talents. No need commitment nor loyalty. The latter are foolish ideas to con the fools.


Anonymous said...

I think a whorehouse example is closer. Locals gets screwed, customers leaves happy and satisfied, pimp gets paid and screw emploees futher. Older employees gets laid off (no puns intended).

Anonymous said...

Other than to say that me fully concurs with the First Commenter and the Author, the other thing me wishes to say is let's put our minds together to frighten away alien invaders. If words are not enough or effective then there got to be actions.

There are patriotic citizens, there are fake (pragmatic) citizens and there are minted fake citizens.

Let's make the pimps and their masters end their sins. Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

A company here was scouting for a few foreign 'talent' producers... all of the interviewees didn't want a full time job, they were looking to cream off the company on a one-off (or two, if lucky) project basis.

The only thing FTs love about $ingapore is the easy money, not the country.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Remy Tan must have a super-brain to make a claim to know what the fuck it is the cuntry needs.

To commit and be loyal to "a country" is nonsense. It is like being loyal and fore-swearing to an ideology.

The only entities which can have a committment/ loyal relationship are HUMAN BEINGS to each other.


> Are we building a country or are we turning it into a hotel? <

I hope so. Actually, I know so because I for one benefit from it.

I like the hotel concept: you can form relationships with other humans on a voluntary basis and be agnostic and/ or wilfully ignorant of the proclamations and outrageous opinions from the government and their blind-faith minions: the sheeple.

I like Hotel Singapore.

And BTW, racsim and xenophobia does turn people off. Some of them really productive and talented people.

So go for it folks, continue to post your racist shit about foreigners "invading" your precious little island.

Australia cannot totally shake it's reputation due to past race-based public policies like the White Australia Policy which was implemented many, many decades ago -- more than a few generations.

It is my hope that Singaporeans will drag their nation's reputation into the sewer of bigotry and hostility.

Keep exercising your freedom of speech to be an asshole, and punish your whole country in the process.

Democracy at work :)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just make sure you understand the difference between nationalism and racism. And when have Australia done away with their racist policies? They only did it in the past? Just because they slid open their door a little and people believe that they are no longer racists?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Australia still has racist policies. For e.g. if you are an abo you get "special treatment" under the law -- cheap loans, free education in the school (private school included) of your choice, free legal representation...etc etc.

It is unlikely that these racist policies will ever be overturned. Other non-aboriginal people simply get on with their lives and productivity.

I don't think Australia is a "racist" country per se, but it does have racially-based policies in the law.

And it is not my job to "defend" Australia. I call a spade a spade. And if anyone doesn't like it, stay the fuck away, don't come here, don't spend your money here -- just fuck off. We'll be fine, mate :)