Notable quote by Jack Lin

'WE got first class ministers and Govt, but still got third class citizens'. By Jack Lin The above quote posted by a YPAP activist in the PAP Facebook is incurring the wrath of netizens and PAP leaders are coming out to contain the damage. Jack Lin too has came out to apologise and explain what he actually meant and not to insult Singaporeans. My view is that Jack Lin, like all netizens, should be free to express his views. We all have strong views of things, positive and negative. It is a freedom of expression and people can agree or disagree with him. Jack Lin and his comrades can then defend their position and eventually a common ground would be reached and both sides will understand each other better. What's wrong with a personal view like this? Netizens took offend in the sense that the view could be a reflection of the party or the likes of what future PAP leaders will be. The party can easily come out, like it did now, to say that it is just an individual's viewpoint. Period. It is a healthy discourse which naturally has opposing views. As long as everyone is sensible, keep it to the topic and not resort to name calling or suing, I would say, let the debate continues. And Jack Lin should be free to say what he wants to say. In fact everyone should be free to express his views, logically and coherently of course. We cannot keep people's views, especially genuine and sincere ones, under the lid. It would be hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

While Jack is free to comment whatever he wants, I take it as a reflection of the organisation he represents. This is the quality of grassroots representation when MPs walked into their constituency without a fight, that they are a cut above the electorate. They should be brought down to humble ground in a humiliating way.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the author.

Just like some netizens call them PAP dogs, but take offence when returned the courtesy with words like "daft" or even dogs (from Sinha, I think).

Double standards = hypocrisy.

While I agree that all of us should be allowed to say whatever we want, we should not condone unrestrained speech. Trading insults will not solve anything. It is a sign of third world mentality.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Normally I would say that young people may be hotheads and turn to name calling, which is quite normal. But for young people aspiring to be leaders of the country, I will expect a higher standard of self discipline and behaviour. And many of them are quite highly schooled.

If at this age they are still unable to speak in a mature manner, then something is seriously lacking. Character flaw?

Can't they hold a debate in a mature manner?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Jack Lin also disparaged Mr Chiam See Tong and insinuated his degree was bought off some degree mill.

Anonymous said...

May i start by saying that my england not powerful and may interpret or understand Jack Lin's Remark differently.

Me happens to think that we are beginning to have young people in YPAP who are candid, frank and therefore honest in their views. They are spontaneous, straightforward and pretendless and said things as they witnessed them. Yes, the Leaders are First World and First Class or so they claimed, but the people are Third, Pariah Classes(as observed by YPAP Members). Me surmises that the Young Members of YPAP must be scratching their heads wondering why and they have no answer. Similarly, the people make so much noises and yet the Leaders were voted in, in every election. Me scratched my brain until blood and pains flow into my heart, wondering why too.

Admittedly, i must say that personally, me does not think the youngs in SIN are capable of much understandings of virtues or are endowed with much sympathies. After all, Civics and Ethics were never taught to them in their student days as they were removed from their school syllabus. Materialism and vanity are very much the National Ethos for years.

If the Young PAP Members' Comments irritate the people, Singaporeans must also accept that they, the people themselves, are irritating each others as they are not showing consistency in thoughts and actions. (Poor)Role models that our youngs copy.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am not sure about the part on Chiam. If there is anything detrimental to Chiam, he would know what to do.

As the for the first world leader and third world populace, it is true. How else would the leader be elected year after year and the people still so unhappy? But I may be wrong. The people are very happy.

Anonymous said...

"How else would the leader be elected year after year and the people still so unhappy?"

Because the people have no choice? Much like having to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Anonymous said...

the problem with singaporeans is that they are highly intolerant of alternative points of view. this is the case from the top to the bottom. it is very george w bush - u are either with me or against me. the problem is life is not black or white. it is unending shades of grey.

as for jack's quote, i disagree that the citizens here are third- class. second-class seems more accurate. i also disagree with the prevailing claim that this country has reached first-class standards. it's just an urban myth. however, we do put on a first-class national day parade!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Jack Lin made a sweeping statement like most of us did quite regularly. I too did that. But most of us know that a sweeping statement cannot accommodate all the shades of grey. It is just to make a point about a glaring situation. A simple example is to call a minister an idiot. Of course we all know that he is not. There are exceptions of course: )

As for the parade, it is a good time for bonding the people with the soldiers. The people could, for once, feel very close and comfy with our boys in uniform and their machines. And this is good, a people's army.

I was a little annoyed during the firing of the gun salute at the war memorial. They chased everyone across the roads from the firing location. And I could not find a spot to shoot the cannon firing.

However this was rectified the following week and the public were allowed to observe at close quarters from the guns, and with an officer on the spot briefing them of the procedures and the firing process. They also issued ear plugs to the public spectators.

And this was great and good PR. There was a young lieutenant that was particularly helpful and cordial to the public. He offered me the ear plugs on both days.

We need the soldiers and the people to feel as one, not us and them. We are one country and one people and the citizens are the soldiers and the soldiers the citizens. let's gel together.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elder Bean;

You're lucky now when compared to the Zaobao Photographer that's because the Armed Forces Men are in celebratory mode.

Me expects to face the barrel of my son's M16 if there is a freak election result. Me will still attempt a slap on his face when the day ever arrives, i hereby affirm by pledge to do it.