A new vibrancy in town

While Tharman was trying hard to water down the heavenly expectation of a 13-15% growth, while he was trying to say that it was an anomaly, he even sounded embarrass for such an economic data, he finally ended to the extent of saying that this was a flash in the pan incident. Nothing to gloat about. So there should be more sanely expectation of our economic growth next year. No more than 5-6% if my reading is right, for that is a reasonable number for a nearly mature economy. We are no longer a developing country when everything is waiting to be developed. Our only growth factors now are property and high inflation fueled by importing more foreign workers. Remove these elements and we could see a recession in our way. Then again, there are new opportunities for growth. While we thought that the construction industry has been full blown and should go to a hibernation stage soon after the two IRs and the slew of HDB flats going to be built, I am seeing a gigantic opportunity that could drive the economy for the next 10 to 20 years. The flooding yesterday was serious. No one would dare to explain that it was caused by some twits or twigs clogging up the drain. They have done that, by fencing up the drains from twig clogging. The damages are huge and will continue to do damages down the road. And the frequency and severity cannot be ignored as a one in 50 year incident. There is a need to appoint a consultancy to study the whole drainage system and maybe to rebuild a network of drainage tunnels around the island. The machinery used my MRT for tunnelling work could still have a life. Then they could even consider new concepts like flotation gear for new buildings or capsules to keep water from flooding the basements. A network of tunnels will brighten up our friends up north. Mammoth projects like this is their cup of tea. They may even quote for the building of a floating city or a floating island. All new buildings should be built on stilts. The experience in Kukup will come in handy. They have built a whole new village on concrete stilts into the sea. In the meantime, the car workshops and mechanics and the insurance people will be busy making more money from the cars turned submarines. Oh god, my car insurance premium is going to go up again. It is my fault, the fault of motorists who own cars and so it is only expected that they should pay for the higher insurance claims.


Anonymous said...

Shocking News!!


Wally Buffet said...

Hi Guys,

The teeny weeny flood we just had in Sinkapore is nothing.

For a preview of our end, see HERE

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Me heard Tharman last night before i slept and was telling myself that my leaders are extremely talented in one aspect and i mean TRULY TALENTED and that is they are DAMN GOOD AT USING WORDS. The ways they play with words are just simply marvellous. Everything can be explained or it seemed.

Wonders; and here expert helps are needed, whether economic data can be manipulated to create for an intended purpose. Is there flexibility like keeping some positive economic result and postphone it to augment a planned or an impending event such as election?

Or, could a poor economic result be massaged to look good by playing with figures? Me just wonders and believed there could be many others liked me who stray into thinking involuntarily over such matters.

Anyway, could'nt help wanting to say that most of us will end much much earlier than the Earth(the Planet). Personally, me feels that the Earth is beyond my ability(to help) to save, do wish that nature can be kinder to us. However, if the humankind is so bent on damaging Earth(environments) by destroying natures to build their artifacts, impeding the natural developments and progresses, then there is a price to pay. Despite the inevitable short span of human life, humans invariably are unable to stop their conquests which few ever get to enjoy.

Some leaders in wanting to show their prowess and greatness paradoxically taint their very own respectability and hence integrities in their deeds.

In 2012-AD, many will die, as usual and a little more if there is calamity. However, rest assured not all will perished together at the same time.

Hopefully, me sees You in 2013.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I hope the GDP growth of 13-15% is not going to be used as the benchmark for the next salary increase for our rulers. I could be disappointed, though, having been brushed aside as too ignorant to understand such things.

Secondly, I concur with patriot that they are extremely talented in their choice of words for every occasion.

For example, the first flood was explained away as a once in 50 years event, which means it was unlikely to happen again, to indicate that we have such a well planned drainage system in Singapore, that another flood is unthinkable. The twigs and branches were the culprits.

However, Heaven begs to differ. They found themselves swallowing their words not long after when the second flood hit. This time, they just tell us not to expect no flooding in Singapore. What a change in perception. From an arrogant stance to a defensive mode in a space of two weeks.

Now, I know what they are going to say or blame or have already said about the third flood. It's all due to Typhoon Conson. The easiest answer. Is there no other contributory factors causing all these floods?

Nothing about the status of the drainage system or the adequacy of such a system in the light of the furious pace of development and increase in population.

I think we really have to change our mindset and be satisfied with a dose of bad governance. But I think it will only be morally right if they pay themselves salaries commensurate with governing a less than first world country.

Anonymous said...

They were caught offguard by the influx of immigrants and the high demand for housing. They were caught by nature pouring cold water on the island at double quick time and an inadequate drainage system.

Now some brilliant joker is blaming on Typhoon Conson which struck Hanoi in North Vietnam. How far is that from us? Definitely further than JB, KL and further away than Bangkok.

Next time when a hurricane struck in Texas, it will be blamed for the flood in Orchard Rd. And our common cold could be due to Obama sneezing in the White House.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just like the housing shortages, caught off guard and now scurrying for damage control.