Nano Singapore

The signs are all there. Small is the way to go. Our public housing are getting smaller and smaller, not the price of course. So Singaporeans will have to squeeze themselves into small flats as a new way of stylist living. Pay more and live stylistly. With such a small space, every little inch of space and corner is expensive and must be optimised. The whole island is a bigger example of how every square foot of land is not wasted. In a new move, Singaporeans are encouraged to go two wheels, bicycles! Give up driving, even cheap off peak cars should be abandoned. Just cycle, cheap and good. What's next? A new drug will be invented to shrink Singaporeans to half their present size to fit into the new mantra, 'Small is Good' or 'Small is beautiful'. And yes, we can then take in 20 million people and there will still be plentiful land and space for all. Just a side track, they are asking small children to start saving in piggy banks! Holy cow, with banking cost so expensive, how could these children's few dollars justify an account in the big banks? The $2 monthly charges will wipe out their savings in double quick time. Big banks are for big customers only. No little children can bank. Is this also part of the small is beautiful and good campaign?


Wally Buffet said...

Singapore circa 2020:

A nation of Lilliputians living in doll houses.

Anonymous said...

Circa 2020 definitely will not apply to the rulers, the elites, the foreign fat cats and dogs, the stooges.

I say the stooges because they will need them to perform the guard and security duties. You cannot expect Lilliputians to be security guards when dealing with fat cats and dogs.

That will be our golden age.

Anonymous said...

Hey! $2 from each account every month is going to reap a fortune for banks You know? Automatically deductible leh.

Don't grouse, we are all quite guilty in one way or another to allow the bullyings to get worse over the years and it could very well get 'worser' as time goes.


Anonymous said...

'In a new move, Singaporeans are encouraged to go two wheels, bicycles!'

Wow, by then they will probably have a song and dance to promote cycling, something along the Animal Farm mantra:

Four wheels good, two wheels better!


Anonymous said...

Me had posted in an earlier thread that non-motorised two wheelers will be reined in for regulations with costs.

Don't believe?

Watch it coming!


Anonymous said...

I think so too. Lots of money to be made if you look at the number of bicycles parked at Tampines and Pasir Ris MRT stations alone.

They will think of a reason, like needing to provide parking space, building of bicycle tracks etc and, not forgetting that there is a new ruling that bicycles now have more rights on walkways than pedestrians. Too good to be true.

You know what they are cooking with the ingredients that they are putting in. Yes, just watch.