Myth 222 - The Ignorant Singaporean Myth

How many people really believe that Singaporeans are ignorant? I don’t believe a wee bit that Singaporeans are ignorant at all. Singaporeans know exactly what is happening around them. Even the non graduate talents like Jack Neo and Mark Lee are as street smart as the university graduates. And they too know what to say and what not to say, what can be joked and what cannot be joked. The reason why Singaporeans are reticent and appear stupid or ignorant to some is that many are perfecting the art of Tao, the art of doing nothing and all will be done in due course. Yes, when the boat nears the bridge it will straighten itself. In a way Singaporeans are quite like the Thais. The Thais are known to be overtly loyal and obedient to their revered king. But time is near, and they are talking. Even Ahbisit told the military and the King to stay out of politics. And many Thais are saying, quietly in private, and now openly, calling for a change in the political system, without the King and the military’s meddling. Who knows how long will the Thais continue to revere their King and how long will the monarchy last? The Singaporeans are as ignorant as the Thais. Oh, I am not saying that the Thais are ignorant. The word ignorance has a different definition and meaning in a different context and time. So, how many people believe that Singaporeans are ignorant?


Anonymous said...

I believe they are ignorant, for the last 45 years at least. They know what is happening alright, but the majority still do the same and only thing, election after election. Even wise ones also become ignorant, when doing the same things over and over again. Automatic, like robots.

Singaporeans are unlike the Thais. They are not really loyal, but love carrots, big ones, and handouts to remain 'kay kay' loyal. Take away that, and things may work out differently. What type of carrots they will get before the coming election this time remains to be seen.

They are also easily cowed because they believe the God of No Mercy will punish them if they do not follow, so 'kwai kwai' they have to obey, in blind faith.

The Thais are changing alright, and are actively going about changing, but I think Singaporeans will remain just as ignorant as 45 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans will look at each other and say in their heads lee si lee a thai chi, interpret as it is your own funeral.

Anonymous said...

No, after the election, they will just look at each other and just blink and say 'boh chai'. That means 'don't know' or ignorant.

When it is pay back time after the election, and the noose tightens, they will just look at each other and just blink and say
'eh pay mai suan e'. That means 'next time will not vote for them' but we know that is just talk cock lah!

Come next election, it is going to be same same lah. I am rather sick and tired of listening to the same old broken record.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We should not be so pessimistic. Look at what is happening around the world. Our govt is simply the best money can buy. We shall have more good years.

Don't rock the boat. Everything is just fine.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No one is totally ignorant or a perfect expert in any area. People's knowledge or ignorance is not EQUAL -- we all have abilities and skills, and we cannot know everything about everything.

So it is a myth that Singaporeans are ignorant. Anyway, ignorance is an INDIVIDUAL TRAIT -- you cannot say objectively that a whole nation of people are ignorant.

To do so is, well, ignorant :)