More Malays in senior appointments in the Military

Teo Chee Hean reassured the public that more able Malays are taking up senior and sensitive appointments in the military and security services. This came about in Parliament after queries were raised concerning a self radicalized Malay, Muhammad Fadil, was arrested by the ISD. The radicalized path of servicemen in the military and police is a serious concern as the danger and consequences could be very damaging to national security. It is also natural to place a linkage on such arrests to opportunities for higher appointments in military and security services. It is also good that Chee Hean put the matter to rest. The Malays should not be unduly worried that an isolated case like Muhammad Fadil would jeopardize their chances in the various govt ministry. The Malay issue has been a difficult problem for the govt and great afford is being made to make sure that able Malays would not lose out in pursuing a career in the military. With more Malays assuming higher appointments, they could only do the Malays proud and prove that they are every inch a Singaporean like everyone else.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I am against any form of "tokenism" be it racial, gender or any form of collectivist/ group lable.

Giving the benefit of the doubt to the (occasionally)good minister: those officers attained senior positions because of their ability, skill, honour and trust.

They just happen to be Malay in their ethnicity.

The Malay-thing in S'pore is unwarranted. It is ok to be any race as long as one doesn't push the race to a superior position by political process -- as the bumis do in UMNO. You can extend this to any group/ collectivist lable: feminism, religious dogma, GLBT etc.

Most people don't give a shit about religious leanings, feminism or GLBT as they are too busy dealing with their life's struggles. However if these groups push their agenda POLITICALLY and have the govt script laws favouring these groups and their ideology at the expense of trampling over the rights of other more peaceful ("I could care less" attitude) individuals, then there are going to be problems.

Anonymous said...

Me was fine with Mr Yusof Ishak as the (First)President of SIN.

And me does not mind having a Malay, Indian or Other Races as a Prime Minister too. Maybe a change would bring more joys to the plabeians. Maybe a Malay Prime Minister could be more sympathetic to the people.