A little bit of unhappiness

The people are getting a little noisy with their small unhappiness. The latest is the fare hike in public transport which is also reported as a fare deduction. So which is which is a bit hazy and may also cause a little unhappiness. We have many little unhappiness here and there and everywhere. Many people will have their little unhappiness but nothing serious. And the govt knows that all this crap about unhappiness is really nothing to worry about. It is the serious matters that will count and the people are mostly very happy with the appreciation of their property prices and counting how much they are worth everyday, and smiling as their networth is increasing rapidly. Half the population are millionaires in their own rights. Would the cumulation of little unhappiness be compressed over a short interval of time into a big unhappiness like the torrential rainfall over one or two hours resulting in flooding? The coming GE will see all the little unhappiness coming together and bring out as one major problem by the opposition. Will it work to the ruling party's disadvantage or will they simply fade away like all little problems do?


Anonymous said...

After all the PAP count the votes and they've got their ghurka attack dogs who won't hesitate to kill Singaporeans. So whats worry? More good years (for PAP) lah!

Anonymous said...


The plot never changes after all these years.

Matilah_Singapura said...

When you base the criteria your happiness too much on the conduct of other people or the weather – or anything you cannot influence or control directly, you deserve to be unhappy, and people like me will derive some happiness by laughing at people like you.

How’s that work for you?

Keep up the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Me likes to skip my comment until after the next election to talk about happiness in SIN.