IRs big contributors to economic growth

Our economic growth data for the year is astronomical and unbeliever. Thanks to the two IRs. The numbers of 13-15% are being quoted, way above the 10% of China. In absolute term our 15% may be infinitesimal, but in percentage term it is something to crow about. We are saved by the two IRs definitely. Now what? Shall we have another one or two IRs? With the present two, our economic growth has shot up by 10%. Another two IRs will see 20-30% quite achieveable. That would be really unbelieveable and a world record again. But going this route could push the two and then four IRs into the red, like the stock market. Too many stocks and derivatives and too few investors, with many becoming penny stocks or ghost stocks. The two IRs are doing roaring business. Another two may also do roaring business if the supply of visitors and gamblers continues to grow. If not, they will go kaput. Maybe a little restraint will be better. Follow the public housing policy. Build lesser than the demand and be happy with the long queues of applicants and over subscriptions. Prices can be pushed higher and higher with demand swarming over limited supply. The entrance fee for citizens can also be raised if the number of IRs remains at two. This is creative management of supply and demand in a free market economy and everything else can be left to free market forces. And if prices go up, just point the finger at the free market forces. It is the problem of the market. Or it is how free market should work. Long live free market and free entreprises.


Anonymous said...

Can someone provide some light as to why Tung Lok Millennium is giving up operating the staff cafeteria at RWS after only a couple of months?

Wally Buffet said...

The staff are getting tired of eating sharks fin for lunch everyday.


Anonymous said...

Economy boom town charlie liao, so PAP says must import another 100,000 foreigners.

Don't forget, more INPUTS into any economy = more OUTPUT ie. GDP. Importing foreigners has been the easy way out by PAP to create GDP growth in the past decade.

How long more can they sustain this sham GDP growth especially when pee sai is already overloaded population-wise?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Quick buy more properties. Another 100K foreigners, property prices sure go up one.

Anonymous said...

Poor people where got money to buy. Paying for a 3 room pigeon hole already 'buay tahan' and sometimes huffing and puffing. Only rich people will benefit.

Sure go up one, also no use. Just like double digit GDP growth, shout and shout also does not affect me. Again only the rich will benefit. Their salaries are pegged to GDP.

Matilah_Singapura said...

So what? It is possible to have a 15% spike -- given the amount to "stimulus" Tharman and his buddies past a year or two ago.

Any fool can forecast "good times" if there is alot of credit splashing about in the pool of funds.

And any, economic data can be interpreted to "look good". It's been done before, and continues to be done.

Just to quote an e.g. at one time Enron's balance sheet and cash flows looked unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Cooking statistics apart; IRs could be big contributors to economic growth.

It could also GREATLY contribute to shits of family/marriage breakdowns, individual downfalls and societal chaos.

They have celebrated too early!