Inviting a wolf into a sheep pen

Asean's invitation of the US to play a bigger role in the region is like inviting a wolf into a sheep pen. The US is notorious for warmongering. In fact it thrives on wars. It depends on wars to survive, to keep its weapons industry going, its huge military forces and weapons useful. Starting wars and propagating wars is the US way to sustain its economy and keep itself relevant. Wherever the Americans are, there will be wars. The latest casualty is Pakistan. It had many years of peace without the US. The moment Musharraff went dining with George Bush, the country was plunged into warfare. And it is still at war. The other notables are Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran and Korea will be next. And to keep an incessant series of wars in the pipeline, it is sowing seeds in the Asean region, encouraging the Asean states to stand up to China with their backings. The Filipinos used to do that by arresting or harrassing Chinese fishing boats. Of course they knew that they had the Americans behind them to pull the whiskers of a sleeping dragon. Would Asean be thrown into a state of turmoil and warfare? Will Southeast Asia be no longer a zone of peace, freedom and neutrality? We will have to see how silly the Asean leaders are and the consequences of playing with fire.


Anonymous said...

Now that North Korea and Myanmar are coming closer together, you can bet the US will create trouble right here, at our doorstep, in Asean.

It would be something along the path of Iraq. Myanmar will be push into the 'axis of evil' replacing Iraq. And because Myanmar has nuclear ambitions, a regime change is necessary. Evidence will be fabricated and the stooges will just have to sing the chorus to get the action going.

Anonymous said...

Why are U People so enarmoured with the US? It will have the World as its' enemies soon. As for Asia and Asean, they have been fighting and are killing amongst themselves and within their own countries, what's new?

Just kip yourselves healthy and watch and enjoy Obama and his gangs fight his and their detractors.

Hollywood gets plenty of inspirations from the beasts in the US of A. Just pay your tickets and watch them in cinemas, otherwise watch CNA, CNN or any tv stations.


Anonymous said...

Yeah hor!. Why need hundreds of thousands of troops. Just send in John Rambo to North Korea or Myanmar. He is a one man army and he always wins in the end. Bulletproof some more.

Funny, with him around, how come the US gets kicked out of Vietnam?

Anonymous said...

"Funny, with him around, how come the US gets kicked out of Vietnam?"


"The film alleges that certain events were engineered or were allowed to happen as excuses to enter into war including the sinking of the RMS Lusitania (a factor in the US decision to enter World War I two years later), the Attack on Pearl Harbor (which was the opening attack of the Japanese on the US in World War II), and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident (which led to the escalation of the Vietnam War).
According to the film, the US was forced by the Federal Reserve Bank to become embroiled in these wars, not with a view to win but to sustain the conflict, as this forces the US government to borrow money from the bank, allegedly increasing the profits of the "international bankers"."

Anonymous said...

The American media is also in the game to drive a wedge between Asean and China, and particularly Singapore and China. It claimed that the Chinese FM Yang glared at George Yeo when talking about US internationalising the South China Sea island dispute.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The game was up many decades ago as far as American Foreign Policy goes.

Without exports to USA, ASEAN will be poorer. However, China and Japan are essentially America's bankers as they hold most of the US external debt. In fact, they also hold alot of the debt of US homeowners and credit card maxers.

So there is this impossible entanglement between the US and Asia.

There is a widespread belief that US presence in the region will "guarantee peace".

Because ASEAN leaders essentially have vaginas instead of balls of steel, they will continue to "use" the US to "fight their battles" for them. Majority of ASEAN leaders are scared of (but they won't admit openly):

1. Crazy Islamic terrorism

2. Mad fuckers like Kim JI

3. The militaristic rise of Japan

4. China's increasing power

So what to do? You can complain all you like but the US and its awesome military-mass-killing-machine will be in your homelands because your ball-less leaders are craven motherfucking cowards.

Have fun.