Instant trees and instant 3 in 1

The application of instant tree principle in our social, economic and political structure has brought about rapid growth and, of course instant prosperity. We have instant population and citizens to provide the necessary workforce for a growing economy, leading to glowing economic growth data and culminating in instant wealth, big bonuses and big spending power. Removing the instant population from the equation and we will have instant recession or stagnation, no growth to talk about. Not enough labour, not enough demand for housing and public services, and not enough inflow of foreign capital and skills. All this is good provided the integration is robust and lasting in nature. In fine weather there seems to be no flaws in this strategy of growth. Other than the issue of sustainability, meaning that we continue to add on more people into the island forever, for never ending growth, the signs of stress are emerging. The recent spate of thunderstorms and floodings are reminders of how fragile is this dependency on instant trees. The rapid economic development does not allow the soil to settle, so to speak, in a gradual and natural way as in nature. Instant trees are tumbling and uprooting at the slightest adversed weather in greater numbers. They have discovered the big secret, that instant trees have shallow and weak roots. These, couple with weather and loose soil, were the causes of fallen trees. And naturally they brought about damages and destruction of lives and properties in the process. Our instant population are not much different from our instant trees. Uprooting and falling in bad weather will be a common feature in the time to come. Their instant departure in big numbers can be more destructive than a few fallen trees.


Anonymous said...

Dynamic population growth has to be completed by latent and potential resources and developments. In a tiny dot void of natural resources and space. It can result in instant deaths to the 'instants' trees and those that depend on them(trees)

In the case of SIN, with instant trees taking up more space, the sunlight will be blocked out and those under the trees are just as doomed.

No way out, it seems. So, fate sealed.

Wally Buffet said...


At the way things are going, it is instant fast track to becoming a banana republic.

For starters, those hordes of third world peasants, becoming instant "newly minted" citizens are basically rootless. They came here, suck up the nutrients of our country and leave, eventually. From peasants, they became altered, more worldly wise, ready for the real first world, their eventual goal. Only fools and the blind doesn't know what their end game is. Or pretend not to know. Or still living in the dreamland of optimism.

Then there are the so called "elites", the film stars, the rich and the "professionals" They too have their agendas. Once they creamed off the profits here, we will be a dying star in the black hole of the universe. That day, when it comes, is not only about flooding and the "once in 50 years" occurence, we will just disappear into the Straits of Sinkapore.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, instant trees, instant talents, instant fix for harassing PAP MPs and instant everything.

No wonder redbean is worried about the next instant, an instant highway charge of driving his car out of the carpark.

Anonymous said...

Instant millionaire for MIWs...

Anonymous said...

Especially when they are devoid of consciences.

Many are perverted in reasonings as well.