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I am so lucky

I won’t say that to Wally. You see, Wally thought he was smart and had a good deal when an FT bought his 3 rm flat for a fortune. Yes, it was a fortune for Wally to build a palace in LiJiang. The palace is up and Wally the emperor is enjoying his life there. But little did Wally know that the FT, if they are worthy to the name FT, must know something more, or is smarter than the locals. And the FT has proven to be right. The ridiculous price that he paid Wally was not ridiculous anymore. The price of HDB resale flat is going up and up and the FT is going to make a fortune. Wally thought he had a good deal. But the FT is having a betterer deal. All he needs to do now is to sit on this little gold mine and see his fortune grow by the day. Wally must be regretting now. I almost sold my little flat too to join Wally. On hindsight, I can now celebrate for procrastinating to sell my flat. If the FT is right, another 30 years I may be able to buy 5 palaces in Lijiang instead of one today. And if I wait longer, another 30 years, I wonder how many more palaces I could buy. So I am just going to feel good about my little HDB flat and my good fortune. Its price is going to go up and up. And I can keep smiling and smiling as the media keep a good daily update of how expensive my little HDB is getting. Oops, I mean how worthy I am by the day with my HDB flat appreciating in value in an unstoppable manner, and more FTs and those citizens that were squeezed out of the HDB queue came knocking to offer me more. The COV is enough to see me retiring, smiling into the twilight. To borrow a phrase from Wally, I am waiting for the next sucker that is going to pay me more for my HDB flat?


Anonymous said...

Redbean; indeed You're lucky and You should celebrate. Foreigners came and come in to spend their dirty monies and let You make easy money. Where can You get this kind of fortunes elsewhere in the World?

Wally is smart, smarter than most, it is better to be an emperor with a little palace than to be a slave owning a big mansion or even multiple properties.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would like to keep my flat for another 30 years. Then maybe buy 10 palaces in Lijiang. I think it is realisable at the rate the prices are shooting up.

Shssssh. I will be 90 by then: )

Anonymous said...

'Wan Sui, Wan Wan Sui' to You my Fren. That is if your heart is not broken by tommorrow.


Anonymous said...

Cannot figure out how this will end with property prices going up the way it is. What will happen in the end?

Or it just go up forever, then how are people going to pay? Just boggles my mind. Maybe an ignorant peasant like me, too simple minded to understand.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you live long enough, it will fizzle out into thin air. If you don't live long enough you may enough your living days smiling away.

If sway sway kenna hospitalised, not enough to pay even if you sell your flat.

Anonymous said...

"If sway sway kenna hospitalised, not enough to pay even if you sell your flat"

Exactly! What is the use of all this propaganda about asset upgrading? In the end, the increase in value is not enough even to pay the increase in hospitalisation charges when you fall sick. They gave a drumstick, but they will take back one whole chicken.

Who benefits from all this? Increases in HDB flat prices after upgrading, translates into increases in prices in the resale market, translates into increases in prices of new flats. They may deny this, but they are pricing new flats based on the market prices of resale flats.

Anonymous said...

The midget talking cock. Many of my peers got booted out of HDB schemes because we found our partners late. Now not eligible for HDB even if we are FIRST TIMERS!


agongkia said...

I suddenly miss this WingChun kungfu master.
To certain extend I agree with you that Wally is smart and smarter than most.
But I think life is meaningless to be an emperor with a little palace.It will only be perfect with 7 concubines in it.If you sell your flat now,you can have them serving you .But if you sell your flat in 30 years,you may own more palaces but life will be meaningless at that time, even you got concubine.,unless Wally's wingchun can keep him strong forever.I think its "smarterer" like that .hehe..

Anonymous said...

Mr Agongkia;

Me hopes Redbean and Wally are reading You.

You remind me of one comment made in My Singapore News that there is someone better than sexologist Dr Martha( at theonlinecitizen), it must be you.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I hope Wally is enjoying himself in his LiJiang palace and impervious to the grumblings of beans. The last time Matilah disappeared suddenly I was worried.

WingChun may be good for health. But just don't over indulged: )

Hope Wally is fine.