How to prevent more flooding?

People are starting to question the causes of the recent flooding. It is no longer amusing, or something that will go away. It is something that is going to stay and get worst. June and July are our hottest and driest months. Wait till December and January come, then we will know how serious the flooding will be. For the moment blame has been put to the Typhoon in Vietnam, to little twigs and unusually heavy rain. Looks like the rainfall in one month is equivalent to a whole year's rainfall. Going at this rate, rainfall will be up by at least 500% by the year end. Thank God we got the Marina Barrage or the whole island will be under water. While some may think that the Marina Barrage is a cause to the flash floods, I think otherwise. I am going to put to the blame solely on the building of Noah's Ark. We not only have one already standing on top of the Marina Sands Casino, there is another one coming up at Buona Vista, a mega church that looks like an ark. I think we have one too many arks in this little dot. As was told in the bible, once the ark was built, the heavy rain will come, with the flood. So, blame it on the arks! And to stop more flooding, you got the answer now. Or maybe we should ask Paul, the octopussy, for the answer.


Anonymous said...


If they do not find out the 'why' first I doubt they can figure out the 'how'.

Anonymous said...

I thought we were, at one point, trying to rival Myanmar and Thailand in the building of 'Pagodas', right in the center of HDB estates.

That was after we became the undisputed world's No. 1 in building covered walkways.

Now that redbean tells me, building arks must be the next national craze.

Hmmm, they really think far ahead, ready for the day when red dot becomes another Atlantis. The arks will be really useful.

But there may not be enough space on those arks for lesser mortals when the inevitable happens.

I better buy a sampan myself. Just in case.

Anonymous said...


Noahs' Ark.

A legendary man, an imagined Ark.

Did noahs' ark carry snakes n rats.

It must had, otherwise there cant be so many around.

Anonymous said...

Our esteemed and learned Environment Minister has now, himself, come up with new twist to his spin about the floods. Notice how clever they all are in wriggling out of tight corners.

'Once in 50 years only' flood assurance comes from his mouth, but now he says we cannot expect no floods, the same answer given by our PM.

Now, Mr. Minister, we expect floods, but not three times in exactly 31 days. Singaporeans never expect no flooding, but with such arrogant boast that flooding can occur only once in 50 years, they take your word for it.

If our Minister is totally wrong in his earlier '50 years' gaffe, at least he mujst be sincere and admit he was mistaken in his arrogant boast.

Of course, being ignorant, I do not expect them to admit to making mistakes. After all, one of his kind thinks they are higher mortals and need not apologise or answer to ignorant peasants.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Can't prevent more flooding. It's foolish even to try. The sudden deluge of rainfall is a climactic event out of the norm.

It may be a sign of climate change, or not. But one things for sure: the weather is always changing.

Anonymous said...

Die lah! Our congested drainage system probably never took into account climate change. It would be a monumental change to make if they were to redesign or enlarge the canals. We simply lack the land area to cope. Same with our transport system, which thankfully still permit some leeway, but not much.

But the problem is they will never admit to such shortsighted vision. Mr. Yakult just said that the recent floods were all due to 'intense storms' a conclusion he reached after much study and 'learning experience'. Many Singaporeans felt insulted because they think that their 3 year old kids and 90 year old grandmothers also know that. Nothing is however said about other factors.

So much for the $2 million dollars a month answer to our flooding problems.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should be $2 million a year.

Anon 8.04

Anonymous said...

Me am not alarmed by Minister Yaacob's 'twists and turns'.

His superiors' claims are a lot more worrisome. The floods are not avoidable. Me asks; could the impacts of the floods be reduced with effective and preventive measures???