Hefty fare hike and social injustice

What is so wrong about this hefty fare hike? In other countries, a hike of 10% could have demonstrations in the streets with buildings burnt. In this case, many are facing a hike of 40% to 50% and nothing happens. And those who claimed to be looking after the interest of the people also continue to remain mute. It is social injustice in the first order. Some cock decided to take money from some commuters to pay for other commuters. Get that? Can you believe it? And worst, they went after the oldies who are too weak to fight back, toothless and have no bite, and so poor that going to Speakers Corner will become so expensive that they will rather stay at home. And the no income students also have to bear the brunt of this hike. And some cock got the cheek to say, pay first lah, we will see how much we have over profitted and do adjustment later. Don't worry, trust me, we are fair and looking after the good of the commuters. Someone should tell these fuckers that they are not god and cannot rob from one person to give it to another. This is what we get in a pretentious First World with Third World Thinking people. Just take from whoever that cannot fight back. And they cannot fight back. And no one will fight for them. They are just helpless. Thank god, this is paradise.


Anonymous said...

Regarding distance fares, 61 people have voted @ http://sgjobs.blogspot.com/

Wally Buffet said...

Relac man.

I've seldom seen you this angry.

You should thank God they are shooting themselves on the foot.

A move like this is another thoughtless, moronic blunder.

A few cents still can pay lah. No worries. But a few hundreds or thousands which we will have to pay from the downstream inflationary effect of all these price increases will be problematic for them too.

Anonymous said...

ha ha...exactly - my PRC friend was asking why we're so meek.
Did no one "complained"..i meant feedback to the authorities

btw State Times leeporter if u read this, i'm not anti-establishment

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If they were to reduce the fare for switching from one mode to another, I will have said good.

How could anyone accept their logic of making others pay for the reduction of other commuters? And the best part is that it will ended with them pocket the extra as bigger profits. And the commuters are not the elite and the rich that can spare throwing a few thousand dollars into thin air. It is very big money to them.

I agree with you that the opposition party cannot win the election on their own. They can only win by default with such decisions that will not be taken kindly by the hardlanders.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the professional reporters and journalists to give their take on this. And where are the members of parliament? What have they got to say?

Anonymous said...

Cool down Sir.

You will have the opportunity to see and witness the mess follow by the consequence and ultimately, justice.

Just be a little patient and keep yourself healthy.


Anonymous said...

'What is so wrong about this hefty fare hike? In other countries, a hike of 10% could have demonstrations in the streets....'

Simple, most people believe in what they reported, and that is, two thirds of commuters will benefit from the revision. Singaporeans are easily fooled, like children. Given lollipops and they lap up everything they hear.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No it's not social injustice.

It is people (sheeple) not doing or saying anything or boycotting or engaging in some kind of defiance and protest.

If they accept what they are given, it is voluntary and therefore contractual which means they agree.

That being the case, there is no injustice.

Anonymous said...

'ki si bo yo yi' in Hokkien Dialect it means 'if You die of anger', it will be a total waste of your life as no others are able to know your grievances and utter frustrations.

Brother, if You meet a bully in the bus where and when a lass is assaulted, remember; remind yourself of your age. Wingcun master is surely mindful of the uselessness of his (martial) art when he faces a M16 Rifle.

I respect what You're doing here, however, keep your cool. We are sensible citizens, unfortunately that does not immune us from bullies.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Any politician that does not speak up against this social injustice is indirectly agreeing with it, that it is ok to rob someone to give it to another.

This is similar to the suggestion to legislate that everyone contribute a certain sum to charity to help the needy.

The ridiculous part of the fare hike is that the needy(oldies and students) were made to cough up to help those that need lesser than them.

Anonymous said...

Justice is holy shits in sin.


Anonymous said...

Justice? Ask the two chaps who blew the whistle on Durai? Did they get justice?

In Singapore Justice comes from the pockets of those who have the means to sue.

End of definition.