Going the Third World Way

A girl was attacked inside a bus for half an hour by a man. Everyone just looked. When one passenger picked up the courage to ask the driver to stop the bus and call the police, driver's reply was that he must drive on, his duty as a bus driver. At the end of it, the attacker just walked away leaving behind a badly beaten girl. This is how our society has progressed. To each his own. Take care of yourself, don't get into trouble, don't be kaypoh. Maybe the girl was one of a few locals in the bus and the rest were foreigners who were afraid to do anything in a foreign country. It is quite expected for strangers to be hesistant about such things. We are First World: ) This is only a rare incident. Would not happen again. No need to have sleepless night over it. More important is to think about courtesy campaign and being nice to foreigners, to work hard and to upgrade.


Wally Buffet said...

You can be damned bloody sure that the brave boy Benjamin is one of the guys depicted in your picture header of Singaporean conscripts bearing arms to defend those scumbag foreigners.

The SBS command centre ordered the driver to drive on?

Let's hear the full explanation from this Singapore Bull Shit. Let's know who gave the order if what happened was true in every respect. He/She who ordered the bus driver to drive on instead of to the police station should be sacked if the facts warrant it.

God awful lout who beat up the girl. If I were present, Wing Chun's founder would have been very very proud of me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It would be nice is a WingChun master like Wally is around. That poor girl could have been raped in broad day light in front of everyone and no one would lift a finger to stop it. First World! Oops, First World don't take bus.

Anonymous said...

I thought your country got citizen soldiers and policemen. Were thet not taught about protecting citizens on the streets, protecting properties and lives from being harmed?

Can expect lawless third world countries to have people breaking the laws, beating and robbing people and walk away free. What is happening to your country?

Wally Buffet said...


Wing Chun is very lethal in close quarter clobbering like the upper deck of a bus.

This scumbag is very very lucky that I don't travel by bus.

But I am exposed to road rage.

Wally Buffet said...

Anon 11:45

Benjamin who is one of our citizen soldier stood up and came to the rescue of the damsel in distress But unfortunately our armed forces don't teach Wing Chun and he doesn't want to run the risk of hurting the lout, so everything was left to the shitty bus driver, probably a foreign trash, who drove on instead of to the police station.

If I were the bus driver, I will drive straight on to the hospital after I'm done with the bully.

Anonymous said...

Your country must teach this thing called civic mindedness, social responsibility and not just to stay out of trouble. Your citizens have been brought up to be meek. They don't stand a chance in the rough world outside. Soon the thugs will be running around them in circles.

Keeping their nose clean and mind their own business is what your people are good at. A really pathetic lot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anonymous, That's a fair comment. We need leaders who walk around like Arnold and Clint Eastwood, and talk like them. A different kind of role model.

Anonymous said...

Haha Anon 12.17pm. Even our law enforcement officers will not take action unless someone makes a complaint. They act only if it involves opposition gatherings and white elephant-T shirt wearers.

So, it will be wee bit unfair to expect meek, compliant, obedient, pathetic and programmed citizens to do what our law enforcers would not voluntarily do.

Need I say more?

Matilah_Singapura said...

> When one passenger picked up the courage to ask the driver to stop the bus and call the police, driver's reply was that he must drive on, his duty as a bus driver. <

What rubbish. I hope the assaulted girl sues the driver and the bus company in the civil court.

Anonymous said...

Can readers recalled that me said that 'you die your business' is the attitudes of our Rulers, it became a national culture decades back.


remember HARD, if you're poor and get into trouble playing hero, other than your father, mother, no one will else will come to your rescue, not even the Justice System. Here in SIN, Law is Justice, Money is Justice. Justice IS NOT chilvary IS NOT ensuring fairplay IS NOT justification and IS NOT just reasonability.

One could easily be embroiled with the Laws for acting good. Always remember, citizens are not to take the Laws as their Rights.

The Chinese Saying 'qing kuan nan li zia wu si', literally: a fair magistrate will have difficulties
settling domestic affairs(disputes).

Unless one is 100% sure the victim(s) is innocent, blameless and guiltless to the cause/incident/accident and the attack/abuse/rage is totally unprovoked, keep your distance.
Think twice of your safety and the complication that may arised.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Absolutely agree. The main person in charge of security on the bus is the driver. He should be made to answer for his behaviour.

The company should be sued for not training their drivers properly and having no procedure for dealing with incidents.

Supposing someone had a cardiac arrest? What? Just keep driving because "that's my job"?

Fucking ridiculous. Jail the fucking CEO!

Anonymous said...

Ever filed a magistrate's complaint in SG? Don't expect the useless kangaroo courts to act on cases like these involving PEASANTS!

Many times even for cases of serious assault (remember the Doc who kena hoot by a bunch of malaysian motorcyclists?) the magistrate's office don't even give a hoot about your case and because the judges dun give a hoot, the police also don't give a hoot about you. Its only when you threaten to give the case some "publicity" that shows up the ineptness of our justice system and our allegedly 'finest' boys in blue that things will start to turn.

Things would be very different if the complainant were a PAP MP. Even before the complaint has been filed, the PAP-serving police would have arrested the assailant on ridiculously trumped up charges, the whole dog and pony show would be over in 2 months, the defendent would be spending the next 24 months sharing a cell with Ah Seng the robber and Mohamad b. Lathief the petty theft guy.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that Singaporeans are quite awared of how justice is uphold in SIN. In sin, sinners are people who act against justice or care not about justice, at its' worst it means people committing injustices(evils).